VIDEO: Maine Housing—"This has never been about a witch hunt."

Treasurer Bruce Poliquin
Treasurer Bruce Poliquin

Maine State Treasure Bruce Poliquin sets the record straight about the media’s repeated claims that the resignation of former executive director of MaineHousing, Dale McCormick, was the result of a politically motivated “witch hunt.”

Treasurer Poliquin and MaineHousing Board of Commissioners members Linc Merrill, head of the board’s audit committee, and Peter Anastos, chair of MaineHousing’s board, spoke at the State House on Wednesday, Oct. 3 about the federal investigation into MaineHousing’s failure to properly manage a housing assistance program under former executive director Dale McCormick.

The Inspector General at the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development has recommended that MaineHousing return almost $200,000 paid for housing assistance in units that failed inspection. HUD is also questioning whether the $111,000 that MaineHousing spent on a computer program to administer the payments was appropriate.

See the Inspector General’s report here.



  1. Can someone please forward the Bill Nemitz column in which he fesses up to the reality of Dale McCormick’s reign at MSHA? And how he totally misread the situation? And how grateful he is that things are being turned around?



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