Independent? Bennett campaign whacks Angus on huge DNC donation

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The Rick Bennett for Senate campaign turned around some serious campaign collateral today, jumping onto a story about Angus King’s prolific Democrat donations that bubbled up on Facebook last night.

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Bennett’s campaign points out an amazing fact – Angus King donated $6,000 to the Democratic National Committee the day after Olympia Snowe announced she was ending her reelection bid. King’s ridiculous coyness about who he would caucus with looks even more foolish in light of this, and conspiracy theories about the Pingree bow-out should start running rampant now.

We’ll start the clock running now to see how long it is before Sussman’s newspapers pick this story up.  Chances are, the big papers will continue to repeat King’s ‘independent’ status, despite a long record to the contrary.


  1. Angus King is a liberal Democrat, always has been, always will be. If he can’t be honest about who he is, how can we possibly trust him to represent us in Washington? We can not elect this dishonest man, and as supporting evidence, let us not forget that Chuck Shumer publicly stated that King’s vote was ‘ in his back pocket.’
    Angus King was a bad governor, he’ll be a worse Senator. Continuing to be part of the problem, never part of the solution.

  2. Not long ago, Angus king publicly endorsed Obama for re-election.  Doesn’t that tell us all we need to know about this self-proclaimed “independent?!”

  3. Here for all to see is a small sample of what is going on nationally with the Big Wind scam.
    Wind power development is simply a money laundering operation supporting Obama and the Democrats.
    Gardner and King use our tax dollars in the form of subsides, plus
    questionable DOE loan guarantees for their wind project.
    King then returns a percentage in the form of political donations to Obama and the DNC.
    And this scoundrel thinks he can fill the shoes of the Honorable Sen

  4. Hi!

    Most independents are not true independents. They are either Republicans or Democrats in disguise as an independent.

    I would further state (belief) that most of them are Democrats.

    Additionally, Ms. Snowe and Ms. Collins are known to be Republicans but their voting records show that they vote as Democrats.

    Both of them need to leave office; one is going, and the other one needs to go, too.

    It is obvious that we need “new blood” in Washington, D.C.

    I understand that Mr. Summers, the current Secretary of State of Maine, once worked for Ms. Snowe so he would not work out as “new blood” in Washington, D. C.

    Thank you!

  5.  I don’t think there was anyone on the right who EVER believed Angus is, was or ever to be anything but a liberal. Watch this…OBAMANGUS…..

    See how well they go together.

  6. This goes rather well with his video endorsing Cornell Alex du Houx for re-election. 

    It goes beyond stupidity and well into arrogance by someone who thinks he is one of the blessed elite.

  7. Dennis is absolutely right – back in NOV Newsweek covered the book Throw Them All Out by Peter Schweitzer who gives the facts – where di the green energy cash go? straight to campaign donors..wind is a huge scam and people like Angus King got rich over it-public servants? NOT.

  8. Donation was dated Feb. 21st, while Snowe made her ‘official’ announcement on Feb. 28th; showing that King was a Dem. and financial supporter for Obama for at least a week before it was made….probably even longer, much longer. 

    Amazing how Weinland can get King’s financial statements, redacted by KING!                        

  9. while it is unfortunate that Maine wire reported the wrong date and that is to be dealt with if they wish to have the utmost integrity for their news page. That said, It is absolutely irrelevant to weather king is or is not a flaming liberal.  Actually donating a week before Olympia’s exit just tells us sooner that he was, is , and probably always will be a progressive.( Hillary’s word not mine!!)

  10. I am sure that being the ethical “news source” that it is, The Maine Wire will be quick to print a retraction of their claim. Right.

  11. King donated ten thousand dollars toward the price of two tickets for the fundraising dinner with the President when he came to Portland. He gave these tickets to his son and daughter-in-law. The money was later split 60/40, with the lion’s share going to the DNC.  This split was made independent (pun not intended, but pretty good) of King. 
    Whether or not he is a “flaming liberal” is inconsequential. 

  12. Nothing amazing about it – they were made available in the press release by the King campaign. MPBN referenced the receipt in their report last night.

    What is amazing is the MaineWire still hasn’t corrected their story. Not surprising, of course, since facts don’t matter if they get in the way of a good smear.

  13. Here’s the problem with this story and the sad thing is you know it’s wrong and still printed it. 
    King’s donation was made a week before Snow announced she wasn’t running, that donation was then split by the Obama campaign. Meaning that King DID NOT donate to DNC directly or on the date you say he did. Lies lies and more lies.

  14. The FCC has the date of the DNC contribution as Feb. 29th; perhaps you need to apologize to Lance for your mistake? 

    It’s my understanding that the 10k went directly to the re-elect OBAMA campaign coffers—possibly the largest contribution by a Mainer in history; and the campaign then gave $6,000 to the DNC. 

    Look it up at

    Angus has given substantial amounts to Dem. candidates like John Kerry; and his credentials as a loyal Democrat are solid and backed w/tens of thousands of dollars. 

  15. Nothing to retract, DNC contribution was recorded as of 2/29/2012.   

    What I want to know is why the split of the $10k, unless it was going to be funneled back into his senate challenge running as a Democrat? or??? 

  16. There were other donations toBarak for America , starting with $250 in 2008, then $1,000 on 9/29/2011, and two splits of $1,500 and $2,500(t=$4k) on 2/21/2012.

    The DNC contribution is the ‘decider’ because it clearly nails him as a political party backer; not a personal supporter of Obama as an individual.

    Even the name is a dead giveaway, the DNC Services Corporation…lol.

  17. As I stated, the contribution to the DNC was part of the original ten thousand dollars that was the price of the tickets. What happened to the money after it left King’s hands was not up to him.  
    That he is a supporter of the President does not mean that he is a democrat.  That is the beauty of being Independent.  You can support the person that you feel represents you best.

  18. Like strings are never attached to big contributions……as an insider, how can you keep a straight face and say King is an ‘independent’…john kerry, they don’t get anymore democratic than Erskine Bowles, a clinton appointee. 

  19. Defeat this Angus King dude.  He would be even worse than Olympia Snowe.  I am certainly glad that she is stepping down.  She is a Liberal/Progressive Democrat posing a Republican, as is Collins as well.

  20. Don’t you think that Oil Subsities and tax breaks for the rich and corporations are the same thing going to the Republicans?

    What is that vacum bubble that you live in distorting your senses?

  21. King also vacations in the Virgin Islands with Progressive, DSA congresswoman Chellie Pingree and her “fat cat” (Chellie’s words not mine) hedge fund billionaire husband Donald Sussman. If you think this guy is an Independent, you must be smoking the same stuff as Obama’s Choom gang.

  22. The 2 party system is outdated and needs to be revised, to the person of merit and skip all the platform stuff and can speeches. Show us how smart you are and how you intend to help America and its citizens. We need new blood and not career politicians of which King is. I hope we can send King back to The Virgin Islands and his mansion so he can keep avoiding his USA taxes. If everyone only knew….


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