Wisconsin results expose media's 'Dirty Little Secret'


Matt Sheffield at Newsbusters.org has a great piece breaking down the media’s absurd reliance on exit polls:

The actual vote totals coming in showed the exit polls had been wrong. A race that the media’s expensive exit polling apparatus had insisted was too close to call was not close at all.

And yet, reporters continued to report that, while Wisconsin voters had voted for Walker, they still preferred Obama over Mitt Romney in the presidential race — based on the same exit poll results that were being shown to be worthless by the actual vote totals scrolling across the bottoms of their screens.

Sheffield breaks down what he calls the media’s ‘dirty little secret’ – that exit polls are notoriously left-leaning, and notoriously inaccurate. Yet, the press continues to try to sell the absurd idea that Wisconsin, after kicking union thugs to the curb in a major way, still loves Obama.

Read the whole article here.


  1. GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT!..  these clowns dont understand that at some point the truth comes out, and they look..  well, CLOWNISH… 


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