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International Company to Expand Wilton Customer Center


AUGUSTA – At a Tuesday press conference in the State House, Barclaycard, an international financial services corporation, announced its intention to add 200 new positions over the coming years at its Wilton customer service facility.

Republican Gov. Paul R. LePage congratulated the company and hailed the event as a sign that Maine’s struggling economy may be headed in a more positive direction.

“We congratulate Barclaycard on its investment and expansion in western Maine,” the governor said in a written statement. “The company is a solid, reputable and dynamic part of the Maine economy, and we look forward to watching them continue to grow in our state.

“Their success makes us even more determined to keep improving Maine’s overall competitiveness so we can increase our ability to attract private investment.”

According to the governor’s press release,┬áPatrick Wright, COO of Barclaycard, said the company will add 100 jobs within the first year of its expansion, with 100 more to follow. Barclaycard, which is part of a 300-year-old company, has been operating at its facility in Wilton since 2008, providing inbound telephone support for its card services and for its many partners.

S.E. Robinson
MaineWire Reporter

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