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“Moderate Caucus” chair urges Cheney’s execution

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UPDATE 4/13 7:00am: Click here to listen to Kruger in a radio interview. At about 2 minutes in, he actually says ‘I wish we could have fun with this’.

Rep. Chuck Kruger (D-Thomaston), the Democrat chair of the Maine legislature’s Moderate Caucus, used his Twitter account to express his view that former Vice President Dick Cheney should be executed. This comment has led some to question the validity of Kruger’s moderate credentials.

Kruger made the statement through his Twitter account this past summer, saying, “Cheney deserves same final end he gave Saddam. Hope there are cell cams,” a reference to technology that would allow Kruger to watch the proposed execution of the former Vice President of the United States.

A tip alerted The Maine Wire to the extreme comment just days after Kruger led a meeting of the Moderate Caucus that featured a visit from Eliot Cutler, a former Democrat and failed candidate for Governor in the fall of 2010.

The keynote speaker, Cutler talked about finding middle ground to work from. “I think we’re going to see a shift that draws the two parties back to the middle,” Cutler said in a Bangor Daily News article. “I think we’re going to see the return to civility and to moderation,” Cutler said in another interview with public radio.

Kruger’s statement is being viewed as anything but civil.

Representative Les Fossel (R-Alna), the Republican co-chair of the Moderate Caucus, said it is not the type of comment that Kruger has ever made to him in person or in front of him. “I have never heard anything like that from him in the caucus,” Fossel said. “In caucus he is a mild and mannered co-chair.”

“Obviously I disagree with his comment about [former vice-president] Cheney,” Fossel added.

The ‘moderate’ label in Maine has become fashionable as of late, as several prominent Democrats have shed their party affiliation in order to capitalize on the tradition of successful moderate political figures from Margaret Chase Smith to Olympia Snowe.  In the limelight this year is former Democrat Angus King, who has resurrected his ‘independent’ political identity to fuel his run for U.S. Senate. Though King professes inclinations toward the political center by refusing to indicate which party he would caucus with, most political observers believe he would act as a functional Democrat in the Senate.

“This is a profoundly disturbing thing for an elected official who represents the good people of Maine to say about another former or current elected official,” said Jason Savage, Executive Director of Maine People Before Politics.

“In addition to the fact that this dangerous statement violates any standard of decency for a politician representing the people of Maine, it also exposes the false narrative that self-proclaimed moderate politicians are trying to create,” Savage said.

Kruger’s views on moderation, though, may be at odds with actual moderates. While Fossel, Cutler and King have expressed the desire to establish common ground between centrists in both parties, Kruger is apparently looking for a united front between right- and left-wing extremists. “I think there is an opportunity to create common ground between the extremes of both parties,” he said in the BDN article.

It was unclear whether this nexus included the execution of any other public officials.

UPDATE 4/12 8:42am:
In a phone call with The Maine Wire, Kruger claimed he didn’t remember posting the Twitter comment.

“I’m not admitting or denying it,” said Kruger.”I don’t wish anybody’s death, that’s not really how I feel. I can be snarky, I can be a wise-ass.”

Kruger acknowledged that the comments were extreme, and seemed to conflict with his position with the Moderate Caucus. But, he said, there is “no connection between [the] tweet and my actions or positions in the legislature”

Kruger’s Twitter history was removed from public view after we contacted him for this story.

UPDATE 7:07pm:

Drudge has linked this story and we’ve been working to keep up with server traffic.
The Maine Republican Party also sent out this email today, calling for Kruger’s resignation:

We wanted to make you aware of a story this morning on The Maine Wire about Democratic Representative Chuck Kruger of Thomaston.

“Kruger made the statement through his Twitter account this past summer, saying, “Cheney deserves same final end he gave Saddam. Hope there are cell cams,” a reference to technology that would allow Kruger to watch the proposed execution of the former Vice President of the United States.”

Kruger’s statements are outrageous, and have no place in our political discourse. To add insult to injury, Kruger is the co-chair of the Moderate Caucus!

Imagine if a Republican had made such statements about an elected official?

We can’t sit back and take this. It’s time for the GOP to fight back against the growing extremism from Democrat political figures.

Chuck Kruger should resign immediately and apologize for his outrageous remarks.

Call Chuck Kruger RIGHT NOW and tell him it’s time to go. Maine doesn’t need this kind of violent, sick hatred as part of our political culture.

Call Kruger directly on his cell phone at 207-596-3023, and tell him the people of Maine demand he resign immediately.

We need to take action when these things go unchallenged, and now is the time. Please call Kruger right now and let him know we aren’t going to sit back and let he and his extremist friends ruin our state.


UPDATE: Here’s Chuck Kruger, in apparently less violent times:

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Minorkle says:

 Are  you a penis snake?

CJA311 says:

Cheney is a 5 time draft dodger who lied us into Iraq so his former company   Halliburten made a fortune at the cost of thousands young lives. Wake and see the coffins!

CJA311 says:

Obviously,he should be tried for treason first,then he should be executed!

TimothyMeadows says:

I don’t know what’s worse, Kruger’s pot-stirring, or Maine Wire’s. Clearly anyone with ANY humanity will realize Cheney is nothing but a disgrace to this race, and his mindset is an international blight that is far beyond remedy. That having been said, it is not without humor and irony that one sees how Chucky sheds his hippie clothes and grows a pair of long teeth!

Friends to the End! Hi-D-Ho! Batteries not included!This entire faux pas is comprised of sheer idiocy on all sides. Finger-pointing and false-issue mongering are not proactive solutions. The mudslinging monkeys start screeching around election time. That’s all this here nonsense illustrates.It’s simply partisan bickering as usual. Divide and conquer. The real issue at stake is the future, or whatever’s left of it, of our children and theirs.What We the Purple need is to put the shock-value crack pipe down and start focussing upon the tangible remains of what we have left, before it’s all stolen from us, as is usually SOP.

There are  *no* distinctions between either party any more. Anyone refusing to connect the dots is operating upon a platform of witlessness and willful ignorance. Partisan inclinations blindside people into thinking Their Guy will Fix Everything for Everyone who Wants To Be Saved.

It’s nothing but a national-scale pipe dream. And a big pile of horn-tootin’ noise over frogs that stay frogs when ya kiss ‘em. Red ones, blue ones, same species.

Faith in anyone but yourselves and your ability to shape your own lives has been proven time and again to be completely misplaced. And the fact that offhanded comments like Kruger’s are given so much weight serves to illustrate how much people allow themselves to be distracted by non-sequiturs, which at the end of the day smells like the roasted corpses of fools who stayed too long in a burning house to duke it out over empty words, hyperbole, and false promises.

Chucky’s a Moderate, like Neocons are Conservative. War spending and bailouts have been orchestrated rather, umm, liberally. This whole Chucky flap is a non-issue. It’s a slow day at the Wire when yellow journalism passes for pertinent news…

JeezumCrowe says:

Sirhan shot Robert Kennedy. He was tried and convicted.

Whether Oswald shot John Kennedy hasn’t been proven.

JeezumCrowe says:

Bush and Company are liars and war criminals.

Whats the hubub?

Bob says:

The sooner cheney gets a bullet in the head the better the world will be !

giavs says:

Yea, okay…whatever…Cheney is a far better man that Obama will ever will be….

Jeanne Sullivan says:

What a classic liberal moronic rant!

William says:

If you had another brain it would be lonesome.

William says:

Cheny served his country?  Yeah, about like a waitress serves a hamburger.  The creature Cheney is an unflushed whore’s abortion, in my opinion, and certainly should be tried for crimes against humanity.  He chickened out of Viet Nam, and continued to draw his Halliburton  salary while he was vice president.  He’d sell your kids to cannibals by the pound if there were a good profit in it.

William says:

I think Cheney should get a fair trial in another country before he’s executed or put away for the rest of his hitherto useless and parasitic murderous life.  Most cockroaches have more character than Cheney, and he has survived so much heart trouble probably because the devil doesn’t want competition in Hell.

JohnR says:

 Naran we are all waiting with bated breath to hear your condemnation of Ted Nugent, the draft dodging chicken hawk, on what he said to your beloved NRA………………. Crickets! So let’s play the game of poor conservatives are always picked on but the “libruls” get away with, well I guess it would be called murder. Okay  game on that was soooooooooo much fun. I love crickets don’t you?

LDOFR says:

Where is the outrage with mainstream media on these statements.  Shame on all of them for being so hateful and not reporting “ALL NEWS” or misquoting or editing statements for their political views.   

Stephen J says:

The day the god of the DNC croaks over, I can assure you that I won’t lower the flag to half staff!

Tired of Politicans says:

The same place where they dig up the Republican trolls – under rocks!

Harry H Snyder III says:

I am opposed to the death penalty  in ALL cases.  The death penalty destroys evidence, accentuates errors, and is used unequally.

Cheney should face war crimes trial, but That isn’t gonna happen, Kissinger our most prolific living war criminal has been under virtual house arrest for years.  He has beed called to the world court but won’t go.  He has the blood of 250,000 citizens of East Timur on his hands.  He was involved in the illegal execution of Chilean president Salvatore Allende, He was up to his hips in Watergate.

Cheney is a piker compared to Kissinger. 

giavs says:

Right….I say what you can’t handle, and I’m the troll…screw you….

JohnR says:

So torture of a prisoner is okay with you, but not with me as a former Marine combat veteran I am opposed to torture. I have seen torture first hand and if you have the stomach for it, which I doubt, that is on you. Cheney and his administration, I call it that because Bush was too dumb to know what was going on, should be tried for war crimes. We, the USA, are signatories of the Geneva Convention. You might want to read, or have someone read it to you.
The Third Geneva Convention, relative to the treatment of prisoners of war, is one of the four treaties of the Geneva Conventions. It was first adopted in 1929, but was significantly updated in 1949. It defines humanitarian protections for prisoners of war.

Larry T. Doughty says:

The media only cares about such issues, if it involves a republican being thrown over. They call themselves freedom fighters of the press. Crap. They seem to lack less credible every day. Sad.

Larry T. Doughty says:

 What ails you people anyway? Are you so crazed over politics to make such comments?  Think about it John.

JohnR says:

This tweet is not inappropriate. I and many other Americans feel that Darth and Shrub should be brought to the Hague in chains to face the crimes they committed. I say……………. not a big deal. I would not apologize………Cheney  SHOULD face a war crimes trial. Why is it he dares NOT leave the United States, is it for fear of being arrested????? Why yes, I believe it is.

E. Meyr says:

Andrew Adler of the Atlanta Jewish Times wrote an editorial in which he  advocated that Mossad (Israeli spy agency) should shoot Barak Obama. 

If Adler didn’t suffer any consequences for threatening a sitting president, I don’t imagine that threatening a former VP will result in any prosecution.

Ray Perez says:

Where is the outrage in the media over this kind of rhetoric.  This is the kind of radical that needs to be run out of politics by the constituents in his home district.  Mainers you need to rid yourself of this embarrassing excuse for a state representative.  Get him out of the public view and service.

Bear says:

Amazing how one can hide behind a keyboard and make threats…and in the real world have no more “BALLS” than a flea!

Lt427 says:

They don’t call them “Mainiacs” for nothing

Lord_bear says:


Ian says:

My hypocrisy meter just broke.

Proud of yourself now?  Why don’t you tweet your buddies and tell them how you “really put to ‘em” on the ole’ blog boards today… you moron!

You really don’t get it, do you?  Just because you and your ignorant liberal buddies don’t agree with something doesn’t mean it’s illegal/criminal!  It’s too bad your parents depended on government schooling for your education because your ignorance of American history and Constitutional jurisprudence stands out like a sore thumb.  Toe heads like you aren’t even worth arguing with!  

Eric says:

I was.  YOU SHOULD NOT SAY THAT.  83rd floor

This is the consummate liberal moron… so stuck in hate that he can’t have an objective thought of his own.  And you can bet that he’s real proud of that silly identity he uses to post with.  The fact is that’s about the only thing in his life that makes any sense at all to that twisted reality he calls life! 

I think they ought to make it pay per view to pay down the deficit that he the village idiot racked up with the help of these 2 undeclared (illegal) wars.  Good thing this traitor got all these kids killed for this cheap gas we have.  The thought of a donor organ being used for this war criminal makes me want to puke.  I’d pay a cool grand to watch it… as long as it was slow and painful…. Maybe they could just water-board him for hours…. after all its not torture right?

The left is so big on conspiracy theories, and adding Dick Cheney’s name to any one of their silly stories is like pouring gasoline on a fire.  These donut holes still haven’t gotten over losing the 2000 General Election.  They’re living in the past, which is right where we should leave them!  

They’re miserable people, and they want everyone to share in their sorry-ass life.  They should be pitied.

This Chuck Kruger character sounds like a horses butt.  So typical of  the liberal left.  They’re not happy people to begin with, and this yoyo sounds like one of the more extreme loons.  To want to execute someone because you disagree with their politics says it all!

Eric says:

Eric Holder will be wont follow up on this.   Justice for some

BobVedari says:

 Yo doc! You don’t see conservatives calling for civility. The only idiots calling for civility are liberals when they are losing the argument in the public square or when they think they might win over some weak-minded sniveling fools by pretending to be caring, open minded and compassionate. A bunch of lies hiding under a label that used to mean something worthwhile but no longer does.

LarryFrom10EC says:

I’m afraid I’d come up a liberal Democrat. Two can play that game, troll.

LarryFrom10EC says:

Are you re4ferring to the invasion of Iraq that both Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy backed? Over the WMD’s that every intelligence agency in th eworld believed existed?

Mhirtzsr says:

Most dems think about such things, this idiot now says it… Someday bud, you have a wide awakening…

 If you don’t live in Maine, it’s understandable you wouldn’t know who Kruger was. I don’t live in NY, and if someone posted a politician’s name from that state, it’s likely I wouldn’t know their position.

No real respose to this crap…just …idiot.

DixieRecht says:

Ah, the violence of the Left exposed again!

giavs says:

Kobukvolbane, truth comes forth in all arenas, doesn’t it? Fortunately, yours isn’t truth, just ignorant lib spew.

Ken Watson says:

You do know that there continue to be war deaths of Americans and others under Obama, right? And in Afghanistan the rate is much, much higher. If Cheney should be hanged shouldn’t Obama at least be imprisoned? What a pathetic doof you are. 

giavs says:

Pot calling the kettle black there, jack? Stick your head in a toilet, give yourself a swirlly and and see the world for what it really is.

Jstrozzo says:

What is wrong with these people?? They seem to think they are above the law. Should get rid of the bumb!!

Rick Johnson says:

 Use to know the location of a post Bolivia picture of Che’ Well let’s say post meeting with Bolivian army Che’.

pitter43 says:

Is this the ” new civility ” the liberals, obama included want us to embrace? This has been the ” civility ” of liberals for decades and they wonder why they’re despised and hated.

Kobukvolbane says:

would you let him shoot you in the face and say no apology was necessary? Can’t believe the moderator allows your comment. Good grief.

John_M_B says:

 Looks like you know less about Jesus than you do about conservatives.

CeeDee says:

 How can you watch The Path To 9/11?  ABC won’t release it on DVD nor re-broadcast it.

CeeDee says:

 Watch Olbermann where?  He’s been fired.  Even Albore couldn’t stand Olby for long!

CeeDee says:

 That was Gilda Radner’s character, Emily Litella, not Jane Curtin.  But you are right otherwise.

Testicules says:

 Yes, I am sure that if you go to you are sure to find all sorts of “really true facts” about how Cheney conspired with space aliens to conduct the 9-11 attacks.  In fact, all of you “enlightened liberals” are “smart” enough to “know” that Cheney and Bush personally piloted the planes.  

I am also aware that there is a small percentage of the population who have severe enough mental problems to lick up that sort of idiocy.

Sprooty says:

Does he also wish that Obama receives the same end as Gaddafi?

Mike says:

Don’t think I’ve ever before heard a supposedly heterosexual man reffer to himself as “snarky”. 

Lu says:

Please study up on 9/11, Cheny’s role and decide for yourselves.  The powers that be want this type of name-calling among the little people.

Pamela Dunn says:

 OH look another idiotic liberal leftist democrat troll spewing BS.

Pamela Dunn says:

 more leftist democrat troll spew; Please correct your recto-cranial insertion before commenting.

Pamela Dunn says:

 More leftist democrat troll nonsense just like the “international groups” which are nothing but communists.
Are all democrats jackasses?

Pamela Dunn says:

 You offered nothing except lies and innuendos; Just another lefty troll 

Splinknfancynme says:

Several international groups have called for Bush/Cheney to be brought to trial. Of  course 
  US corporate news doesn’t touch that story.—–

US corporate news did cover the story….a long time ago.   The International groups would have all Americans in chains or hanged.    Pesky little fact that we are still a sovereign nation.   Wonder how long that will last?

Pamela Dunn says:

 Where do they dig up all these democrat trolls; Another Jackass

Pamela Dunn says:

 Another democrat troll; Just another jackass.

Josiah Lane says:

you seem to be saying that you do want them to go to Geneva, thus you say you aren’t a hadcore lib while at the same time saying you are

Guest says:

Thanks for enlightening us …or perhaps I was the only one who didn’t know that Mr. Kruger is a State rep.

Jcoliv says:

so you are for exeuting people you disagree with politically?

Fdraiden says:

You sound like a POS!

Fdraiden says:

You sound like a real moron!

Joe D says:

Jump off a bridge, Kruger.

Kruger is not a Congressman. He’s a state representative.

 No need. The Maine Democratic Party leaders will do that in the virtual back room.

Testicules says:

If you were not such a vile and disgusting vermin, we could pity you for your stupidity and gullibility.

What is is like being a mindless sheep who can be programmed to sink to the lowest levels of human depravity with a few tawdry hate filled lies?

Point of information – Kruger, (D-Thomaston),  is not a Congressman. He’s a Maine State Representative, and serves in the Maine State House.  Kruger is also the Democratic chair of the Maine Legislature’s Moderate Caucus.

Here’s his bio page at the Maine State website.

Handy reading material for Rep. Kruger, when he’s not busy Tweeting threats against former elected officials.


18 USC § 879 – Threats against former Presidents and certain other persons

Current as of Tuesday, February 21, 2012 – up to Pub L 112-90

(a) Whoever knowingly and willfully threatens to kill, kidnap, or inflict bodily harm upon—
(1) a former President or a member of the immediate family of a former President;
(2) a member of the immediate family of the President, the President-elect, the Vice President, or the Vice President-elect;
(3) a major candidate for the office of President or Vice President, or a member of the immediate family of such candidate; or
(4) a person protected by the Secret Service under section 3056 (a)(6);
shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both.

Chris says:

 And you do? While Cheney is an extremely polarizing person, he doesn’t deserve to be killed for the actions he took while VP. Obama is also an extremely polarizing person, and also doesn’t deserve to be shot. But in terms of this story Mr. Kruger made what could be interpreted as a threatening statement against another citizen. It deserves to be investigated and he should resign from his position on the Moderate Caucus. When someone is threatened like this it needs to be investigated, not ignored simply because of who that person is. Insults don’t help, and neither does claiming someone else is ignorant without explanation as to why they’re ignorant.

Testicules says:

” Is this what the democratic party is about, hate and vitriol? ”


Cheneybanger says:

Hang Cheney after finding him guilty of war crimes?  That sounds good to me.  Although I’d prefer to see gunned down from the air — kinda like this:

mrshess says:

Don’t quit your day job, Kruger. You are truly mediocre.

Bearcat says:

Your grasp of facts is severely retarded,

Kruger seems to be using the Anthony Weiner Defense, which worked so well for Weiner…

James Murray says:

Seriously?  By your definition Obama should be prosecuted for high treason also, does Libya ring a bell?  To compare the systematic murder of over 6 million people not to mention the death of  62 to 78 million soldiers and civilians to anything  Cheney or Bush has done is just a sign of how little you know and how full of hate you are.  The democratic party has turned into the religion of the intolerant and uninformed, where say anything do anything to further their agenda is the motto.  Try being a little more informed and a lot less opinionated.

John Lundin says:

I’ll bet Dick Cheney could kick the sh** out of this good for nothing.

rverlohr says:

 So that the oil companies could seize control of Iraqis oil fields and build the pipeline though Afghanistan from the Caspian sea after the Taliban refused the building of the pipeline. Our military planned these wars years in advance we are being duped.

The Swabbie says:

This man needs to be “RECALLED” and THROWN OUT OF OFFICE. Anyone using that kind of MENTAL thought process is WARPED!!!

ToursLepantoVienna says:

Just another careless Dem who let the mask slip. A Republican would be hounded out of office for a similar offense.

It appears he’s also an idiot or liar, probably both …

“Kruger claimed he didn’t remember posting the Twitter comment. ‘I’m not admitting or denying it,’ said Kruger.”

Boon Companion says:

I wonder what Comrade Kruger thinks we should do with Biden?

Boon Companion says:

And the RINO’s who love them.

Boon Companion says:

and the schools. Don’t forget the schools, or as I like to call them: Communist Stink Tanks.

rjm2238 says:

Who mentioned wars, other than the potential of the Democrats starting a civil war here in the states? Rich in New Mexico.

James Murray says:

Wow, I’m hoping his account was hacked and that a publicly elected official did not call for the execution of a former vice president.  Is this what the democratic party is about, hate and vitriol? 

Tyrone says:

It is obvious the Socialist Libs are hellbent to mete Justice as they see fit.  Hearing the evil that falls out of these people is scary considering the positions they hold.  Execute Dick Cheney? , for what exactly?  Being a ghoul?  Yet these Mouthbreathers are fine with the New Black Panthers putting bountys on American citizens.  They have no reservation throwing millions of our dollars at our enemied so they can renovate their Mosques overseas.  And fly of the Sickle Handle because Rush called one of their operatives a Slut?    

rjm2238 says:

Mishey – I agree with you completely, in fact this seems to transcend civil unrest and go murder which is rather uncivil to my way of thinking. Perhaps criminal charges would be in order. That is something I would never advocate except in the case the man is an elected representative and the hypocrisy involved due to position as Mr. Moderate! Book him Danno, murder 1, conspiracy. Rich in New Mexico.

Ed says:

Uh, moderates are like pregnant virgins, you can’t find them when you are looking for them, and there has only been one ever recorded.

Wow, there a lot of Intolerant and hate-filled Liberal Democrats posting today….

Strider73 says:

Re-read the article. Agree with him or not, Kruger is not calling for Cheney’s assassination. He is calling for Cheney to be arrested and tried as a war criminal before a Nuremberg-style court, then hanged after conviction. Many others have done the same over the years.

Testicules says:

 Pity you were not in the World Trade Center on 9-11…

willisforster says:

Who is surprised that moderation is a false pose by a democrat, or that like obama he has contempt for the rule of law? If you can champion killing babies, and anal sex  why not advocate political opponents?

Oldcitizen says:

 Robin Hood NEVER took anything from the rich!….he took from the illegal government (eg sheriff of Nottingham) and gave the poor back THEIR money! Robin loved and served the true King of England and worked tirelessly for his return to the throne!

As for your comment about Jesus…read the Bible to find out who He was….not your liberal accounts of who He was….MAN! You are a typical clueless liberal airhead who is angry at others and doesn’t even know why!!! Crawl back under your mushroom and quit showing folks how foolish you really are!

rverlohr says:

He’s right he needs to be prosecuted for high treason the penalty which is death for starting  illegal wars and god knows what other illegal criminal activity he’s done. He’s a mass murderer on the same scale as Hitler. But I guess all you halfwit republican nut jobs think it’s OK to  murder millions of innocent Iraqis and afghans.

I could also say the same thing for Obama for agreeing to allow our military to take action in Libya. According to the constitution that was also treasonous.

CommonSense033 says:

Well, Secret Service? A threat has been made against a former Vice President of the United States.

Are you going to act? Or does that just apply to “the masses” when someone makes a joke on Twitter?

Are the political elite above the law, as usual?

Chimluk says:

Kruger is an evil man and should be tossed out of office.  Pronto!

amplitude jones says:

You know, if democrats were not murderous traitor pigs, who lie cheat and steal and swindle and aid the enemies of civilization, they might only be totally intolerable.

Boon Companion says:

At what point do we need to go back to executing communist traitors to my country? Aid and comfort, friends. Aid and comfort.

Think the “Leftist” dustup with Americans is over “freedom of religion”? Think again.

ARAB SOCIALISM, Sami A. Hanna, George H. Gardner
ISLAM IN TRANSITION, John J. Donohue, John L. Esposito
SULTANISTIC REGIMES, H.E. Chehabi, Juan Jose Linz

More state run media orchestrated “news.” 

ComSenseWiz says:

Maybe we’ll get lucky if Darth Cheney’s new ticker pops.  The sooner the better to say good riddance to this lying POS.

LarryPTL says:

Imagine how the mainstream news media would be all over this if a Republican Congressman suggested a Demonrat be executed!

amplitude jones says:

silly democrat. AMERICANS all know that every problem the USA has, is democrats.

Systematicentropy says:

And I guess you forgot that Bush/Cheney openly admitted to authorizing torture, which is also a war crime and the origin of such comments. Several international groups have called for Bush/Cheney to be brought to trial. Of course, US corporate news doesn’t touch that story.

Jack_Kennedy says:

nothing like civility from the obama mob

Mishey says:

I  know this is off topic – but with all the posts I’ve seen on Drudge – across the board – we really DO need to have Voter ID in place before this next Presidential election!  Please write to your reps if you agree…. to have this administration in for another four years is U.S. suicide!

vanessa565 says:

You can bet if an ordinary citizen said this about Obama, the secret service would have been at their doorstep in a flash. This is beyond the bounds of decency, he should be forced to resign. I am sick of the democrats getting away with this kind of thing with no repercussions. 

Systematicentropy says:

It’s no “Theory” several international groups have called for the arrest of Bush and Cheney for war crimes. Namely, the torture they openly admitted to authorizing. 

Mishey says:

Kruger should be expelled from Congress!  Our representatives should be above promoting civil unrest!

   And Barry “O” is setting a new record for men slept with.. just ask Rahm, Reggie Love, Larry Sinclair, any of the “Guys” at “Man’s Country” in Chicago.. cant ask David Young.. he was hushed.

MetaCynic says:

Great idea.  All Republicans and  Democrats in Congress and in both the Bush and Obama administrations who supported and continue to support these immoral wars are war criminals.  Bring on the Nuremberg trials!

leem says:

they cant stand letting the facts get in the way of what they consider a good story.
i think he committed a couple of federal felonies… lets see if the DOJ is hot on him like they are on Zimmerman

catzpaw48 says:

 You are really Chuck Kruger, right?

JTDeth says:

Cheney is a great American, no doubt. A man who was willing to endure endless vilification from the party of haters and vilifiers, the Democrats, in the service of his country.

 The state run media is covering up the truth. We have no president, no democracy, no freedom of press after unelected officials staged a coup and took over the media. The truth is being buried in Psy-ops comments and disinformation. The link in my name exposes what no one can report on, the truth.

Almost nothing more than government posted propaganda here

Another PSYOPS manufactured story

 Unelected officials took over Washington and the media after the coup and cover up.  Most of the comments online are financed with your tax dollars. Big brother is trying to create the perception of public opinion while burying the truth. They think you can’t handle the truth. Fact of the matter is we have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion. The biggest cover up in history is leaked at the link in my name.

another libturd piece of trash .. flush the toilet on this garbage!

aliswell says:

I’ve come to the conclusion that there is absolutely no limit to leftwing hyprocrisy….none.  They do exactly what they preach against at every turn and are rarely if ever called out on it.  There’s nothing the right can do until we accomplish ONE thing.  We’ve got to take the media back.  Until we do that, the progressives will continue advancing their Communist agenda.

“The press is our chief ideological weapon.” ~ Nikita Khrushchev, First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, ’53 – ’64

larry says:

Voter incompetence is ruining America.

Csimpson48 says:

You noticed he offered nothing to the debate save vitriol.  Obviously a Liberal Democrat.  When the facts don’t work, call them names.

TrampDorena says:

If I was Mr. Cheney I would mail Kruger a length of rope with instructions for making a noose.   

Llxl2001 says:

And, the A$$hole should be recalled if the voters of Maine have any pride.

Llxl2001 says:

Another Fu>>ing moron makes it to Congress.  Where are the minds of the people

Keefers42 says:

most people will never know about this cause the main stream media will not report it hell i bet fox doesn’t say aby thing eitherif limbaugh says something they will turnit around like they always do

ddean62 says:

Want to start with me?

ddean62 says:

Loony radical left wingers.

ddean62 says:

Do you actually think the Obama Secret Service will investigate a threat to a Republician?

ddean62 says:

Secret Service should take a look at your sor ry a$$ as well.

Keefers42 says:

clinton could have got obama but chose not to before 9/11

Matador527 says:

I wholeheartedly agree that Kruger is a wise-ass…except for the wise part…

Keefers42 says:

if you said that about obama drunk or not the ss would show up and cart you away  

RoyBaty says:

 yes, and if Rush calls a slut, a slut; well then all hell breaks loose from these low lifes.

Keefers42 says:

thats democrats for you never my fault just like their leader

Keefers42 says:

just like weiner.he wrote it needs to be removed from con gress and arrested

Js5522 says:

Why is this guy not being prosecuted?  Apparently if you’re Democrat/Communist, you can threaten to call without any consequence.  i.e. this guy, the Black Panthers, the Presidents Chief of Staff, etc.

RoyBaty says:

 At least comments from conservatives have some connection to reality.  Hey Lib(s), try making some sense once in a while, you are supposed to be the intelligencia or something, all those sociology and art degrees should teach you some common sense..

Keefers42 says:

we don’t kill xleaders in america this man should be arrested for saying it if i said some thing like that about a goverment officiali’d have people at my door in no time

Scott Wells says:

The Far Left are more like the Bolsheviks actually….. (Democrats) 
The Jack Boots and Brown Shirts are the Far Right… (Republicans)
We face what Europe did in the early 20th century…
Neither is good for the average American.

Fluidizer says:

 Which conspiracy “theory” do you subscribe to? Wacko.

Fluidizer says:

 Your a fool and a liar. Dick Cheney is a good man who has served America well and honorably.  He can intellectual chew up and spit out any Democrat on the planet.
That includes you and your master-Obama.

jmatt55 says:

Now comes the part where he claims that his teenage son or housekeeper or houseguest was using his twitter account without his knowledge.

Then the inevitable “I take full responsibility for this matter” followed by the complete and utter lack of any consequences.

mrsharfer says:

 We hope the same for you.

mrsharfer says:

What a relief!  I thought the obamination meant EVERYONE should be more civil after the Gabby Giffords shooting in Arizona.  Glad that comment was only meant for conservatives.

Daniel Furrey says:

“YEAH, but I only said it in jest!”  (written tongue-n-cheek)

elevenhundred says:

And he’s part of the Moderate Caucus. Just imagine what a member of the Extremist Caucus would say!

Typical Democrat…..
Four years after the fact he is still blaming someone else for his problems.  Don’t hope for any change, it isn’t going to happen.

Fluidizer says:

Ah heck Kruger, I have said things when I was drunk and regretted them too. Just remember to start drinking AFTER you have logged out next time. ~ And don’t worry about binge busted as the Liberal Democrat you really are.  Pro Democrat type voters don’t read much, and get all theirs news from MSNBC.

JTDeth says:

Cheney and Bush protected America and eliminated successful terrorist attacks on Americans after 9/11. With the move to Obama, Holder and political correctness we have has successful terrorist attacks at the assassination of the Little Rock recruiters, the Fort Hood attack, and the attempt in NYC that came within inches of success.

Testicules says:

 The hate, lies, and slander that the mindless sheep of the left have been programmed to bleat are truly disgusting and offensive.

JTDeth says:

This is par for the course for Democrats. Kruger is slimy but no more so than the party he represents. Kruger is a hater but no more so than the party he represents. Their position is bereft of support in facts or logic so they can only engage in hatred and campaigns of vilification as a means of stampeding people into supporting Democrat policies (like running deficits equal to 10% of GDP year after year) that are utterly unsustainable and destructive.

wagb83 says:

 Really sindexter? Do you kiss your mommy with that mouth? Repeatedly? Because I’m sure you mouthed the words as you struggled to type those witty responses.

Spade442 says:

Saddam was another moron we propped up until Bush sr told him to invade kawait. Then stabbed him in the back when he did so. So we could save the Saudis , wich is where most real terrorist com from. No wmds in Irag no bin laden in Afghanistan. Only American troops dyeing for oil. So we can import it here and export ours. And if you think that my countrymen are being killed to defend liberty. You probably think Obama really killed Bin laden. R.I.P. Seal Team Six. God Bless.

matken says:

 Bang! Bang! Bang!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m just building a wall to keep out the republicans.

Tarhel65 says:

He does – George Soros

Jim Thomas says:

Bush and Chenny both climaxed the fall of America with
Sept. 11 wish they get Rumsfeld too!

Pouncekitty says:

This is the America Democrats have in mind.  They would execute their political opponents!  Anyone who thought there was such a thing as a “moderate” Democrat or Liberal needs to see a shrink!
Get in line behind all the nasty and hateful Democrats who poison our politics!

jack caine says:

 you’re an idiot. a braindead drone. U haven’t a clue what’s really going on.

Charlie51 says:


DsB says:

Love how the Democrats cling to the love of civility and reasonable discourse. The double standards they opine so well are really getting old and tiresome. Why isn’t this idiot, along with many others, you know Jesse, Al, etc… held accountable for their discourse as they demand others be? 

Liam_O_B says:

Kruger should be sanctioned and removed from office for advocating the murder of anyone, even the local trash collector.

matken says:

 You ask too many questions, maverick. This is an opinion site, not a question site. If you want information, google it. Or, ask your mama (drum roll!)

Testicules says:

Well, if you can’t win the debate by discussing the facts, rile up the mindless sheep who are incapable of independent thought with lies, slander and hate.

It’s the liberal way.


wagb83 says:

 James this is an ode (song) to you… Sing it out loud It’ll be fun!

I could wile away the hours
Conferrin’ with the flowers
Consultin’ with
the rain
And my head I’d be scratchin’
While my thoughts were busy
If I only had a brain!

Wasn’t that fun?! Now put on your aluminum hat (not too tight!) and watch some more Olbermann or Rachael Madcow.

 Moon Bat?  Me thinks you be an idiot.

Testicules says:

 “What on earth did Cheney ever do to bring about this much hate?”

He is a Republican. 

Liberal propaganda is based on emotional responses, not logical analysis of the facts.  Therefore, in order to rile up the sheep, they need a hate focal point. 

zucccchini says:

The illogic emitted from his brain is only exceeded by his inability to understand.  These people running about that we dread will somehow find their way to the voting booth have now found their way into our legislature.  UGH.  Some kind of disease, no doubt.

 Good for you Paula!  It surely is a shame.

Mail says:

This pathetic excuse for a representative should be removed from office NOW, and forced to resign or be impeached.

Martin38 says:

Gulf of Tonkin?  Did Dick Cheney have anything to do with that?  It’s why I ended up humping the boonies in ’65 and ’66 so if anyone should be hanged ,I’m all for stringing up Lyndon Johnson.  But, of course, we’d have to exhume his corpse to do that.  Northwood – is that a plan for invading Canada?  Damn Canadians.

Sorry I don’t live in Maine.  I’d have Kruger’s head on a plate.

wagb83 says:

 “compete scum i hope he get cancer”

Obviously a product of the public school system… SHIFT KEY sindexter, SHIFT KEY! We capitalize our use of I, unless you have low self worth and don’t think yourself worthy of capitalization. Mr. Cheney has bowel movements that are more relevant than you.

Specialk352004 says:

Hey idiot librerals, last i heard we won the war in Iraq, and we were winning the war in Afganistan till Odummy got elected. You dummies watch the path to 9/11 they show the stupid Clinton administration questioning all the suspected terrorrists leading up to 9/11 and they all just sat quietly why we had no way of getting valuable intel. Waterboarding worked you stupid idiots!!!!!!

kickdemout says:

 But Rush is right 98% of the time according to that private auditing firm.

Bob Smith says:

I love how “extreme”, to these clowns, is believing the U.S. Constitution should be followed, that the Federal government is too large, that our national debt needs to be addressed, among a host of  common sense views.  They try to push the lie that “centrist” means just continuing with the failed policies of the past 40 years.

Mad_Gorilla says:

Far as I’m concerned anybody who advocates such a thing, even in (questionable) humor is not only a complete a$$hole, but should be prosecuted for making threats against public officials.  It doesn’t matter that Cheney is no longer in office, because people were making the same kind of threats when he was still in office.

They’re traitors in my book.

wagb83 says:

Let me guess…. You’re from Maine.

kickdemout says:

Hey, where is the Secret Service?  Hey, where’s the US AG?  Oh wait…..
I got it.  Anyway this Kruger guy (he passes for a moderate in Maine?) is very confused.  We are now detaining US suspected terrorist without warrant here in the US, we are now targeting US terrorist for assassination over seas.  Oh, and last I checked Club Gitmo is still open for business (with military trials).  This is all beyond Chaney’s wildest dreams.  All OK with me but the libs and the vile leftist media would be screeching to the high heavens if this was under Bush’s watch.  Hypocrisy anyone?

cccdude says:

You don’t know hate until you experience hate from the left. There is nothing worse than the tyranny of the left in this country, you have not experienced hatred & oppression until you’ve lived under the jack-booted brown shirts of the left.

moberndorf says:

Sick, hypocritical Democrats…

truecolours44 says:

Kruger’s a fool to call for anyone’s execution.  We might however, want to bring Cheney and  lots of others (G. H. W./G.W./Kissinger/D. Rockefeller/Brent Scowcroft/Zbigniew Brzezinski/Obama/Clinton duo/Goldman Sachs Corporate Staff/Paulson/Bernanke/Geithner/and several thousand more)  to justice regarding their roles in the  faux 9/11 false flag stunt followed by the faux war on terror, followed by the faux weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, multiple cover-ups, multiple false flags attacks, probable assassinations and torture galore,  usurping the Constitution and  by far the  biggest offense to humanity and the American people; the International Banking Cabal aided by the Fed and Treasury to create the biggest heist in human history for the purpose of creating a New World Order/Population Redux.  As a suggestion.

ggameoverr says:

put his execution on pay per view- the entire world would pay a premium to watch. shoot I’d spend fity on it.

Testicules says:

 You are a hate filled lying vermin.

Testicules says:

 No, but you are a liar.

Beerman309 says:

 Go blow it out your a$$. Saddam was a dictator guilty of genocide. I think we need to come home now but taking out Saddam was the right thing to do

pater2five says:

 For once in history, a mass murdering dictator was captured, and given a trial, convicted, and executed by the people that he had oppressed. And you complain? Does that mean you are on the side of mass murderers everywhere, or is Saddam you special good buddy?

interpcurves says:

Hey Democrats, See How YOU ARE?

Beerman309 says:

The only true moderate dumborat was Joe Lieberman. Now he is independent and the whole party has been taken over by radical progressive commies. I don’t care much for the repubicans but the demorats make me wanna puke up yesterday’s lunch

usshawkins says:

Let me get this straight, you wish death by execution on former VP Cheney.  Kruger was wrong in saying it and so are you.  You should get on your knees and thank Cheney for his service to this country.

Dantes says:

Don’tcha just love progressives and liberals when the mask slips to let loose their dogs of bitter hatred and jealousy?

Richard says:

Back to the basement, try not to drool on the keyboard. 

Richard says:

Was he DRUNK, or did he take a little too much medicinal “maryjawanna”  that day?   ” I forgot”  yeah, sure.  The lefty, filled, they SAY, with the milk of human kindness, is a vicious little excuse for a human being. 

usshawkins says:

Mr. Kruger’s comment is disgraceful.  To wish death by execution upon former VP Cheney sends a clear signal that he is irresponsible, stupid and not competent to hold any political office.

One cannot “twitter” and expect it will not be noticed, particularly when a person holds political office.

The office he holds is suppose to offer civility in discourse, not hatred.  If he does not have the dignity to resign, then he should be stripped of any voice or participation in government and all decent citizens should call for him to be removed.  We have to get rid of
persons who think this way.

Also, if one does not have the courage to identify where he or she stands on issues, hiding behind a label to get ahead is cowardly.
BTW, no one on the left, middle or right should have made such a comment. 

bill says:

Being a Citizen of NH … this is one of the many reasons I never step foot or spend money in the so called Vacation State … Hopefully Lepage can turn it around so I don’t have to feel that way … I bet he cant though … reminds me of a joke … the tooth brush was invented in the state of maine … why … because if it was invented any where else it would have been called a teeth brush … 

davidl1 says:

It shouldn’t come down to asking for his resignation. They should fire him using whatever legal means possible. If he tweeted this when Cheney was in office, he would be guilty of a class D felony!

I remember how the Democrats tried to (unsuccessfully) link the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords to the Tea Party because of some vague feeling that the Tea Party contributed to “violent” sentiments in the country.  Fast forward to today where we have these kinds of comments from Kruger, violent protests by the OWS crowd, and the rhetoric and actions from the “Justice for Trayvon” crowd. 

Has anyone seen any media stories on CNN, NBC, CBS, etc. about the extreme rhetoric coming from the left recently? 

FRANK says:


FRANK says:


bill says:

yup and Obama is also a war monger with the invasion of  Libya and the escalation in Afghanistan and assassinating American citizens overseas

Ken Heins says:

 “I can be snarky, I can be a wise-ass.”  I have noticed that, day by day, Democrats are more becoming snarky and wise-a–ed!  They seem to revel in it, justify it, and celebrate it. I can cite hundreds of examples. 
After having been a teacher for years, I have finally recognized who their role models are.  Snarky, wise-a–ed 7th graders!And don’t even give me that junk about “Well, Rush said yada yada yada”  Thats a 7th grade reaction.  And if you track the number of occurrences of things that are like, or much worse than this Kruger guy, you can see that it runs about 100-1 “in favor of” the Democrats. Sorry. 

FRANK says:


Bobkern3 says:

This seems to be the norm for Democrats. Nothing else is working and their ideas and policies are failing in every arena. Their lies are standing up to Americans so they are resorting to violen threats! Wake up America this party will do whatever it takes to pursue their Socilaist agenda!

FRANK says:


Dustoff says:

Shocking, another dem-o-rat telling you how he really feels.

Stalin would be so proud!

Democrats are losing their hold on society and their pip squeak little brains can’t take it.

golfnut6 says:

What on earth did Cheney ever do to bring about this much hate?  He is a good guy from Wyoming who at one time led one of the only three U.S. companies big enough to do the support job that needed to be done in the Iraq war.  Over 30 Halliburton employees died in that effort.  Can you say that about your job?  As soon as Bechtel (San Fran company) got contracts for the same work over there, Nancy Pelosi shut up about Halliburton.  Typical hypocrisy from the left.  They never cease to entertain.

Jack_Reacher says:

What has happened to the fine people from Maine?  Please do the right thing and demand Kruger’s resignation.  There is no room at any table for such blatant disregard for public decency.

Doug Lynn says:

Kruger is a hater of the first degree, unworthy of public office. I think that, maybe, if Cheney were part of the Chicago political machine, Kruger’s life would be in danger.

Ranger says:

The guy is a clown…….these types of clowns shouldn’t be in office…but neither should Chaney….Kruger’s mental state is questionable..

Bill Eidson says:

Like Rush always says…show me the Book “Great Moderates in History”…Moderates are people who stand for nothing and fall for everything…

Nonya says:

I suppose you forgot about the Clinton administrations bombings of Iraq and the no fly zone. You probably forgot that Sadam used chemical weapons on his own people. You also must have forgotten about the 2 dozen UN resolutions that Sadam broke and the international force that was sent in to remove him. Get some facts not just hate.

John Smith says:

Hopefully people will remember in November.

Hussein says:

Fortunately the Secret Service is not connected to the Department of Justice. The DOJ under this lawless regime has no interest in protecting all Americans. It’s always refreshing to see the tolerant left in action…a painful reminder of those who genuinely hate this nation.

Winston_III says:

Normal people do not tweet a provocative comment like this, especially about a former high level elected official… Mr. Kruger is ill and should seek medical attention.

MaverickCoast says:

Are you really that stupid or do you just get your kicks out of posting nonsense? Oh, both!

Sam says:


MaineIsAwesome says:

If president Obama had a representative, he would look like Kruger.

BranMakMorn says:

Perhaps YOU should be investigated by the Secret Service…

BranMakMorn says:

So Kruger is senile. Then get him out of office. And shouldn’t this pig be investigated by the Secret Service?

NewWorldOrgone says:

This globalist doesn’t deserve to be executed, that’s too good for these Pan-Lenninists. A life sentence and hard labor sounds about right…maybe he could spend his life looking for Iraqi WMDS…should give him time to think…maybe about Dyncorp running child kidnapping rings, or the US allowing the CIA-created Al Qaeda 911 hijackers into the country and training them (Egypt, Libya, Pakistan, Iran, and Syria have/are experiencing this now). If you support Bush/Cheney, you are no better than an Obamanoid.

Obama’s Manchurian candidate, absurdly fake birth certificate, CIA past is trifling, but it’s nothing compared to a Nazi (Prescott) banking family that turned the CIA (Sr.) into seditious scum, they make JFKs bootlegging family look like commoners. Libs are hopeless idiots, but you Conservatives are smart enough to know better, which in my eyes make you worse. Become an Individualist, understand that Big Gov and Big Biz are major threats, and understand that both parties are two sides of the same globalist coin. Google The Club of Rome, Operation Northwoods, and the FBI orchestrated OKC Bombing.

Obamaroid_Ointment says:

And people wonder where the New Black Panthers got the idea that it’s OK to put bounties on people’s heads w/o a trial? They got the idea from the Democrats, that’s where they got it from.

gfsomsel says:

Kruger should remember the fate which befell Haman in the book of Esther.  What’s the problem with your Maine lefties?  Don’t they have any cojones?  They can’t admit what they really are.  Nothing moderate about them.

Amishron says:

Blow it out your liberal arse. 

Boris yasdnilkov says:

It should make every American very uncomfortable and concerned that we have representatives with this kind of mentality in Congress. “Out damned spot! Out I say!”

Jose Verde says:

What is wrong with the North East (ME, VT, CT, NY, RI, MA)  - and the North West (WA, CA) ?  Bastions of Liberalism.  Maybe their brains are Frozen or something?  How can you say something – then come back and say you didn’t say it – when it is right there on tape or in text?  

Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.  They need to come to the South – do a little Muddin’, Bass Fishin’, some NASCAR and BBQ – and they will feel much better.  Rednecks Cure Liberals.

Wang Newton says:

Tough talking bitch….try it and see what happens.

Cromulent says:

Spoken like a true moderate!

ScottGlasel says:

Unlike the Loony Left’s hero “Che” he was only responsible for…. how many deaths?

CrazyEddy says:

How is it that the more ‘moderate’ members of the party of tolerance claim to be the more extreme become their views?  You don’t suppose that these politicians would actually try to deceive us do you?

ScottGlasel says:

So much for restraint.

Norris Allen says:

I thought Obamacare didn’t have death panels. I guess Kruger missed the memo.

Cheney False Flag Op says:

Proven? Fantasies?  Several Times?  Do you have any examples of Proven lies? Concidering false flag operations like Gulf of Tonkin incident, Operation Northwoods have been declassified,  not to hard to believe that Military Industrial Complex puppet Cheney and his Neo-con buddies wouldn’t be engaging in this criminal activity.

NikVa says:

That’s the point that needs to be driven. He returned the money from the tax collectors.

doug says:

The left are liars and uncivil. His behavior is not uncommon, it is typical.

Nash29 says:

annie is simply not ready for the adult world.

byeGeorge says:

‘FREDDY’ Kruger are you still pro abortion…

Magician9675 says:

 You are a joke. Pick up a copy of the US Constitution, it’s a good read.

Magician9675 says:

This must be investigated. He [Cheney] did not order Saddams execution. The Iraqi government did. Unlike Osama. Not that I feel bad for either but cut the double standard crap.

John Willson says:

There is ALWAYS a direct connection between one’s private and “public” life.  Whoever this mean-spirited man is, he should be recalled if Maine voters ever want to be taken seriously again.

NikVa says:

US troops captured and held for TRIAL Saddem Hussein. This asshole that’s in charge now assassinates and no one from the looney left chirps up. Where’s Cindy Sheehan? She’s back in her box until needed again. The AG also says that the prez can also target for assassination US citizens without a trial. WTF numbnuts?

John Farrar says:

If this had been a republican legislator, the Secret Service would already have him in custody….yet another DOUBLE STANDARD by this administration and it’s Justice Department.

cntrlfrk says:

At what point will the democrats, the ‘OWSers’ Obama, the Taliban and Al Qaeda stop kidding themselves and simply join forces in attacking America?

Martin38 says:

Seymour Hersh’s fantasies about George Bush and Dick Cheney have been proven lies several times over.  If you like science fiction keep reading him.

buffmuffin says:

There simply is no peaceful coexistence with these people. 
Eventually, we are going to have to come up with a final solution to the liberal question. 

Kosh94 says:


BarryD says:

I don’t recall Congress voting for Obama to put troops in Libya.
Oh by the way, Drone attacks are up under your Obamessiah but no war crimes for him? Is it because he’s black or democrat?

Al says:

Nice job Maine voters! You have a real winner of a politician here!

matken says:

That kind of comment will have millions of republicans joining the Democratic party. Nothing they like better than a good execution.

Ron May says:

The important thing is that along with hoping for the execution of another American public official is that the same hopefuls expect the return of civility and moderation.
Yes, Indeed.  

Casey says:

A democrat………..figures.

2ndprotectsall says:

What if someone publicly called for Krugers execution? There would be hell to pay.
LibMarxists never follow thru on their threats, they don’t have the balls and they know what the consequences would be.

TeaRunner says:

Perhaps it’s time to take your meds.

Cheney False Flag Op says:

The mainstream American corporate press has once again proven itself to be no better than the state controlled media in places like Communist China or Zimbabwe, by steadfastly refusing to print even a mention of the huge story concerning veteran journalist Seymour Hersh’s recent comments that the vice president wanted to carry out a false flag operation to provoke a war with Iran.
“There was a dozen ideas proffered about how to trigger a war,” Hersh explained. “The one that interested me the most was why don’t we build — we in our shipyard — build four or five boats that look like Iranian PT boats. Put Navy seals on them with a lot of arms. And next time one of our boats goes to the Straits of Hormuz, start a shoot-up.”

Jay Aubrey says:

It is odd how some leftists favor the likes of Hussein (Saddam) over a Great American like Vice President Cheney. 

Will Zen says:

Jesus didn’t take money from anyone or give any to anyone.  AND Robin Hood took from the evil sheriff who over-taxed the citizens and returned the money to the citizens. Re-read the stories and get it right genius.

Gregory says:

Can you give me an example of Jesus “taking” money from the wealthy? There is in fact a passage in the Bible where a poor widow gave all she had in front of Jesus and He praised her.
Your conclusion is so ridiculous, I can only assume you are either in college being brainwashed, or a lifetime leftist who calls people names without giving any thought to what you say.

Cleatus says:

Democrats are the Party of the Mentally Sick!!

giavs says:

I would gladdly take a bullet for Cheney while I’d let one pass me by for Obama…

JimWeneedrubio says:

Your ignorance is staggering.  STFU!!

giavs says:

Yea, so when a Dem calls for the execution of a fellow American, it’s “…blowing off steam, or just a rant…” anyone else it’s vile and evil….I hate dems more and more with each passing day. Ya, know…I might just go get a Confederate flag and fly it today…cause I’m just blowing off steam….

Captcranny1 says:

What a fool……this is what we have in elected officials in our gov.   Our tax  money pays this clowns salary. People wonder why we as a country lost faith in our goverment. Another elitist liberal  knucklehead displaying his true colors. The feds should arrest and prosecute this fool.

JimWeneedrubio says:

Classic liberal Democrat moderation.  If a Republican had said this about a Democrat he would be thrown out.  The double standard the libs have put on this country is intolerable and is going to lead to violence if they don’t stop.

DoctorJNB says:

I suggest we swap Kruger for Cheney in the execution chamber, and replace the word “Moderate” with “Terrorist” in the name of his committee…

 Yes, and  remember Libya, undeclared War, atrocities, False Flag  actions,Aid and support to  our Countries Enemies. Cheney should….wait. That wasn’t Cheney or Bush ..Hmm..

Cheney False Flag Op says:

Don’t execute him yet!!!  We still need to know why he ordered NORAD to stand down on 9/11.  After that, then we can hang him for high treason.  PNAC Rebuilding Americas Defences, March 2001 : “PNAC’s most important study notes that selling this plan to the American people
will likely take a long time, “absent some catastrophic catalyzing event – like
a new Pearl Harbor.”

Jean says:

Did this guy use a state cell phone to send this message and a state assigned twitter account?  If so, he should be in big trouble.

ravenofno says:

There is “crazy”..and there is “Porky Pig sign-off crazy”.  This jack-ass of a progressive falls under the latter.  It isn’t going to happen under Herr Obammy’s watch, but this brown-and-puckered piece of work needs to be censured at the very least.

Dr. Septimus Pretorius says:

 Secret Service protects ex-vice presidents for six months after they leave office. Presidents receive protection for life.

Jack_Kennedy says:

after kruger calling for murder of VP Cheney and the black panthers issuing bounties, guess its time for obama to lecture us on civility

or is obama just going to call kruger his brother, if he had a full brother………….cuz we all know what obama’s half bro looks like

Radlib says:

Hahahaha. Kruger and the lady democrat attacking Ann Romney…getting a taste of their own progressive medicine. I sense a landslide in November!

Jack_Kennedy says:

 anyone that has lost someone at in war in the last 3 years feels that way. The corrupt prez was going to pull everyone and stop the wars………………..but obama has done nothing by start new wars and escalate some existing wars

as he gets people killed by pulling out of iraq to early…………… obama is snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

OpenYourEyes says:

BOTH parties are leftist command & control in their ideologies.  “Moderate” means how extreme the manifestation of the leftist philosophy.  Where is LIBERTY?  FREEDOM?  Not in either establishment party and certainly not in the the likes of Snowe et al.

Jack_Kennedy says:

 obviously, sucks to be you

Jack_Kennedy says:

 the truth hurts. The obama govt is corrupt and you’re a sheep for not paying attention. Moron

 And you are the mastermind of nothing because your brain is obviously incapable of any sort of rational thought process…

Jack_Kennedy says:

 couldn’t agree more………….obama is pure evil. Period

foghorn_legghorn says:

Ummmm, threatening the life of a former VP is STILL a felony. I’m sure that indictment will be forthcoming right after the new black panther indictments. I’m sure they are taking up all of Holder’s time. 

Jack_Kennedy says:

 obama is a war criminal………………so the same treatment?

Tommyboy says:

 Let’s hope he suffers the same fate as Giffords. In fact I hope all dems suffer that same fate, that’s the only way to clear out this nest of socialist, anti-American scum from polluting our political system.

Designer66 says:

Dems hate Cheney because he was good. Look who they have now: Joe Biden – easily the dumbest VP, quite possibly, in American history.

Jack_Kennedy says:

kruger issuing more LIBERAL VITRIOL AND HATE toward the real Americans……………….typical for a member of the obama mob of America  haters

scr1bbler says:

Suggest you cancel your newspaper subscription, as I did. But be sure to tell them why.

The TV Networks are already paying for their partisanship – in drooping ratings and loss of profits. Maybe their accountants will catch on – one day.

Really?? Do you know how stupid you sound?

scr1bbler says:

Looks like there is now.

I agree that this fool should resign in the interest of “fairness” since that is what Liberals would demand if a Republican or Conservative would have done the same thing aimed at some Democrat!

I bet you are a good christian too.
Please tell me how Cheney is a war criminal and he is responsible for thousands of deaths.
I do believe the congress authorized the plans to go into Iraq. Whay not wish bad things on all of congress too.

Erneso says:

Hmmmm….Maybe a fine idea, after Cheney, we could hook Kruger up to sparky…..

scr1bbler says:

Nobody would want Joe Biden to permanently lose consciousness: it would be redundant.

Macombbob says:

I do not understand why people buy into the idea that “Democrats take money from the wealthy and give it to the poor.”  They actually take money from everyone and give it to their friends.  Chicago Democrats have made this an art, enriching their politicians, including Obama, and their contributors.  If some small amounts make it to the poor, it is just the cost of doing business/corruption.

YPYHBD says:

op cit

YPYHBD says:

op cit

Mmorley3 says:

Chuck Kruger *is* a moderate–a hard core Democrat would have also called for executing Mrs. Cheney, their children, grandchildren, and household pets.

“I’m not admitting or denying it,” said Kruger.   I’m just shutting down my twitter history so no one can look at it ever.

YPYHBD says:

And you are a ShitHead

Ohanake says:

Wasn’t he one of the loudest whiners when Kathleen Giffords was shot? Wasn’t he one of the folks who was complaining about the rhetoric? You folks on the left need to get your representatives under better control, or this isn’t going to end well at all.

scr1bbler says:

Right Max. But not just a double standard. A combination of no real standards at all, or newly reminted ones to fit the occasion. Lib ‘standards’ are ‘blowin in the wind’.

scr1bbler says:

Another worthy example of ‘E Pluribus Unum’.

And I see a goodly crowd of the kookie cockroaches have followed Kruger out of the nest and onto this comment thread.

AJ says:

Bunckbillington, you may want to turn down the Grateful Dead, step away from the bong and try to read something without moving your lips.  Maybe everyone in the Congress should be tried too since they voted for the Iraq initiative

Wild Bill says:

Such tolerance…..

Wonder what would happen if a conservative Congressman from Texas tweeted he wished he could see Biden hung by the neck until he died?

sindexter says:

He’s right Cheney is a ahole i hope he gets a bullet t in the gut ( *not that i would do it – disclaimer)  just for starters.

sindexter says:

dumb bitch

sindexter says:

your one dumb kunt

Kg4boe says:

 … and another!  Wow!  It must be a full moon!

Kg4boe says:

Oh look!  Another moon bat!

paula marshall says:

Nor have I heard anyone recommend that.  To do so would be an indication of being a street thug, a hoodlum, and that is the very thing we are distressed over with POTUS and his gang.  Not once have I heard or seen that evil recommendation on any board I have visited.  Thus, I assume Dr Snake (oil) is a member of a radical party.

Dave says:

Though I agree with Mr. Kruger’s sentiment, I believe that as an ELECTED SERVANT OF THE PEOPLE it is up to his constituents to decide if he should further represent them.

sindexter says:

eat shit a die you kiss arse

Kg4boe says:

 My, My….  another misguided moon bat.  Shine a little light and here they come.  I think the population of moon bats should be thinned out some.

sindexter says:

Now just because i would never act on it doesn’t mean i can’t wish cheney the most painfull death possible he is a war criminal responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.  ! You compete scum i hope he get cancer , aids and the plague for starters !!!!

PaullC says:

Should be investigated, should be centured but that in itself is useless especially to a COMMUNIST DEMOCRAT

paula marshall says:

You should talk!  Sheesh!

paula marshall says:

That is bunk, Bunk!  You are already convicting him without a trial.  We are NOT impressed.  Why would you even waste a trial on someone you  have so thoroughly convicted?   Mr Cheney had a very difficult job in a very difficult position, and I would bet that if you were in his shoes, you would want the whole truth told, as well as a fair trial BEFORE a conviction if someone so arrogant as you called for your death.  Shame  on you.

Morris says:

I’ts always amazed and amused me that it’s the “Godless commies”  that are invariable first in line to “whip out their Jesuses” when it suits their agenda!

Krazy Bill says:

Exactly like Obamma deserves?

kogk says:

Nice job Secret Service.  NOT!!!!

paula marshall says:

 Well, what the hail is the difference between him and you, now?  Both warmongers, now that you have sided with the person that basically declared war on Cheney?  And, do you not give the Iraquis any credit at all for what happens in their country?  You whine about probable victims, yet you victimize the past VP.  You are exactly what you pretend to dislike about VP Cheney.  ‘T’is a shame, surely.

Houseofzia says:

Luckily a nd sadly, it shows us, yet once again, who liberals really are and that, there is no such thing as a “moderate”

So people really have to get off the fence and be one or the other, liberal or conservative.

eric lupion says:

I love democrat/liberal hate!   I love obama!  I love the internet!  Nothing could hasten the demise of the dem party faster than dem hate on display….pure liberalism’s economic failures plus obama’s disasterous presidency all on display at the speed of light!  This is so cool watching an American political party fall apart right before our eyes!  To good to be true. 

James says:

He is the mastermind behind 9/11, so he should definitely be executed for that.

Homey says:

 Bet you would LOVE to try to stick your pekker into Ozzie Guillen’s azz….dirt ass.

bunkbillington says:

Cheney should be tried, and when convicted for war crimes against humanity, executed. There. Thats all that needs to be sad. Put him on trial then hang the bastard. No threats there. Just justice.

Fidel says:

 go to Cuba, you Castro-ass-kissing moron

Larrythe3rdStooge says:

If a Congressman calls for the execution of a former Vice President, who just went through heart surgery, it sounds like such an outrageous intent. But in the Obama/Castro regime, it’s like Jane Curtin, who always said, “never mind”.

eric lupion says:

Democrat party mantra…..HATE NOT DEBATE! 

arbie says:

Well Chuck, are you not a shinning example of tolerance and the American way?  It’s people like you, particularly congress people, that convince me that Americans need to do even more than just kick your asses out of office.

eric lupion says:

The dem party needs to go the way of the torres whigs nazi’s communists….there is no need for this scum to have political power.  Man against Woman…working moms against stay at home moms…rich job providers against non rich…black against white….latino against white…..DEM SCUM ARE THE DEVIL!  Without pitting one Americn against the other Dems have nothing!

takspyr says:

George Washington -  killed thousands of British; Abraham Lincoln – killed hundreds of thousands of Southerners; FDR – killed a lot of Japanese and Germans. – Great moderates in history? The only moderates I know carry a white flag in their back pocket.

Mike says:

Liberal progressive democrats, Scum!!!

joeledge says:

“The ‘moderate’ label in Maine has become fashionable as of late, as several prominent Democrats have shed their party affiliation in order to capitalize on the tradition of successful moderate political figures from Margaret Chase Smith to Olympia Snowe.”

This is what’s disturbing about this story. ‘I’m not a Democrat/liberal/ progressive, I’m a moderate.’ Run from the label much? Be aware of who you’re voting for in the next election. You’re going to have a lot of Dems changing their names this year, I believe.

LooeyTheLobster says:

It sounds like an intentional infliction of distress, on Dick Cheney, who just had a heart transplant. Sounds like a case of possible attempted murder, with this post.

LooeyTheLobster says:

The Portland office of the FBI is on this one, guaranteed. As a former ME resident, I can promise, that Maine is the LAST place in the country, you want to f**k around with the feds.

Harley_Charley says:

And your point?  We DO protect our own o’hana – so what? 

BaaBaaSheep says:

 Your IP address has also been recorded for that threat.

Minfxbg says:

And Saddam was such a sweetheart of a guy. His sons? Paragons of virtue and justice. The woodchippers, acid baths and rape squads the boys offered to thei friends? Those were party favors! Can’t have a party without entertainment.

BaaBaaSheep says:

He’s in Thomaston, the home of the best prison in Maine…maybe he is having a thought or two about his future.

Freddiefiredog says:

I hope Kruger gets an act from GOD, and gets struck by a giant friggin lightning bolt up his stupid **S.

Minfxbg says:

Baloney. Kruger is a liar. The Secret Service needs to pay the “Honorable gentlemen from Maine” a visit.

MadMax51 says:

It’s funny how all the left are for cheney’s execution but will fight the execution of a convicted murder. Liberals have such a double standard it’s nauseating.

anniejj says:

You are FOS! Kruger is RIGHT!!!

anniejj says:

Cheny was a warmomgerer and cheifly responsible for the deaths and chaos in IRAQ. Kruger is RIGHT!!

Mary Jones says:

“Cheney deserves same final end he gave Saddam. Hope there are cell cams,”  If Cheney was replaced with the presidents name, and Saddam replaced with Bin Laden, what would happen I wonder?????  Kruger needs to resign, I would call that a threat on the life of Dick Cheney.

Mike Gordon says:

Oh quit your crying you pussy. Half of those prisoners at Gitmo look like the belong on the ” Biggest loser”, and sent to an excercise camp, or sent to jenny craig

Ken Pittman says:

Fact: The Clinton administration believed Saddam had stockpiles of WMDs so it was a systemic belief in Washington via foreign intel that the Hussein regime had them, not solely the Bush administration.

Fact: Clinton terrorist czar Richard Clarke said the following in the Washington Post (Page A2 Jan 23, 1999): ” Intelligence exists linking bin Laden to El Shifa’s current and past operators, the Iraqi nerve gas experts and the National Islamic Front in Sudan.” Given the evidence presented to the White House before the airstrike, Clarke said, the president “would have been derelict in his duties if he didn’t blow up the facility.” Clarke was referring to Clinton’s decision to destroy the el Shifa pharmaceutical plant in Khartoum, Sudan.

Fact: Saddam Hussein did provide training, financing and/or refuge to many terrorist organizations targetting America including 1993 WTC bomber Abdul Rahman  Yousef who lived in Baghdad and received a monthly government stipend until the American invasion in March 2003.Fact: Iraqi state run newspaper al Nasireyah printed a story in July 2001 implying that Osama bin Laden was soon about to lash out inside America including “Striking the arm already wounded”, indicating the World Trade Center. The paper also said Osama was going to destroy the White House and the Pentagon. This story was printed 2 months before 9/11/01.

Fact: The war on organized crime doesn’t end at the door of the Gambino family. The war on terrorism didn’t end at the door of al Qa’eda. Saddam Hussein was a legitimate target in ending aggression toward America and our ally Israel. 

Criticize the post-invasion occupation plans of Iraq Mr. Kruger. Bush and Cheney deserve that. Do not make an ass of yourself and declare Cheney a “war criminal”. Sir, you sound like a seditious SOB when you do.

Mike Gordon says:

In Colombia, if kruger made a comment about a conservative member of the government, or about Uribe or santos, Mr. Kruger would be picked up by a paraco group, given a nice car ride and have his corpse dumped in a landfill with the garbage ( where kruger belongs). The buzards and vultures say Democrats are tasty, kinda of taste  like tree chicken….

Colin Powell’s secretary said that Cheney was the actual president during the first 4 years. And he’s afraid to travel for fear of being arrested over seas for war crimes

the truth hurts. The govt is corrupt and you’re sheep for not paying attention. Morons

rickgee says:

He’s not a “moderate” Democrat, he’s a typical Democrat.

rickgee says:

You are correct.

you’ve been brainwashed to thinking he’s a good person by corrupt mainstream media. This man is pure evil. Period

it’s not an extreme comment. Cheney is a war criminal

SandiTS says:

FU, pal. Talk about being snarky. Maybe you and this douchebag politician are cut from the same cloth..

orson says:

You are a typical f–king liberal DORK……

SandiTS says:

What politician in their right mind would want to be “like Olympia Snowe”?? Disgusting.

Mike Lee says:

 Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t it congress who overwhelmingly voted to greenlight that war?

Mike Lee says:

Cue the “Cuckoo for cocoa-puffs” theme…

Cheney’s execution should only come as a consequence of a death sentence passed by a duly constituted tribunal that tries him for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Under the rules used at Nuremburg and in Asia 1n 1946 he would automatically be sentenced to death based on public knowledge and his own admissions.

Failing to try, convict and execute Cheney and all other members of the Bush administration complicit in the Iraq invasion is an insult to the millions who died in World War 2.

Darowetmore says:

aren’t you a clever porch monkey jigaboo…ook ook ook

Team Calmate says:

War crimes? Oh boy, here we go. You know they actually did find materials for WMD’s? Yellow cake uranium my friend. Not enriched for weapons but saddam had stockpiles of it. Why don’t you call for the trials of you commie friends Chavez, Castro and Hu Jintao and Putin? Oh wait…socialist Marxist communist, you wouldn’t go against you family would you Doc? I guess that’s why you keep ranting on the Bush admin. go live somewhere else, but I don’t think you’ll be as well of in those struggling welfare nations.

Bluesmonger says:

His immediate resignation is the only acceptable resolution.

Persian says:

Haha Sparks, I liked that comment. So true. Ugh they’re stiiilllll blaming bush. I can’t believe it. Democrats’ convictions are about as legitimate as O’s birth certificate. Nuff said…

Phillipsflooringcompany says:

Maybe if you looked into why he would say something like that you might understand.  Anyone that lost someone at war in the last 10 years might feel that way.  Because if the truth came public, thats exactly what would happen

Stop says:

neo-conservatism polluted the republican party. So we have people shocked someone thinks Cheney is a bad person.

Stop says:

I’m pretty sure he’s white.

Stop says:

Bush, then Obama, we’ve got a terrible track record.

Stop says:

Don’t be silly, we would never try and execute a government official who is ultimately responsible for , at least, a hundred thousand deaths.

itookredpill says:

Burn Note: The only true anonymous self destructing email service on the web. For when you’d rather not have violent inflammatory comments come back and bite you in your @$$.


paging mr,holder!!!

Trytobeamused says:

Kruger-Note to self: Don’t drink amd tweet.

kenbro says:

yes. remember “dead fish ” emmanuel saying to his union thugs ” take em out” and Aunt Jemima Maxine Waters saying the Tea Party can “Go to Hell”  ?

I dont need a gun to take care of fagtards like you

kenbro says:

if we still had a country of men, the distinguished member from Maine would “suddenly and mysteriously” disappear. Sadly this is no longer a nation of men.

Hawkdriver1961 says:

And this is a moderate Democrat! Imagine what the aknowleged hard core Marxist types say to each other…Funny how everything they say about republicans turns out to be themselves they are really describing…November can’t come soon enough….

Justice says:

“Kruger’s grandchildren deserve the same final end Cheney gave Saddam. Hope there are cell cams,” (satire?)

Karoly Kuruc says:

are the voters in maine the dumbest in the usa??????

right. I liked JFK. He stared down the Ruskies in Cuba and prevented WWIII.  I dont care how many women he slept with. besides, Bill Clinton holds the record for a POTUS doing that.

Karoly Kuruc says:

is holder investigating this???? 

Ela1 says:

The term ‘moderate’ is a farce. All that means is a hard-left liberal, trying to look thoughtful.

I’ve never heard of a hard-core, flaming ‘moderate.’

Ela1 says:

I’m sure, just like you felt about those left-wing kooks (pardon the redundancy) who made movies and books about assassinating Bush, and then gave themselves awards for it.

does your mother know you are up this late?

of course Doc is full of it. If Jesus “took” that would be stealing and that is a sin. Jesus, was perfectly sinless as Christianity teaches. Doc’s name is appropriate, as Satan is the serpent. Just another godless lefty.

Bill Maher says:

Put a figurative Luger to the head of Kruger… Dems pull the trigger always…

tellitasitis says:

What is missing from this discussion is that every time liberal hatred like that expressed by Snake and Kruger leads someone to do something violent, the brain dead liberal media imply he was a Republican like Timothy McVeigh whose father was a Democrat organizer and all the other lefty Marxist kooks who have gone off and shot people including poor Ms. Giffords.  And this all started with Oswald the marxist who did really shoot Kennedy, despite kooky claims that some unknown Republican CIA agent did or Sirhan Sirhan the Palestinian. 

In reality there are no “repukes” in that list but lots of marxists.

Dawn Lussier says:

He should be arrested for saying that.  That’s a threat if I ever heard one and I don’t care who he is.

Juicy says:

typical liberal crap coming from a “moderate”.  Maine is full of em.

Sharp Shtik says:

“Moderate” means socialist Democrat in Maine.  A moderate communist is a socialist.  Numbscull voters have no concept of single axis or multi-axis political spectrums and where they or others fall.  They vote by soundbytes, which is why nonsense spewed from politicians is all it takes to win.

Sdaztecrugger says:

Liberals like this Jagoff Chuck Kruger should be put in front of a fire squad…May take a few days to get rid off all Liberals, but America would once again become a Country that Honors the Founding Father’s Principles and the Constitution, rather than always attempting to circumvent the Constitution, to serve their own selfish ideas.  How does one sign up for the firing squad.

alhbundy says:

yes i do.  if someone makes that suggestion the secret service should be at that person’s door asap.

Clifford H Mashburn says:

Are you a drunk?
Or a self serving politician who thinks you are judge and jury?

John Gist says:

This is typical liberal behavior…they are like children.

John says:

“I’m not admitting or denying it,” said Kruger.” Typical cowardly Democratic Party  response.  Doesn’t have the Cajones to even admit he said it. Loser !!! 

Timewarped says:

Where it up to me Kruger would b executed … What a dumb F as ar the idiots who elected this jackass .. Perhaps they should be put ina political reeducation camp.

I dont wish any ill will on libtards ,I just dont want them in control of anything, they destroy everything they touch

I dont wish any ill will on libtards ,I just dont want them in control of anything, they destroy everything they touch

democrats are evil and they know it

democrats are evil and they know it

Snotty_Waitperson says:

Seig Heil kamerade Kruger, and Bomba,The Peoples Comrade! We will work to gather more horrible things about those wretched rethuglicans.

Snotty_Waitperson says:

Seig Heil kamerade Kruger, and Bomba,The Peoples Comrade! We will work to gather more horrible things about those wretched rethuglicans.

mameshki says:

After Cheney, I hope we can follow thru with all those that killed the Glass Steagall act, with Barny Faaaag, Dodd, Bush, Paulson, CGC (all of them) Shiftyton, Hijackson, Obama, Nancy, Harry….all of them and start over.  I’d start with Kruger.  Take their wealth and give it to the truly needy.

mameshki says:

After Cheney, I hope we can follow thru with all those that killed the Glass Steagall act, with Barny Faaaag, Dodd, Bush, Paulson, CGC (all of them) Shiftyton, Hijackson, Obama, Nancy, Harry….all of them and start over.  I’d start with Kruger.  Take their wealth and give it to the truly needy.

Comrade_Czar says:


And Obama is a uniter!


Comrade_Czar says:


And Obama is a uniter!


bluevanda says:

 A/K/A Barry Soetoro

bluevanda says:

 A/K/A Barry Soetoro

smoke says:

Executed without any charges… perfect example of far left justice.

brad says:

When democrats talk about “the middle ground”, they always mean on their ground, in the middle.

bluevanda says:

 With remarks like yours, I understand why the symbol for the Democratic Party is an A$$.

John Brittingham says:

Running out of ideas, have to heat up leftovers from the last campaign

Laughing says:

You should get to bed, you need lots of rest for those middle school pop quizzes. 

Jeff says:

Where are the calls for his dismissal?  Why is he not resigned by now?  Any Republican that were to call for such a thing would have the whole DNC on his/her back demanding a resignation.  

Blacque Jacques Shellacque says:

 If by chance this Kruger guy himself is ever convicted of a heinous crime and faces execution, give me a call; I’m willing to be the person that fires the actual bullet, or throws the switch, or opens the trap door, or pulls the lever to lower the cyanide capsules into the pot of sulfuric acid under the seat.

Dawes57 says:

Even liberals in my home state of California are horrified by statements like this. Shame on this official. Be more like California and be tolerant!

Mdw1 says:

Oh, he’ll apologize and think that it’s OK and that everybody will disregard what a hateful, fetid dem drain clog he is.

Sorry to disappoint, Chuckie…

JOCOSuperman says:

Just another hate inciting Democrat, who speaks appalling rhetoric, and then blames Republicans for racism, and the illusionary “war on women”.

Jubalharshaw says:

 drop the gr and you are probably right.

Jubalharshaw says:

 Jesus never ‘took’ from anybody: he did accept gifts for a simple existence and to aid the poor.  Robin Loxley was, in fact, a highwayman that specialized on taxmen working for the corrupt ‘nobility.’

Intellibronc says:

What a coward, just looking at that putz’ picture one can figure out he lacks a set. Come out west punk, we’ll show you a thing or two.

Jubalharshaw says:

 There could be nothing worse than such a deed.  (1) a certain group would use that as ‘justification’ for (a)  armed insurrection, (b) martial law; (2) it would put Biden in his stead; and (3) it would deny us the fun of an impeachment trial.

crazyoldpreacher says:

This Communist really means it. Try Cambodia in 1975 if you are wondering where the radical marxists in America’s Trojan Horse Communist Party (aka Democrats) are taking our sinking ship of state. Had any Republican suggested a life threatening act against the current Dear Leader and his Vice Dear Leader they would have had a visit from the FBI, Secret Service and (if it were a white, Christian gun-owner who said it) the ATF. Good to see ERIK the RED Holder is on the job… I feel much safer knowing that…

God have mercy on our backslid nation. We have have fallen into the clutches of Godless radicals and perverts.

jackie1992 says:

I have your civility right here Rep. Chuck Kruger (D-Thomaston), the Democrat chair of the Maine legislature’s Moderate Caucus – if he is moderate, what the hell are they breeding up there in Maine ?

Comcam_03 says:

 Jesus didn’t take, yet he commanded you should give (key word being should) and Robin Hood robbed from the rich and gave to the poor, who were the rich… the sherriff (the government) get your facts straight.

purple1960 says:

this must be one of the communists they found in congress….

Tim_Buck_II says:

There are other legislators in other states who dress as moderates but when push comes to shove, they all vote the straight socialist line . Joe Manchin from West Virginia comes to mind as one example of many. They all (or most of them) run as moderates and, once in office, vote for socialized medicine, higher taxes and infinite debt.

Once in a while the voters get lucky and discover the true thinking of these pretenders – that’s what happened here with Kruger.

This is certainly not your daddy’s Democratic Party – these are all far, far leftists and socialists. The ironic thing here: Kruger may actually be a moderate among today’s Democrats.

Who to blame? Try blaming the voters. You’re now $5 trillion more in debt than you were three years ago (with nothing to show for it but the IOUs). Vote for a few more “moderate” Democrats and watch how quickly that five turns into a ten.

Typical Damnocrat…………..they can be sooooo nasty !!!!!!!

Tswain57 says:

 I Second that.

First L says:

 That is also true of the people who continue to vote for Olympia Snowe.

Russ says:

These people are pure “Evil” and will create the gulags or killing fields here as soon as they consolidate power. Very Very Sorry to say this, but! The time for civil war is upon us and evil must be purged from the land. To say these people [marxist] have a right in democracy is like saying cancer has a right to exist in a healthy body. We cut cancer out and kill it. God help us Americans and let death take tyrants* away or give them a one way ticket out to another place.  *:ie marxistliberalssocialist communisthaters of Americahaters of Godracist black or white, have no place in this country.

Pendy says:

“This comment has led some to question the validity of Kruger’s moderate credentials.”

I think the validity of something else about this man is in question.
 Don’t the D’s say the R’s are the mean, vindictive, nasty knuckle draggers? 

“Moderate” caucus?  I think not.

Steve says:

Sounds like a diversions from the impeach Obama movement.

Pandoraah says:

Is there any insanity in Rep. Krueger’s family?

Fubo says:

You should change your name to snake in the grass.

these chowder heads show such contempt for us,  why are these numb nuts elected??  They attack ANNE ROMNEY for being stay at home mom, bag-man GEORGE STEPHANOPOLOUS tried to control abortion debate using ”contraception.” My viewpoint the left has declared war, while exempting itself, ALLEN WEST (R) from FLA. says at least 80 to 90 members of congress are communists mostly from the left side, since TRAYVON MARTIN the race hustlers have proved how intolerant, they are from blaming BUSH
to everyone else, we need to get rid of all these clowns in the fall,
unfortunately big money, GEORGE SOROS plays big part. apology from these
bigots?? Just wasting breath, they’re sorry they got caught.

Fubo says:

You’re a moron. Virtually NO ONE has ever publicly called for Ø’s execution.

For Ø’s HUMILIATING DEFEAT this fall and for his consignment to the dustbin of history with the rest of you other loser islam -marxist scum, yes, but nothing more.

Dick Ellis says:


FUBO says:

Kruger deserves to be waterboarded and then thrown in Gitmo with the rest of the al queda wing of the DNC.

James Fiske says:


Azredrock99 says:

Chucky boy took an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States and yet he calls for the execution of the former Vice President!!!  This is treason at its best!!!!

Torrey Baird says:

Of course, however there have been no reports of anyone suggesting shooting President Obama. We intend to defeat President Obama and his minions at the polls come November 6, 2012. We do suggest burying the Progressive aka Communist agenda.

dima1 says:

Exactly, one is either for freedom or not, be these freedoms personal or financial.  People are as free to keep guns or to spend their earned money in any way they want as they are free to smoke weed, have sex with anyone they want including members of the same gender, drink legally at the same age as they can marry or serve in the military, etc.  A person with such believe has no place either on the right or the left side of the political spectrum. 

Azredrock99 says:

All you so-called Republicans up there in Maine need to get a backbone and call for Kruger to resign immediately and stay on it!!

Guest says:

 You moron – since when to war crimes trials take place in Switzerland? Ever heard of The Hague?

Thor says:

 But yet it seems like Obummer is a much bigger war monger than Bush ever wanted to be….Egypt, Syria, Libya, Expanding ops in Afghanistan….yep. Oh wait, I also remember when that muppet said he’d have all troops home by June….of 2010. More Demo-rat lies to keep the minions in check. Whatever…Barry is a total failure and blathering id iot.

Paul Basil says:

Jesus was a government? Robin Hood took money FROM the government?  Dr Snake, I am so confused by your seemingly random and reckless claims…please somehow reference these fascinating non-parallels.

Tb032004 says:

Doc, get back to us when you get elected dog catcher and talk to us about how smart you are and how dumb Palin is.  Accomplish something for your self then be critical of others.

Snakekiller says:

Fuck you ASSHOLE

turnoffthelites says:

Not to worry.Most of the TV news media will not report this story nor will 85% of the newspapers print it.  And if they do, it will only be to say that Rep. Kruger was mistwitted.

DJ says:

He didn’t. The “Doc” has no idea what he’s talking about. He and other leftists will never comprehend that charitable giving is VOLUNTARY, not compulsory.

phil says:

the operative word there being “take”

E20y20e says:

Democraps take money from hard working people and give it to lazy ignorant people…..

WOW, this passes as a moderate in Maine?
Hate to see what conlib’s say up there.

Azredrock99 says:

This is what deceivers do!!!

phil says:

sorry, i stand corrected.  same result though.

Golfendude says:


The future does not belong to the faint hearted it belongs to the BRAVE RWR 40. 

The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. 

The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. 

The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.

Some people have the vocabulary to sum up things in a way you can understand them. This quote came from the Czech Republic. Someone over their has it figured out. We have a lot of work to do.

JWales says:

Kruger…sounds kind of Nazi

phil says:

the SS is part of the treasury department, hence led by one of the presidents men.  end of story.

vrytix says:

 Mrs. Palin was not ready for prime time.  But, was Jimmy Carter?  Lyndon Johnson (of Vietnam war fame), John Kerry or John Edwards, etc?

Sure, it’s possible to name many Republicans who weren’t ready.  But, it’s just as possible to name many Democrats?

Is it really not possible for Democrats to admit that they, too, are flawed?

DJ says:

JFK would not be able to win the Democratic presidential nomination in 2012. He would be considered far too conservative. He favored tax cuts, a strong defense and was stridently anti-communist. The Far Left politicians and news media would despise him.

brodave says:

” his Twitter account to express his view that former Vice President Dick
Cheney should be executed. This comment has led some to question the
validity of Kruger’s moderate credentials.”

WTF! This should be a reason to question his “validity” to be an American, much less his “validity” to hold an elected position anywhere in the USA.

Folks, Obama and his liberal Democrats are rapidly destroying America.

Vote for anyone other than Obama and his Democrats this

Azredrock99 says:

Will Odummer inject himself into this??   I forgot he’s on vacation.

Nathan Hall says:

What bothers me is not so much his initial comment (which I disagree with, of course).  It is the hedging after the fact and removing his twitter history from public view. Obviously, he intends to create doubt about whether he actually tweeted that, which is dishonest. It is not an excess of passion that is crippling our government from shore to shore, but the ubiquitous dishonesty of politicians.

DJ says:

Amen!!! It’s time for ALL voters who share your feelings, regardless of party, to hold Far Left politicians accountable for such unacceptable behavior and vote them out of office permanently.

E. R. says:

What a scumbag.  This douche doesn’t deserve the honor of being in Congress.

vrytix says:

 Anyone who says a senior elected official should be assassinated deserves to be jailed.  It’s that simple.

First L says:

Olympia Snowe is not a successful moderate political figure; she’s a useful idiot for the Democrat Party, Obama admin., and unconstitutional Health Care mandate.

DJ says:

Like most Far Left radicals you have quite a tendency to fire off accusations and utter nonsense with absolutely no evidence to support your far-fetched claims. NO government bureaucrat has the right to deny someone a life-saving medical procedure.

Azredrock99 says:

Will we hear from Odummer on this!!!  What about his call for civility????????????

Guest says:

Really, she shits things that are smarter than you…

DJ says:

Bush/Cheney and Rumsfeld were the right leaders at the right time and did the right things to protect freedom for you to make asinine comments like this.

sft says:

Maybe Kruger’s first name is really Freddy. That would explain a lot in relation to this story. What a maroon! Evil, but still a maroon.

First L says:

Olympia Snowe is not a moderate, she’s an idiot.

LouAnnWatson says:

imagine one of the other representatives saying he’d like to see obama executed. he’d be arrested before he finished the tweet…double standard, but when are we going to demand the end of the double standard? it is time…

David says:

I’d like to ask … where’s the civility that so many asked for?

When you ask for civility shouldn’t you let it begin with you?

I say this to married couples. If you seek a change, desiring reconciliation, let it begin with yourself.


Jonathan777 says:

After the FBI and Secret Service visit this moron, he needs to be hauled in front of a board of psychiatrists to certify he is mentally capable of representing the idiots who elected him. I know that is setting a low standard, but it would be a start.

AAB says:

 ??  This thread is about a Democrat politician talking publicly about executing  Dick Cheney.  Try to stay focused.

DJ says:

To paraphrase Jerry McGuire….”Show me the threats.” I think you have a very active imagination to go along with your limited display of accurate information.

RHO1953 says:

Maybe he should be thinking about the possibility of coming trials for Obama, Biden and Holder. They all could be tried for treason, as well as the bulk of the democrats in the House and Senate.

Azredrock99 says:

November–Please come quickly.  Vote every Democommie out!!!

David says:

Put this guy in jail.

DJ says:

Sarah Palin is a God-fearing and intelligent woman who gave birth to a Down’s Syndrome child rather than take the easy and selfish way out. She was also a mayor and Governor and the author of 2 best-selling books. I will vote for someone that “dumb” anytime over someone like Barack H. Obama anyday.

Also, Robin Hood did not steal from the rich, per se. He stole from the Sheriff of Nottinghan (i.e., the GOVERNMENT!) who had stolen everything from the people.

Dorian says:

Kruger, that irresponsible prick, should be fired from office, arrested, and thrown in jail for violating the ethics of his office and for threatening the life of the former Vice President. F–K these Democrat pigs!!

The moderates want to see Cheney hanged. The left wing radicals want to see him whipped, skinned alive, and burned at the stake. 


You welfare staters are always crying in your government subsidized milk!

Recall him now… 


And who is Dr Snake? Nobody knows, just a failure with nothing mature to say!

Freetime says:

I hope no i pray  Kruger gets cancer and suffers a painful slow death. Oh and i hope no i pray we can watch it on a cell cam

notalib says:

 Jade, you are so wrong in your comment.  You remind me of Rodney King–”why can’t we just all get along?”  I don’t want to get along with liberalism.  It will be the destruction of the U.S. And libs, like Kruger, are taking this country beyond the gutter.  They are taking us into the sewer.  We, I, do not want nor will I accept liberalism.


You sound like a teeny bopper, nothing to add to the discussion but juvenile diatribes!

LtScrounge says:

 Jesus never advocated for TAKING from the rich to give to the poor. He advocated for the  rich GIVING to the poor. There is a huge difference between theft and charity.  If a beggar pulls out a gun, it’s robbery. If he gets money with a cup, it’s called charity. While there ARE historical records for a thief named “Robin Hood”, there is NO historical record of him giving his ill gotten gains to the  poor.

Tiger says:

Dude, Joe Biden?!?!?!


Jesus never said it was right to steal other people’s money!

DJ says:

Mr. Kruger should be investigated and if this was posted as reported, he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Calling for the murder of an innocent human being is not protected speech. It is advocating for a violent crime. This Bush-Cheney hysteria idiocy must end!

notalib says:

This is a typical “liberal”–hate filled, nasty, mean liberal response.  I don’t know why the Republican elected representatives put up with this crap.  MSM will not print it.  For crying out loud–go around them.  What is wrong with Maine electing people like this?  Allen West doesn’t put up with these comments unchallenged!! Elect him as a leader. 

Tiger says:

You proved his point!  Nice work.

Azredrock99 says:

Hey Jade — What are you smoking?  Whatever it is your thinking is jaded and your not in reality!!

Tiger says:

do you have a bible verse to backed that statement about Jesus?  

Dr Snake says:

And that makes the GOP/TP the Ku Klux Klan–but without the snappy clothes.

Dr Snake says:

I’m not seeing a lot of support for him on this page. What’s your point?

Dr Snake says:

Unlike the fine, well spoken deviant chumps on the right posting here.

Dr Snake says:


Jade says:

Liberals do not hate all conservatives just as liberals do not hate all republicans. Although an irresponsible message, who can doubt the criticism of Cheney as he was responsible in part for these wasteful foreign wars and an increasingly powerful surveillance community? One persons influence can  kill many people so why is everyone so shocked someone wants him dead. I think death is wrong and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but why do we vilify those who present provocative statements rather than try and at least acknowledge that their is a reason behind their point of view?  

Centurian says:

Maybe he can be snarky and a wise-ass on someone elses dime

Dr Snake says:

Alan West is a cur dog and probably insane.

Dr Snake says:

Meanwhile you macho guys go out and buy handguns and bullets when the NRA waves its little hankie and gets the vapors over nothing.

Spanky Spankster says:

Dems continually remind us that since they can’t win on policy or performance they resort to name-calling, slander, playing the race card, hatred, vitriol, fantasy, fabrication, class conflict, and demonization.

And now via their “enforcer arms” (unions, OWS, Black Panthers, etc.), Dems are resorting more to extortion and violence.

Dr Snake says:

Funny, I read one of your Repuke buddies recently suggesting that all liberals should be hunted down and exterminated. I thought he was a little…overwrought myself. But you Repukes are sooooo high strung anyway,  it was easy to ignore him.

snapper says:

When exactly did Jesus take money from the wealthy?

Spanky Spankster says:

It’s fun watching the libunatics go through various phases of denial and meltdown as they goosestep their way into political oblivion behind Dear Leader this November.

Dr Snake says:

Far too old and with a long history of heart disease and 5  heart attacks. Somebody’s palm got greased in that deal. But if they took your heart for him, I’d be okay with it.

Spanky Spankster says:

It’s ironic that those who demand tolerance and respect for diversity of opinion the most from others rarely exhibit the traits themselves.

Macjoiner says:

I’ve NEVER heard anyone suggest that….but if they did, OF COURSE that would be disgraceful, disgusting and wrong. 
The only ones filled with the hateful comments always seem to be the tolerant and peaceloving democrats… to explain why that is?

snapper says:

Sorry I missed the post suggesting your comment…But as a conservative…I DO NOT suggest shooting President Obama…SO GET OVER YOURSELF!!!

Od says:

You mean TIM OSMAN?

Dr Snake says:

While you Repukes keep up your gibberish? Not gonna happen, sweet lips.

Dr Snake says:

Nope. Hardcore liberals are still hoping for Cheney/Bush/Rumsfeld to be tried in Geneva for war crimes.  And personally, I’d donate money for the tickets to Switzerland.

Slam1263 says:

Yeah, and their co-defendant Obama, since he has continued every program he is just as guilty.

‘Scuse me, I’ve got to go “Dr. Snake” the toilet, The Biden won’t go down.

Dr Snake says:

Sure, all the time. You Repukes and your gunhappy ilk are forever threatening Pres. Obama. 

Azredrock99 says:

Dr. Snake?  How fitting of a name for you.

Dr Snake says:

With sweet talk like that I’m sure you’ll get the decision you’re looking for…

Dr Snake says:

Well, you Repukes ARE pretty dumb. I mean really, Sarah Palin? 

Dr Snake says:

Back away from the grandma, you punk. 

Guest says:

He’s a democrat (anti-constitutionalist) so he gets a pass…

Dr Snake says:

Wow! Six ridiculous cliches in one posting.  I can smell your brain cooking from the overload.

Dr Snake says:

Against Romney and his clueless mouth? Don’t think so, homey.

SickofPoliticks says:

Tolerant liberal is the epitome of oxymoron.  But moron fits them perfectly.

Dr Snake says:

Really? All I see is churlish Repukes.

Dr Snake says:

Nah, you Repukes deserve all the blame–and more, you get.

Dr Snake says:

We’ll always have you and your ilk to blame. Feel better?

Dr Snake says:

 “because democrats take money from the wealthy and give it to the poor,” You mean like Jesus? And Robin Hood? So you’re an atheist as well as greedy.

Dr Snake says:

Because the alternative is Romney, Palin, Ron Paul, Santorum, McCain–and you.

Dr Snake says:

Of course you all feel the same way about people who suggest shooting Pres. Obama, right? Right?

Dr Snake says:

I can wait until Cheney, along with Bush and Rumsfeld, are tried for war crimes related to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and their treatment of prisoners in the US and in Guantanamo.

Mohamm EdX says:

we don’t need a fool like this voting on ills that screw the people of his state. these lechers love their job and their perks so they are tuned in when the prospect of losing it all comes into play. snatch a few of the d-bags jobs from them and put them back in the private sector and a few of them that still have any g-damn sense will thin twice about tailing about killing or executing the veep or president past or present. take their jobs away…they don’t deserve a paycheck on the taxpayer just to give us a public fool to flaunt. no thanks. fire ‘em.

tecumseh says:

Why is there no outrage in Maine? Is this kind of behavior acceptable to the people of that state? The democrats need to have this guy investigated by the appropriate state legal authority and get him into the justice system. Where is the Secret Service on this issue, where is the Justice Department?

Guest says:

inappropriate yes…but dont kid yourselves. bush/cheney/rumsfeld need to be investigated. they were no angels.

clinton and obama too still have some serious issues hanging over them.

to pass big issues over is rotting the USA from the inside…can’t you feel something is going very wrong with the US? start connecting the dots. globalists fascists are eating america alive. cheney was one…one party rule but in a false two party system.

Mohamm EdX says:

the Democrat said proudly, “the fact I own a few ni**ers and keep them working on my land tending the crops and animals” should bare no ill effect on my ability to be fair and even handed to all men in my dealings the legislature…. you know sometimes I can be snarky.

just imagine if some republican had said this bout Obumbler. he would be considered out of bounds AND a racist! Democrats are just snarky!

Azredrock99 says:

Bin Laden had nothing to do with 9/11???  What the Hell are you smoking you fool. says:

If you sent anthrax to someone, what would the penalty be? We killed Bin Laden and he had nothing to do with 9/11. Cheney was probably at the round table that came up with 9/11 (PNAC FALSE FLAG) and nothing has been done?

Arrest this man !!!

Michael says:

So moderate Dems are supporters of murder?  I am not surprised.

Azredrock99 says:

Democraps are ruined.  They are going down big time with all their hateful anti -American, Marxist, and Communist behavior. They are the party of disgrace and death!!! Think about it.

Hugh Dame says:

OK, I realize that this is a tired logical point but, WHAT IF A REPUBLICAN SAID THE SAME THING ABOUT THAT DODO, BIDEN?
That would stop the MSM presses for a month.

John_Campbell says:

 Which only goes to prove that you have no upbringing as well. Quite the retort. Condemn someone for what you yourself are doing. Frankly, your post looks like the act of a troll.

John_Campbell says:

 It would seem that the writer of this article went too far as well with posting Kruger’s personal phone number. Two wrongs do not make a right.

TheConservativeMajority says:

Seriously? This is really an elected official? A law maker?
What are you people smoking up there to vote in a person like this?
I don’t recall Chaney taking direct responsibility for the death of  Saddam. But I do however remember vividly Obama coming out to gloat about the death of Bin Landin. Should he too be put to death?

Guest Corrector says:

Yes they do.  They are part of the Department of Homeland Security, which is a department of the Executive Branch.  Prior to 2003, the Secret Service was part of the Treasury Department, which also is a part of the Executive Branch.  And for those of you that attended government (public) schools, the Executive Branch is headed by the President of the United States.

RWAL says:

Say hello to a typical modern day Democrat. No remark is out of bounds; no remark has consequences no matter how vile or threatening. Don’t hold your breath waiting for any prominent Democrats to condemn this guy, they’re too busy chuckling about it and wishing they’d said it.

lewie says:

is it too late to call for Al Gore?

oh that would violate the new civility.

if it weren’t for the double standard, the Democrats would have none.

Palomides says:

I’d pay good money to watch Cheney knock on this man’s door.

Satyrc says:

rather than condemn Rep. Kruger for expressing a personal view about a former US official that directly obstructed taking preventative action against the ‘perpetrators’ of 911 (e.g. sitting there and refusing to take any action on the incoming flight 77 destined to hit the Pentagon, after both towers had been hit; that refused to testify under oath nor have his statements recorded before the 911 commission…)
How about listing the crimes you can document against the vp and let US decide if charges are warranted!

btw with the patriot act2 and indefinite detention supplement seems it is illegal to advocate lethal action against current and possibly past US officials. You risk being designated a terrorist and summary execution.

At MAine says:

They’re both grown boys, Let Chuck go bird hunting with Dick.  they can work it out.

Tony Konte says:

 never could understand this moderate or center crap! I mean you are either for freedom or your not.. I think those people know nothing of politics and just want to fit in. Gee I am kinda for freedom but I like the government telling me what I light bulbs I have to use even though they are a hazemet nightmare

knighttemplar01 says:

Hey Kruger here a thought, how about we adopt the old egyptian and mayan way of dealing with those we put in positions of power, if you steal, misappropriate , mismanage, society gets to have you executed for not serving your constituents honorably. That I dare say would empty congress and most state legislatures, the mere act of being held accountable “reality what a concept”.  

Mark Smith says:

especially if they didn’t have a brain…eyes…or ears.
But if they were conscious and aware of what’s going on in our country, they’d have the whole DemocRAT party and all of the left-wing socialist nutjobs to blame. And rightly so!

Rpfoster20 says:

Wasn’t That the same comment by Anthony Wiener? “I don’t remember sending it”  If his memory is that bad then he needs to resign.

ChopperChopChop says:

“I’m not admitting or denying it,” said Kruger.

That’s all you need to know about this scumbag right there in one statement.

Jacob says:

I hope someone murders Kruger and his entire family

Guest says:

 The secret service does not answer to the president.


Secret Service should be at his door in minutes to arrest this moron.

crosspatch says:

I just KNEW is was going to be a Democrat that said that.  ONLY Democrats can say vile things like that and get away with it.


Askush says:

We need him so people can see what a lib is.

J3_annapolis says:

Where were you on 11 Sep 2001?!  Oh, yeah…YOU were cheering it on.  Hope the RCMP’s find you before the good people of Maine do.

Mudholder says:

 I can be ” snarky ” he says. Does this POS have his flame on or what ?

J3_annapolis says:

“I’m not admitting or denying it…I can be wise-ass.”  Well, Kruger, one thing is for certain:  you ARE a dumbass. 

You have lost touch with civility along with reality, and you’ve abdicated your credibility.

Mlorenz says:

Perhaps he needs a taste of his own medicine?

Michael says:

Socialist Democrats, like Kruger, can say the most vile and violent things without the Socialist media lackies ever commenting on it or calling them out!  they are truly despicable and low human beings and all should be run out of town on a rail!  

Matt says:

Kruger is a cowardly little man who needs a sound thrashing.

bills says:

 Lots of luck getting Secret Service to investigate.  Why would Timothy Geithner
be any better than than Eric Holder in having his department do what’s right rather than what’s politically beneficial to Obama.

Duane_of_Dibbley says:

 It was actually the first thing that crossed my mind. There’s a reason I don’t drink hard liquor any more. But I can’t say that I’ve ever wished for the death of a fellow American. Wouldn’t mind seeing Michael Moore slapped in the face with a flip-flop until he cries though. Don’t need to be drunk to imagine that.

Jim in Houston says:

Porch light is on, but no one is home.

Jim in Houston says:

Forrest Bump really nailed dimocRats – stupid is as stupid does.

Duane_of_Dibbley says:

Sure. He could just be a raging douchebag like Alan Grayson. Of course, douchebag and drunk are not mutually exclusive.

Lana says:

More hate speech from the left.
It’s an everyday occurence with them.

0311boston says:

from the Opinion page of the Boston Herald, March 28th:

experienced first-hand the compassion and tolerance of the kind of comments
exhibited here on Dick Cheney when I returned from service in Vietnam; it cured
me of liberalism for good!

Eric Anthony, Brighton

deegeejay says:

I hope I meet you some day and you say that to my face.

Osama Binbiden says:

Typical democrat, mean spirited, hateful and stupid. Our loser president is too busy race-baiting to heal the country.
Kruger is an idiot who could not keep a job as an “M&M” spell-checker.

thomasville says:

you best take care of who is fraudgently at the top right now. Time to impeach him first so we can get back to reuniting America and being free again. This so called person in office does not want to help or anything else positive for my country. kill, kill, kill is all he knows how to do. If every one can’t see it by now, you must have been on another planet !!!!!!He keeps crap stirred up to keep the heat off him because he is in illegally. EVERYONE who helped he get in by fraud will be prosucuted to the fullest extent of the law. I don’t know why he is trying to hide it, every one in America knows it and are waiting for something to be done by congress!!!!!

Tosheba says:

Pretty sure there are Federal laws against this kind of insane rhetoric.  Obama?   Holder?  Anybody home?

truth says:

Sure, there are plenty of reasons to foam at the mouth over this comment, but the whole “threatening the former vice prez” thing doesn’t really hold water. Not to say that the comment isn’t the most magnificently stupid thing uttered so far this year, but this doesn’t amount to a threat.

…it’s pretty simple, this isn’t yelling fire in a crowded theater, it is protected speech. 

I think it’s great he said that; now we all know what he’s REALLY all about, and can vote accordingly.  The man is a buffoon, clearly too stupid to hold any public office other than rat catcher.

Greg says:

 good thinking you brainless moron…people like Cheney will save this country from Socialism…jerk

Higggs says:

resign or be thrown out… ASAP
no acceptable… why is it that democraps keep saying stupid things like this… and get away with it  ?????

Technically a former Vice President only receives Secret Service protection for six months following their term (former presidents get 10 years beginning with Bush, unless Congress extends it which they probably will).  But still, I hope the Secret Service investigates.

Greg says:

 bite me jerk

Mr. Spooge says:

If the Democratic Party DOESN’T call for his resignation, they (by nature of remaining silent) endorse his actions.

Vendicar Decarian says:

Arrest Cheney
Torture Cheney
Try Cheney
Torture Cheney
Convict Cheney
Torture Cheney
Execute Cheney

JoanieBaloney says:

I think he is delirious and doesn’t remember which administration in holding office now.  He probably should see a doctor quick.

radical1a says:

DemonicRATS , they’re so loathable 

CNILE says:

Cheney s h o t  a LAWYER, for Chrissake, you would think people would want to pin a medal on him.
 I think a LOT of people should be ex e c u t ed-people that text message or talk on the cellphone when they drive,those that cut in line at the drive-thru, people that take up 2 parking spots at Wallyworld, etc.
The Prez and the VP are off the menu, however-especially from an elected official.
Typical Communist/Marxist Democrat behavior.

Chouhouin says:

I meant to say their employer

James Benoit says:

Cheney has LIFE now, with a new heart. I hope he lives to be 110 years old and out lives you.

I enjoy how a lawfully elected, effective vice-president who had a FULL GREEN LIGHT from the Democrat controlled Congress to fulfill the policy aims of the CLINTON REGIME to fruition gets under the skin of you liberal lunatics. It’s a HOOT!

Revisionist history – it makes you *seem* dumb. Don’t do it.
Besides, don’t you think you were a little hard on the Beaver last night?

Chouhouin says:

Remember the French revolution were the housekeepers turn on their employee so they can keep their properties? It’s happening here with the liberal trying to steal from the rich by demonizing them.

Yes,  a  “moderate” Depressioncrat has only 4 straps holding him/her to the bed in the psych ward instead of the usual 5.

J says:

Do I question this man’s patriotism?

Damn right I do.

James Benoit says:

Typical Democrat douche baggery from the lunatic left.
“Moderate,” huh?
Ya, sure – and these loons attack conservatives who propose SLOWING the growth of government as “radicals” and “terrorists.”

America, wake up – Demon-crats are DESTROYING our country. We were founding in freedom, personal inititive and responsibility, not “nanny statism,”  layers of self important bureaucrats and their liberal politician overlords.

Romney/Anybody 2012!

Kruger must have a lot of hate in his heart.  I hope whatever is burning a hole in his stomach is resolved very soon.

Billmccarthy_1944 says:

Moderate democrat? Is there such a thing now?  The democrat party is now the Socialist Party USA.  Ever hear of a moderate socialist?  If you did, they were lying.  

Leftists are basically cry babies, chomping at the bit to right the wrongs that society did to them – basically losers with chips on their shoulders who want power so they can get their revenge on everyone.

TimM says:

 This man is clearly nuts. To hear this kind of garbage from one who claims to be a leader is a disgrace. No wonder this nation is on it’s last legs, if this is the best we can come up with to lead this nation.

Twoiron says:

(‘Freddie’) Kruger is to moderates what Hussein Obama is to good presidents. Kruger must be trying to get in the good graces of Bill Ayers.

djm159 says:

These Obama Marxists are such vile, hate filled individuals without the sense God gave a goose. Then again, what do they know about God? Everyone on the lame stream media was criticizing Alan West for what he said – I guess we now know he was right. The left is riddled with Communists, only I think Marxists are a better choice of words. You can’t be a communist or a Marxist and believe in God and you certainly can’t be a democrat and be a Christian or a devout Jew. It just isn’t possible. They prove that every day. 

thatdigiguy says:

Moderate liberal….  

now there’s an oxymoron.

astralweeks says:

Malicious, angry, bitter, violent democrat….nothing new here.

snapperman says:

His comment leads me to wonder if he’s as vague on the constitution as Obama.

Democrats… What do you expect?

noni says:

Great idea!!

Tom2855 says:

Wow.  If a Republican did something like that, the dems would be calling for his head!

Rsteph says:

how come fools like this never seem to remember ever saying things like this, gone are the days when this kind of ass could spew this garbage and no one would remember,too many people pay attention to the spoken word these basic home grown terrorists say and we don’t forget.Hopefully the Secret Service will look into this threat.

Elsewhere says:

Since jimmy carter I have not voted for a democrat, even in local races.  Now everyone knows why.

barrysadick! says:

Communist puke!

John says:

Democrats have been hijacked by foaming at the mouth Fascists/Marxists. If you vote for a D you are a traitor and/or a commie lover.

Like the Trayvon/Zimmerman case, it will be interesting to see if this is investigated and prosecuted.  Wanna make any bets it won’t?  A slap on the wrist at best? 

BobVedari says:

Ahh – civility – Democrats are SO GOOD at showing us how it’s done, aren’t they?

Drkcaj says:

This guy ought to connect his brain to his tongue. He is clearly in need of psychiatric help.

Raym88 says:

 …and the other fat lady in the White House doesn,t sing!

TimH says:

Leftist whackjob.

1marg says:


Klabdak says:

Years ago, an idiot in our school wore a “I shot Ron Quaddafi” t-shirt. The Secret Service came to Ohio to investigate him. This is a much more serious statement and I expect the Secret Service to investigate this nut.

Mrrv86 says:

 I heard the fat lady sing (roseanne arnold) and she didnt do very well than either.

Evan says:

More ‘civility’ from the left.

Mrrv86 says:

 because they would not have anyone else to blame

Sparks says:

 because democrats take money from the wealthy and give it to the poor, that and at least half the population are idiots and can’t remember anything beyond a day or two, and still believe all our woes are Bush’s fault

Mlchan05 says:

Remember last month when they said VP Cheney should had died instead of getting the heart transplant cause he was “too old”? Every white men over 50 beware under Obamacare, your life is not worth saving. Good thing I am a minority, maybe I can get 5 more years than you. Liberals just want to kill off human-beings because we are bad for the planet.

olegunny says:

It is a case of a nothing who represents more nothings.

rg says:

This was the summer after Gabrielle Giffords was shot.  They sure have a short attention span on the left.

Mikkeydee111 says:

L’il Chucky backs off after acting tough…poor baby!

I think it died with JFK

rabiddog9 says:

Maybe Cheney should invite this inbred P.O.S. out HUNTING….so they can “Discuss it”

That Obama sure has done a good job of coaching civility out of the Democrats, hasn’t he?

Just too comical! By his standards, Obama should be drawn and quartered for getting Bin Laden.

VDawg says:


SocialistPig says:

Rep. Alan West’s called these people “Communists”. I think “Stalinists’  is a more accurate term.  Given their ideological heritage,  they would stop at executing conservatives.

Hugh Beaumont says:

Yeah Kruger went too far. Cheney should get life.

trajan2448 says:

Funny, thats how many people who work for a living feel about the welfare state, morally bankrupt, parasitic, sniveling, bile spewing  jealous losers who inhabit the Democratic party these days.  Between Section 8 housing, and “reparations”, union payoffs, No voter ID fraudsters, nanny state controls, all so they can steal more from the 50% that still pays taxes. New study from Australia showed that strong men tended to be conservative. What does that say about libs? No need to answer.

As much of a tool as Kruger seems to be with this stunt, I think we should be thankful we don’t have to look at pictures of his turgid member shot while in his underwear.

devan95 says:

Question his credentials?!!! How about questioning his SANITY! 

DavidKramer says:

Moderate labels are just another technique for the leftists to cover what they truly believe, just like the progressive label is just another name for communist.

DavidKramer says:

 I bet the lefties are frothing at the mouth to implement the ObamaKillCare bill. They could have denied Cheney a heart if they had it implemented already.

DavidKramer says:

Blood libel was the perfect explanation for what the left did there. Now they are calling for the execution of others. They want a war methinks.

Rac80 says:

LOL Kruger would need to change his Depends! ;) 

Harley_Charley says:

Lefty Chuck is best described by this 40 year old quote written by Bill Safire,
 “A spirit of national masochism prevails, encouraged by an effete corps of impudent snobs who characterize themselves as intellectuals.”

Rac80 says:

Multiple likes for that one. :)

Rac80 says:

Not surprised at all…Maine liberals are invariably inter-bred and just plain stupid. 

Full disclosure…although I am a Maine native, I fled that state as fast as possible to attend college elsewhere and have happily been far away from the Maine liberals ever since. Yes, I am a Reagan conservative!

Sean says:

Exactly what I thought.  People have been investigated and charged for doing less than this.   You don’t threaten Presidents and VPs.  You just don’t.  13 year old kids know that.  An elected official?  Sorry, buddy.  Unacceptable.  Resign or be impeached.

NOBHO2012 says:

Don’t count your chickens yet, we still have at of work to do. We are in the first inning, remember the game isn’t over till the fat lady sings, GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

Alice Polarbear says:

I agree, but please do not, in the future, use all caps!

Alice Polarbear says:

I hadn’t thought of this possibility.  Never mix email (or twitter or facebook) with merlot.

Alice Polarbear says:

Worse people in their party.

Alice Polarbear says:

Typical Democrap police state mentality!  Makes me wonder about the mentality of the people of Maine who voted for him.  I can only hope they didn’t realize what a Stalinist he is!  If a republican expressed the same desire concerning the odious Nancy Pelosi, or Napolitano or Sebelius, Democrats would be howling bloody murder.  He should be forced to resign.  Interesting how the conservatives are always accused of uncivil speech, yet the nastiest stuff comes out of the mouth of the protoCommunists of the DNC.

Kctandmore says:

 Bingo.  “I don’t remember doing it, but I don’t deny that I did.”  Is there any other plausible explanation for that account of the event?

Kdward345 says:

He should either resign or be censured. This type of behavior is uncalled for. It is one of the reasons congress is held in such low esteem 

blancojoe says:

Another soft, touchy, feeling, loving, kind, considerate Democrat who just wants to save the world and all those in it.  Why can’t we all just get along and vote for Socialism and Marxism? Hmmm?  Sniff. 

Ridickulus says:

Isn’t it a federal offense to threaten Branches of the Gov’t?! holder should investigate. Oh wait, that’s right, holder? What was I thinking?! He’s just a race baiting, incompetent fool!!

Minorkle says:

I have no comment

Clover1111 says:

Wouldn’t this kind of medical genocide have happened if Obamacare was already fully in force? Cheney will always be their whipping boy despite the fact they have equally heinous people in their party as well. 

Call the buffoon's bluster says:

I would love to see Cheney show up in person at a Kruger town hall in Maine, face to face.  

 Well said. Thank you.

 Yes but catching one, an elected one none the less ,saying it is a bit more rare. Make hay while the sun shines, that’s what Grandaddy always said. Besides, it’s the right thing to do.Wait, who’s going to Jamaica

Duane_of_Dibbley says:

Alcohol’s a tricky bitch. If you can’t handle her, she’ll make a monkey out of you every chance you give her. Mr. Kruger needs to man up and get that sht under control.

must be Freddie Krugers relative.

dareisay says:

Well if he cannot remember he should probably be asked to resign!

Kumite45 says:

Kruger should have a visit from the Secret Service who could deliver him to a facility for a psychological evaluation.  That is no less than what would happen to use if we said such a vile thing about a former VP. 

steven says:


davenjan says:

The psychological term is “transference”. 

ModdKenwood says:

 this message from Dick Cheney to Chuck Kruger : remember what I said to Patrick Leahy ? Same to you , punk…

DVPFLA says:

Anthony Weiner   …how did you get on Mr.Kruger’s twitter account?  Oh come on Mr. Weiner? You neither admit not deny…you are so cute when you are being civil.

Mike says:

Why isn’t the Secrete Service talking to Kruger and arresting him for threats against the former VP…..To think we as tax payers have to pay the salary and health benefits for scum like this!

JohnWolf6547 says:

Not only is Obama going to lose this November, he is going to lose big and take a lot of Democrats down with him.

JohnWolf6547 says:

He should resign immediately or be removed.

Pisqually says:

I think all the good people of Maine should ask Rep. Kruger to resign. We should expect and demand better from our public SERVANTS!

Chugiak Tea says:

“This comment has led some to question the validity of Kruger’s moderate credentials.”—Why not question his fitness to serve in his current position, or his sanity?  This kind of rhetoric is way over the top.

Thorner says:

I believe he IS a moderate Democrat, perhaps even on the conservative side of the Democratic party. Anyone who doesn’t think so must not pay attention to what most Democrats say when they think no one is listening except for their own kind.

james clark says:

Democrat civility on full display here. 

Alohajonny says:

And the libtards keep silent 

jschmidt2 says:

sounds like a hard core liberal to me.

Lydia says:

If he were a Republican he would be out of his office already.  Really He doesn’t remember??  Does he really think people are that stupid or is this guy that lame??  Either way bad.

Guest says:

How drunk was Kruger when he did this? 

PaulR says:

Since the Secert Service is tasked with protecting, among others, former Vice Presidents, they may be interested in investigating Kruger’s remarks. I certainly hope so!

Richz99 says:

Just another Democrat…   Why people continue to vote for Democrats is beyond me.

Would I be correct  in guessing that  Vice President  Cheney still has at least a part time Secret Service  Detail? I ask because it  leads me to this question, is this enough to call for a resignation ? I know that we are all aware that a large percentage of Liberals  make these   type of statement and we just discount  it . The problem I see is that some of these folks  deep down wish for such things to happen, they might not  act on it  but wouldn’t cry  much over the event if it was to transpire. Not  to long ago such a statement would have triggered a  visit from very serious,well armed men from the Secret Service. We also have to consider  those unstable folks on  the  fringe who might hear/see   one of their elected idols make  such a statement an  act on it to do the unthinkable.
 At what point do we stop discounting/looking past  this type of behavior from these folks,  treating it as acceptable behavior of an elected office holder, just  the language of the times?
I for one am tired of  letting  Liberals get a free pass , allowing them to say whatever they  like without consequences.
If this Twitter account is currently or has ever been used as  a conduit  for him to speak on his official  doings, If he has/is Identified(ing) him self as an elected official on this  twitter account, then he should be  forced to  reassign. I am Tired of giveng them a pass while being held to a higher standard by these same people. I have had enough.

I am not a moderate, but I play one on TV.

Walldog says:

Kruger is using the “Steve Martin – I Forgot” defense.  LOL!

RouxBella says:

Lookey here! Am I reading something from or the daily kos? I wouldn’t advocate killing ANY public official. Mr. Kruger needs to get some anger management counceling or meds.

Timlove says:

the dems are always what they accuse everybody else of …intolerant, hateful, bigots, mean, cheap, greedy etc. Just look at the lday black panthers statement and Rosen’s. Every week they give us more examples for anybody that’s looking.


Perhaps this assclown would like the same standard of justice.  He’s a democrat and that’s prima facie evidence of treason.  A capital offense as I recall.

jb says:

Cheney is a better man and human being than ANY libtard democRAT any day of the year.

John Carroll says:

Sounds “moderate” to me.  Geez.  Wake up, Libtards.

LogicFreeZone says:

I am more interested in his Jamaica junket!  How much is that going to cost the taxpayers?  GSA anyone!?
Dems wanting to execute people in Bush’s adm. is old news! 

illegalsout says:

I’m shocked, shocked I tell you.
Come on, Les. Show that you have a pair.

GabrielNelson says:

Can you imagine if a Republican said this? It would be all over the Sussman state controlled media.

Ldavis says:

Just gotta love these stand up liberals” I don’t remember” another Profile in Courage!

Stargazerlily17 says:

And now that Sussman/pingree leftist machine owns the news media reps and conservatives don’t have a snowballs chance in hell to get their ideas out to those who don’t follow rep and conservative news outlets. Unless individuals in our country and Maine in particular are able to access truth and facts the liberal left will win the war!

4lifeandfreedom says:

If this was posted last summer, why did it not receive any recognition before this?  Obviously, this man is in a place of leadership, but he is a liberal who will not be admonished by his party, most likely.

Ronmasure says:

We’ve known of the double standard for a long time and both sides constantly refer to it…but…how do conservatives combat it when just about the entire media in Maine is so far left and daily issue the opinions to (not of) the uninformed masses. It is a wonder that there are any conseratives left in this society with the deck so stacked against them.
     One way to fight back is for conservatives to print off the real news and leave copies around places of their daily travels.

Bill Peters says:

The more I listen and  learn about democrats, I find they are sick, disturbed pigs!

Moonbats will be moonbats  no matter how they try to hide it…Nothing will come of it though…Demoncrats can say and do pretty much what they please with no consequences from their party or so called press…Move along folks , nothing to see here…

Guest says:

It seems that the “Independent” tag is an opportunity to have 2 liberal Democrates in an election race against one conservative Republican.

john1028 says:

Does anyone recall Gabrielle Giffords? 

Sarah Palin was taken to the woodshed over her metaphorical “Crosshairs”, I guess we should just hold our breath waiting for a similar response from our mainstream press?

It is the height of irresponsibility for a public official to suggest someone be killed.  I can understand a bunch of wackos tossing the idea around (although I honestly never understood the Cheney hatred) but for an elected official to make the suggestion, that could turn into a green light in a very dangerous way.

He needs to make a formal retraction, this “I forgot” BS is completely unacceptable.  I’m surprised he didn’t ‘pull a Weiner’ (sorry!) and claim that someone must have hacked his Twitter.

Stargazerlily17 says:

Wonder what his stand on capital punishment is?? I would wager a bet that he is against capital punishment, yet like many of the demoncrats, they talk out of both sides of their mouths! Angus King is NO independent, he is a flaming liberal, pro obamanomics and all things Marxist. Oops with the exception that he loves stimulus money, especially when he takes it for innovative green energy NOT, nothing remotely new about his wind turbines. He handed over his shares in his company to partner Ed Gardner, his cronie at MPBN that sucks money from taxpayers instead of raising funds like other organizations. People had better look real close into Kings past dealings and record as governor. HE was the one who got us into this womb to tomb welfare mentality by refusing to abide by Clinton’s welfare reform act, 5 years and you’re off all welfare. Now Maine is known as a great place to collect welfare. Hopefully LePage will fix that once and for all

minnehonk says:

“he didn’t remember”,  my question is, what is Rep. Kruger doing to bring on his short term memory loss

Larry T. Doughty says:

No need to get excited over what Kruger has posted. He just happens to be another one of the loons in America, but one of a few here in our great state of Maine. And the voters voted him into office? Wow! The moon-bat society is doing ok in Maine I guess.

Jeanne Sullivan says:

And yet Democrats/liberals are constantly yammering about how racist Republicans/conservatives are and how we are the hatemongers.  In reality, it’s the reverse.  What happened to the party  (Democrats) of inclusion, diversity, caring, compassion and unity??  Can anyone say HYPOCRISY!

RM Russell says:

Do “moderates” STAND” for anything?! It’s so easy being in the middle of the road …until an eighteen wheeler hits you!

L Bailey says:

Kruger’s statement is another example of the seething hatred Liberals have for all things Conservative. It was beneath contempt and he should be censored or recalled. What is almost as bad is the tepid, dare I say spineless, response of Les Fossel.  Fossel said he disagreed with Kruger wanting to have Cheney executed.  Really?  Is that the best you can do?  Where is the outrage?  Where is the fire from the Right.  Oh, that’s right…they want to be liked rather than do or say the appropriate thing.  Shame on both of you.

Guest says:

Anyone who has heard Chuck on the radio or TV knows he is another leftie, nothing moderate about him.