Angus King's Book Tour, and other weirdness


U.S. Senate candidate Angus King has posted an odd campaign video today, as a preview to his official campaign launch next week.

The video itself is basically boring, but the backdrop is very strange. Here’s a screen shot:

Avert your eyes for a moment from the cheesy 1990s era yellow-on-green campaign logo for a moment, and look at the poster on the left. This is an advertisement for his book “Governor’s Travels”.

Crash Barry reviewed this strange book for The Bollard:

I’m not sure what’s most irritating about the 160 pages chronicling King’s non-exciting tale of a not-so-rollicking road trip that began the day he left office in January 2003. Is it the author’s constant, self-congratulatory pun-making? Or his incessant use of parenthesis? Or that the narrative is about as interesting as watching someone drive an RV? (Or grow a beard?)

I wasn’t expecting The Odyssey or On The Road or even Blue Highways, but I wanted some authentic American flavor or perspective. Instead we get photos taken through RV windows and King’s shout-outs to the various mechanics, tour guides and barbers across the nation who made this trip, which took place nine years ago, so uneventful.

So will King be peddling his book on the campaign trail? We’ll see.

Another oddity from this video is in the upper right of the screen shot. This is a poster of what appears to be King making out with his wife. Again, why would you put this up as a backdrop for a campaign video?

And, further -yuck. This has eery similarity to the gross fake passion makeout scene with Tipper at Al Gore’s 2000 Democrat convention speech. King has taken his alternative energy cues from Al Gore, does this mean he’s following his campaign strategy as well?

Phone call from Al Gore to Angus King:
Gore: “Angus, it’s Al. Look, you’ve got to appeal to the common man. I know you’ve made millions just like me from government-subsidized green energy snakeoil, but you’ve got to make people believe you’re a regular guy. And regular guys make out with their wives all the time in public.”
King: “Really?”
Gore: “Of course Angus. Have you ever been to a Sizzler? It’s like caligula in that place. And now they’ve got the chocolate fountain…”
King: “Ok, well I have this poster we could hang up…”

This is shaping up to be a strange campaign season…


  1. King Angus committed the greatest crime against the mother.
    He blasted the life blood from her in his Roxbury GRID scale WIND project.  He injects herbicides into her blood.
    He slices and dices the mother’s winged babies.

  2. It appears that Crash Berry’s review is lots…lots…more entertaining than the Angusologue.  I’m content to rely on the evidence he provides and propose no further investigation. 


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