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Maine politician’s outrageous rhetoric draws national attention

King at micU.S. Sen. Angus King’s inflammatory remarks have drawn national attention from the media, prompting the Maine GOP to condemn his harsh words in a statement Monday.

On Friday, King, who is unaffiliated with any party but caucuses with Democrats, reportedly told  that opponents of President Obama’s controversial health care law are “guilty of murder.”

The comments were also featured in articles at the Washington, D.C.-based Daily Caller and Huffington Post.

King’s outlandish rhetoric drew criticism from Jason Savage, executive director of the Maine Republican Party.

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In a written statement, Savage said King’s turn to hard-left rhetoric mirrored his turn to hard-left policy, as reflected by his voting with U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) to table a budget resolution that would have provided funding to keep the federal government running while delaying implementation of the remaining portions of Obamacare for one year.

“This is not what the people of Maine voted for in the fall of 2012,” said Savage. “We are shocked and disappointed that Senator King has chosen to side with the most hard-line members of the liberal Democrat caucus in the U.S. Senate. Senator King chose, instead of compromise, to demand the good, the bad, and the ugly of Obamacare right now, and he is clearly willing to shut down the federal government to get his way.”

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“Funding the government while delaying the implementation of the most challenging, and in some cases, damaging, aspects of Obamacare was the right thing to do – Senator King failed the people of Maine in this vote,” said Savage.

Savage said King’s statement that opponents of Obamacare are guilty of murder is even worse than his allegiance with liberal Democrats in the Senate.

“These are words we would expect from the most partisan of Harry Reid’s hard-line party henchmen, not a Senator who works hard to present himself as an ‘Independent’.”

Attempts to contact King’s press office were unsuccessful.

According to the report from the Daily Caller, Generation Opportunity president Evan Feinberg, whose organization King was referring to when he made the incendiary remarks, reportedly said in an email that King should be “embarrassed” by his comments.

“Good thing Senator King is an ‘Independent,’ otherwise Democratic leadership would have to repudiate these asinine comments,” Feinberg told the Daily Caller.

S.E. Robinson
Maine Wire Reporter

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