Blaine House Bully Defends 2nd Amendment in Wall Street Journal


Republican Gov. Paul R. LePage on Friday published an opinion editorial with the Wall Street Journal in which he invited the country’s top firearm manufacturers to bring their businesses to Maine and pledge never to sign gun control legislation for the Pine Tree State.

“We are dismayed to see strict anti-gun legislation in states that are home to some of our country’s best firearms manufacturers,” wrote LePage.

“Beretta USA Corp. in Maryland, Colt Manufacturing Co. in Connecticut and Magpul Industries in Colorado are facing hostile—and hysterical—legislation from politicians who slap them in the face for providing their states with jobs, opportunity and revenue,” he wrote.

“Beretta, Colt and Magpul: Come to Maine.”

[Read the full WSJ article here] 

“Our tradition ranges from Hiram S. Maxim, inventor of the first fully automatic machine gun, who was born in 1840 in Sangerville, Maine, to the renowned Bath Iron Works, which produces the world’s most advanced surface warships,” wrote LePage.

“I will never sign anti-gun legislation that erodes the rights of Maine citizens, drives your business away or infringes on the U.S. Constitution or the State of Maine Constitution,” he wrote.

“Come to where you are welcome and where you will be appreciated,” wrote LePage. “Come to Maine. I’ll even throw in some lobster.”

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  1. Governor: How about some lobster for those testifying in opposition to these restrictive legislative bills at the hearings – instead of just a doughnut, or nothing?

  2. Governor, I would add missile, tank, and drone manufacturers to that list of weapons. After all, the original presumption of the Founders, was to protect the people from a tyrannical government (domestic enemy #1), as well as defense from foreign enemies.

  3. I love that Governor Lepage wrote in the WSJ and invited top gun manufacturers to come to Maine, but I am dismayed that “the Maine Wire” callled our fine Governor “the Blaine House bully!” He’s a strong unafraid Governor, not a bully. Shame on the Maine Wire!

  4. Let the opposition come to testify if it’s representation can be civil. I don’t think they have much of an argument for gun control. What they will say is that we have to do something about gun violence yet offer no real solution except infringe on law abiding citizens’ right to bear arms. If only our founding fathers could witness attempts to shred the 2nd Amendments. Surely they would be appalled.


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