Pingree invests in China, lives in the Virgin Islands, "represents" Maine


Congresswoman Chellie Pingree’s financial disclosure is now available online, and what a story it tells. Pingree was the only member of Maine’s congressional delegation to request an extension from the May 15 deadline, and it is her first since marrying billionaire hedge-fund manager and Democratic string-puller Donald Sussman.

Here is a sampling of the investments disclosed in Pingree’s report:

Chilton China Opportunities, LP

China Aoyuan Property Group

Cathay Investment Fund Limited

New China Investment Management Inc.

New China Management Corp.


Pingree is especially invested in The Cathay Funds, a private equity firm that invests in China. It is closely affiliated with New China Investment Management Inc. and New China Management Corp.

Through Cathay, Pingree helps create Chinese jobs in manufacturing, chemicals, mining, consumer products and more. Meanwhile, Pingree racked up a meager 29 percent score with the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) for her voting record during the 112th Congress.

“Clearly her priority is profiting off of her investments in China rather than casting good votes for businesses here at home,” said Maine Republican Party spokesman David Sorensen.

“Pingree parks her money in China, her private jet in the Virgin Islands and her political ambitions in Maine,” said Sorensen. “I think this heavy investment in China is just another example of Pingree being out of touch with the average Mainer.”

China has come under heavy criticism for years over its currency manipulation, trade practices, copyright infringements, human rights record and territorial disputes.

“The hypocrisy of Democrats like Pingree, who oppose private equity and espouse local investment, but then invest in China, really is astounding,” said Sorensen.

Pingree’s opponent, state Senate Majority Leader Jon Courtney, owns and operates Courtney Cleaners in Sanford. “He’s a regular Mainer who knows what it takes to make a payroll and run a business here in Maine,” said Sorensen


  1. Who cares? If you’re a true conservative, you believe in free trade and there is simply nothing wrong with investing in China. In fact, unless you purchase ALL your products from the US (highly unlikely), you invest in China almost daily.
    Folks like Sorensen and Courtney should really cool it with all their protectionist trade policy talk, as they are sounding more and more like the psuedo-intellectual progressives with each passing day.

  2. Chellie should be looking at ways to create jobs in Maine and the U.S. and support U.S. interests; that’s what she’s paid to go. Her personal actions obviously reflect her belief that it is better to invest in a foreign country than her own state and country. China also manufactures a disproportionate number of cheap, shoddy goods many poor Americans have no choice but to buy if they need something, because we don’t produce enough goods here.

  3. The fact that “Pingree parks her money in China, her private jet in the Virgin Islands and her political ambitions in Maine”, shows just what she thinks of the people of Maine. I say (again) that she needs to be shown the door. When are the voters of the First district going to realize that Pingree is just using us to further her political power. I say enough is enough, its time for a true Mainer to represent Maine and our values.


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