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The 127th Maine Legislature Cut Taxes, Controlled Spending and Reformed Welfare

The 127th Maine Legislature has now adjourned for good and House Republicans are proud to say we have led the charge to move Maine in the right direction. We addressed a number of pressing needs facing our state and we do in a fiscally responsible way.

“During the course of the 127th Legislature, House Republicans continued to reform state government and stand up for fiscal responsibility. We passed another large tax cut, provided meaningful and substantial welfare reforms and once again stopped Medicaid expansion, to name just a few examples of how Republicans continue to move Maine forward,” said House Republican Leader Ken Fredette of Newport.

“House Republicans proved that the Legislature can tackle the important issues facing our state and do so in a fiscally responsible way.”

“I’m pleased with the progress we made during the 127th Maine Legislature,” said Assistant House Republican Leader Rep. Ellie Espling of New Gloucester. “We provided increases for home health care workers to help Maine’s elderly grow old in their homes. We also provided much needed pay raises for some of our law enforcement members. We accomplished all of these things and still managed to put millions of dollars into the state’s Budget Stabilization Fund.”

Below are just a few of those accomplishments:

Easing the tax burden on the Maine people and Maine Businesses:

Building Maine’s Rainy Day Fund: 

Welfare Reform:

Honoring Maine’s Veterans:

Pay Raises For Maine Law Enforcement:

Taking Care of Maine’s Elderly: