Democratic Lawmakers Focus on Partisan Attacks


AUGUSTA – As the 126th Legislature wrangles with difficult debates over the state budget, Democratic lawmakers are occupying their colleagues with partisan jibes at Republican Gov. Paul R. LePage and former U.S. Senate candidates Charlie Summers and Bruce Poliquin.

Democrats are pushing two bills, L.D. 947 and L.D. 490, which many in Augusta say are not only unworthy of the Legislature’s energy, but are also naked partisan attacks on Republicans.

L.D. 947, An Act To Ensure the Effectiveness of Constitutional Officers, introduced by Sen. Christopher K. Johnson (D-Lincoln), would prevent sitting Constitutional Officers from seeking federal or statewide office.

The bill, which has six co-sponsors, would prohibit Secretaries of State, State Treasurers, and Attorneys General from becoming candidates for a federal office or for Governor and is implicitly intended to prevent candidacies such as those of former Secretary of State Charles E. Summers and former State Treasure Bruce Poliquin.

L.D. 490, a resolution that would prevent Governors from collecting state pensions unless they serve two terms, is seen by many as a clear attack on the current Governor.



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