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Climate change policy and the Constitution

The United States needs a climate change policy grounded in and consistent with the Constitution. We don’t have one.

The incoherence and ineffectiveness of our current climate policies are a consequence of the unconstitutional, extraconstitutional and swamp-weasel approaches practiced by previous presidential administrations. Clinton refused to take Kyoto to the Senate for ratification; Bush refused to “unsign it” or to take it the Senate, and Obama and John Kerry negotiated the Paris “agreement” as a “voluntary” international agreement not requiring Senate approval. Trump withdrew the US from Paris, but making the Senate vote on it would have been the best strategy for achieving a climate change policy grounded in the Constitution – and for dealing with swamp-weasels.

Here are some of the numerous ways that climate change policy is violating, skirting or simply ignoring the Constitution:

Until our climate change policy is firmly grounded in the Constitution, it will continue to be divisive, ineffective and unsustainable. A good start would be an up or down Congressional vote on the Paris Treaty and the regional agreements, especially as blue states seek to implement Paris despite President Trump’s withdrawal. I have asked both my Senators to do that, with no response. Next stop, Senator Inhofe.