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TMW Editorial: BDN and PPH attack LePage on 9/11

Marking a new low in the history of the Maine media’s unabashedly biased assault of Gov. Paul LePage, the Bangor Daily News and Portland Press Herald both ran scathing editorials on the Republican governor on the anniversary of the 9-11 terrorist attacks.

The BDN piece, entitled “LePage should help, not undermine, Obamacare,” followed numerous other examples of the paper engaging in political advocacy on behalf of President Obama’s controversial health care law. The BDN editors assail the governor for not being more involved with the implementation of the federal health care exchange. They also chastise LePge for not supporting an expansion of Maine’s medical welfare program (Medicaid or MaineCare) and mistakenly refer to the initiative as an expansion of health insurance coverage.

The PPH piece, a particularly caustic offering from editorial page editor Greg Kesich, is a handful of snark that, like the BDN piece, urges an expansion of medical welfare in Maine.

Writes Kesich, “When he said he wanted to blow up the building where I work, I had to laugh. But when he denied health care to 70,000 Mainers just because he felt like it, I was appalled.”

Bizarrely, Kesich ends his screed by bemoaning Maine’s slow economic growth, stagnant wages and lack of job creation. Nowhere does he consider that reining in Maine’s excessive tax burden, dependence on welfare programs and profligate state spending — three priorities the governor has incontestably acted upon — might help surmount these challenges.

Kesich’s boss, billionaire Democrat and financier of Maine’s left-wing political operations S. Donald Sussman, must be abundantly pleased to read yet another attack against a sitting Republican official; however, the poor taste is appalling.

For a lesson in more appropriate and inspiring editorial writing, the papers’ editors might look to the Chicago Tribune’s editorial, “The 9/11 attacks grow distant,” in which the editors (gasp!) don’t bash political enemies. Instead, they offer thoughtful reflections on the last 12 years and encouragingly note that Americans have not lost our determination to defeat terrorism.

Or, for something more in line with their dovish liberal sentiments, the BDN and PPH could consult the Jacksonville Journal Courier’s editorial, “We owe it to 9/11 victims to explore alternatives to war.” In that piece, the editors recall President George W. Bush’s March 19, 2003 speech, in which the Commander in Chief justified his imminent march to war in Iraq. With poignant comparison’s to President Obama’s Syria speech on Tuesday, the editors offer a heartfelt and timely call to peaceful solutions in international affairs.

On the anniversary of a profoundly tragic moment in American history, it would have been nice for the state’s largest newspapers to set aside their partisan crusades if only for a day.

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