Eliot Cutler touts endorsement of Family Planning Association of Maine co-founder


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Unenrolled candidate for governor Eliot Cutler on Tuesday touted a supportive op-ed from Sherry Huber, co-founder of the Family Planning Association of Maine, an abortion rights advocacy group.

“I want to see Gov. LePage defeated as much as anyone, but I will not settle for someone who does not stand firmly for reproductive freedom,” Huber said in her Oct. 14 op-ed for the Portland Press Herald.

“Eliot Cutler is staunchly pro-choice, but U.S. Rep Mike Michaud, D-2nd District, has voted against women’s reproductive rights all too often during his 33-year political career,” she said.

Huber also called out Michaud for his recent claims to have evolved on the issue of abortion.

“Now Mike is saying that he has “evolved” on choice. In a recent interview with Steve Mistler of the Portland Press Herald, he said, “I have evolved on that issue, the big difference being since I’ve became a member of Congress, I’ve actually had the opportunity to sit down and talk to women who’ve made some of those very, very tough decisions, personal decisions, in their lives.””

In touting Heber’s endorsement, Cutler wrote on Facebook, “I am the only major candidate for governor who is — and always has been — unequivocally pro-choice.”

In 2006, the most recent year for which the Maine Department of Health and Human Services provides data, Maine physicians performed 2,672 abortions.

Steve Robinson
Maine Wire Reporter


  1. The supposed ‘ Independent ‘ crows over the endorsement of an ultra-leftist touting her support for the murder of children. Seems that Cutler and Huber are cut from the same ultra-left cloth.
    News flash to Huber, show me where Governor LePage has taken any action to curb women’s ‘ reproductive rights’…… answer… HE HASN’T!!!!!!
    And while we’re on the subject, show me in the Constitution’s Bill of Rights that covers ‘ reproductive rights’. It is not a right, at least not by Constitutional standards as only Congress has the authority to make law, and since Congress passed no law, or ammended the Constitution to address ‘ reproductive rights’, it is not a right. Just another case of activist judges in a liberal court overstepping their authority.
    So abortion is not a right, just more liberal lies tols by lying liberals.


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