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LTE: Progressivism is a disease

Marie Doucette of Saco

Who are these progressives?

They are mostly Democrats with too many Republicans and Independents thrown in.

Progressives are the environmentalist who have banned the incandescent light bulb, who are destroying the coal industry, our greatest source of energy, and ruining the most advanced healthcare system on the planet.

They are the ones who believe in sharing the wealth, (not theirs, of course, thank you very much).  Theirs is safely tucked away, tax free!

They are in the process of transforming the transportation industry, making travelling far more expensive.

Farmers have not escaped unscathed, either, increasing the cost of food. (Been grocery shopping lately?)

Then there is the cost of education (or what passes for education these days). It has become so expensive to get a college degree that many students cannot afford this luxury. These institutions of higher learning are riddled with progressive professors.

Progressives are all for free contraceptives, free abortions and gay marriage. They appear to be so sex-absorbed.

What is life going to become in the once greatest and richest country in the world?  To quote an article that appeared in the American Thinker: “Americans are to become poor, cold, hungry and stupid while sitting in the dark.”

In other words, a banana republic.

Of course, this will not affect the elite and those in Washington who have foisted all these laws and regulations on “we, the people”.

Wake up America! Is this going to be our legacy for our children, grandchildren, and those to follow?

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