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HSUS misquotes Christian leader to advance anti-hunting agenda

billy graham

William Franklin “Billy” Graham, Jr.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), a radical anti-hunting group working to restrict bear hunting in Maine, is misquoting renowned Southern Baptist minister Billy Graham in order to drum up support for its cause.

In an email to Bob Simpson, deacon of First Baptist Church of East Machias, Victoria Strang of HSUS begins with standard boilerplate language about the “inhumane” and “unsporting” practice of bear baiting.

Strang then proceeds to invoke religious reasons for opposing bear baiting. Wrote Strang, “When Billy Graham was asked if the Bible said anything about how humans should treat animals he responded, ‘The Bible commands us to take care of animals…In fact the Bible says we must never treat any part of God’s creation with contempt. When we do, we are indirectly treating our Creator with contempt.’”

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In addition to taking Graham’s original quote out of context — the original pertained not to hunting but to pets and livestock — Strang altered the quote to suit her own uses. The actual quote read: “The Bible commands us to take care of the animals under our care.” (Emphasis Added)

HSUS, which contrary to popular belief does not actually operate animal shelters and devotes less than 1 percent of its annual budget to supporting animal shelters, has a track record of ethically questionable behavior in the state.

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Last spring, representatives from HSUS attempted to extort Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine Executive Director David Trahan. And, over the summer, HSUS’s top lobbyist was fined by the Maine Ethics Commission for failing to properly file her lobbying disclosures.

Simpson, who forwarded the original message to The Maine Wire, called HSUS’s latest tactic “sick.”

S.E. Robinson
MaineWire Reporter

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