Why did the BDN refuse to publish this letter to the editor?

The Bangor Daily News refused to publish the following letter to the editor regarding liberal blogger Amy Fried:
It’s concerning to think that BDN columnist Prof. Amy Fried is teaching students at the University of Maine, considering the lack of facts and judgment in her columns.Last week, she was forced to apologize and correct her piece where she said, without any supporting evidence, that the LePage campaign would use “gay baiting” tactics against Mike Michaud.  It is disgusting to attack someone’s character without proof, and I hope this kind of political analysis isn’t what drives her classroom lectures.

And then on Monday, she published an article where she asserted that Rep. Fredette was wrong about health care exchange subsidies being available to many who would have been eligible for the failed Medicaid expansion under ObamaCare.  Turns out, she was wrong, not Fredette, and she corrected her post, the entire premise of which was false.

I hope the BDN starts editing their bloggers’ posts, especially considering they show up on the website right next to real news articles.  I also hope that the University of Maine is fact-checking her course material.

Kim Pettengill of Farmingdale


  1. Would Ms. Pettengill also advocate for editing of blogger posts on this site? How about fact checking on these “stories? ” Hmmm, I’m guessing she might consider that censorship!

  2. Correcting & apologizing is never an equivalent to placing the truth out there in the first place. As for Kim, my experience has been that she seeks honesty from any source.

  3. The problem with most liberal commentators is that they never have let the truth get in the way of a good conservative-bashing session. They interrupt other speakers at public events, they print half-truths and outright lies, they use character assassination and innuendo as their go-to weapons of debate. In short, they are not trustworthy. Today, the BDN is run by these liberals and they have let their invective slip onto Page One where the average BDN subscriber, not trained in journalism rules and ethics, may not tell the difference between commentary and hard news. Trickery is their main game and the BDN, alas, has succumbed to the political Left.

  4. Kim, Maybe BDN “refused” to publish your letter because your letter is an illiterate rant. Or, because your letter has no facts to support your illiterate rant. Or, because newspapers do NOT think you are as important as YOU seem to think you are.


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