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Angus King: "Pretty disappointing" Obama's gun control bill died

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Sen. Angus S. King, Jr., an un-enrolled Democrat, said Friday in his weekly YouTube address that it was “pretty disappointing” to see President Barack Obama’s much-ballyhooed gun control legislation die.

“There really wasn’t any good reason to go against it,” said King. “It was pretty much a straight party line vote, not entirely, but largely.”

“It’ important to know that the bill got a majority of the Senate. It got 55 votes. And normally – in a normal universe – that would be enough votes to pass it,” said King. “But of course, down here, we have this filibuster creature.”

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King said he is party to negotiations regarding a retooled gun control measure designed to garner greater Republican support.

“I’m hoping there is still progress to be made on the gun control front,” he said.

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