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Maine People’s Alliance worker who photobombed LePage event has history of ridiculing, threatening workers

paul nickerson sam

Paul Nickerson of the Maine People’s Alliance dressed as Uncle Sam to disrupt a LePage Administration event. He also has a history of harassing employees whose service does not meet his standards.

Paul Nickerson, an employee of the left-wing activist group Maine People’s Alliance, made front page news Wednesday when he very successfully photo-bombed a LePage Administration event.

When the attention-seeking Nickerson isn’t busy clowning around, he can be found harassing and threatening the hardworking people of Maine – and bragging about such shameful exploits on Facebook.

Nickerson’s Facebook page – which remains open to the public as of Thursday morning – showcases his demeaning stunts.

In one post, he brags about his ability to shame a food service employee into washing her hands by threatening to record a video of her.

In another instance, Nickerson posts of video of himself harassing a Grey Hound employee.

“If it’s not too hard, let’s get the real ticket,” says Nickerson, before condescendingly demanding the employee provide him with a discounted rate.

“Just think man, you’re going to be famous when this video goes on the web. I just wish I videotaped every transaction with you,” gloats Nickerson.

“So when are they going to replace you with one of the electronic ticket machines that never make mistakes… You’re not sure when you’re going to get replaced? I hope it’s soon,” he says.

He posted the video of the shameful incident on Sept. 3 with the comment, “I really really hope this guy is replaced with a (sic) electronic ticket booth soon.”

Nickerson Fight

Paul Nickerson of the Maine People’s Alliance

According to his Facebook profile, Nickerson is an MPA employee.

In a post from April, Nickerson wrote, “…So glad I was not raised in Maine.” Of yesterday’s stunt, he wrote, “I love my job…”

Nickerson is Facebook friends with Mike Tipping, MPA’s “spokesguy” and Ben Chin, MPA’s top State House influence peddler.

Calls placed to the Maine People’s Alliance were not immediately returned.

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According to the Maine People’s Alliance website, the group “advances the interests of working Mainers and holds corporations accountable for the treatment of their employees.”

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The question is, who will hold the Maine People’s Alliance responsible for their treatment of employees?

Nickerson - Union Hack

Nickerson poses with the the Maine AFL-CIO in the State House. “Fighting for Maine Workers…”

S.E. Robinson
MaineWire Reporter


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