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House Republicans call on Democrats to stop using bogus job figures

Maine House Republicans on Friday called on Democrats to recant or correct allegations that Maine has experienced zero or negative job growth since Republicans took power, pointing to errors in statistics cited by Democrats.

In June, Pew Charitable Trusts released figures which stated that the total number of jobs in Maine had decreased from April 2012 to April 2013. Since then, Democrats have touted those numbers in their mudslinging against Gov. Paul LePage and Republican lawmakers. The faulty statistics figured prominently in statements by House Democrats, as well as at least one official press release.

“This information was spread far and wide over the past several months, and I hope that Democrats will do the right thing and stop using it,” said House Minority Leader Ken Fredette (R-Newport).  “Republicans have felt these numbers were wrong all along, considering other data available from the Maine Department of Labor, and Democratic leadership should welcome this news.

Most recently, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Michaud used the false numbers in his Youtube video, “Made in Maine.”

“If you look at Maine being one of three states that’s actually lost jobs over the last year, the uncertainty is real,” said Michaud.

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The Maine Wire reported exclusively on the incorrect claims made by Michaud. His campaign has yet to pull the ad or correct its false claims.

Assistant House Republican Leader Alex Fredette (R-Mapelton) said increased private sector jobs are the result of Republican-led reforms.

“For decades, not a whole lot changed in Augusta with Democrats in control,” said Willette.  “Finally, with a slew of Republican reforms, we’re starting to see some positive changes.  It’s a shame to see bad information malign that progress,” he said.

“Democrats should stop using the false figures and correct any past statements that referenced them.  In the future, they should rely on Maine’s own Department of Labor for their labor statistics.”

Samuel Sabasteanski
MaineWire Staff Writer


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