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Breaking down the new Rasmussen poll: O’care underwater, strong for support limited government

ObamaCare (1)The Maine Wire got a look at the cross-tabs behind the latest Rasmussen poll. To the extent polls tell us anything meaningful about voters’ attitudes, this poll is interesting.

In case you missed it, the top line message is that Sen. Susan Collins has a mammoth 36-point lead over Democratic challenger Shenna Bellows. But the details of the poll show even worse news for Bellows and some other interesting things about Mainers’ current political attitudes. Namely, a majority of Mainers dislike the Affordable Care Act and prefer a more limited government.

First, bad news for Bellows:

That’s the bad news for Bellows. But the poll also asked other questions which delivered very interesting insights into Mainers’ attitudes towards President Obama, Obamacare, the economy, and the proper role of government:

Since there has been lots of talk about poll samples around Maine lately, here’s the party enrollment breakdown: 30 percent Republican, 35 percent Democrat and 35 percent Other.