Daily Catch: Big Macs and Medicaid, Putin the Peaceful, and the Continuing IRS Scandal


$800 Million or a Big Mac?: Critics of a plan to expand Maine’s Medicaid program pursuant to the Affordable Care Act held a press conference at the State House on Wednesday. Republican leaders Sen. Michael Thibodeau (R-Waldo) and Rep. Ken Fredette (R-Newport) reiterated their concerns about the cost of the program, while The Maine Heritage Policy Center’s Joel Allumbaugh highlighted the virtue of free market-based reforms like the GOP’s Public Law 90.

27 U.S. House Democrats support GOP Measure to Delay Obamacare Penalty – Guess who didn’t?: When more than two dozen Democratic representatives in Washington, D.C. join with Republicans to support delaying Obamacare’s individual mandate penalty, there’s at least a chance one of Maine’s Democratic politicians could have joined them. Not so. Neither Rep. Chellie Pingree nor Rep. Michael Michaud supported the measure, which prevailed by a vote of 250-160. The vote is especially problematic for Michaud, who will have to explain his strident and tireless support of Obamacare throughout his coming gubernatorial election.

Putin the Peaceful: The Noble Institute has nominated Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, for its once-meaningful Nobel Peace Prize. Other dubious recipients of that award include President Barack Obama and former Vice President Al Gore.

Panic Mode: Despite spending millions on pro-Medicaid expansion lobbying, despite invoking every parliamentary trick under the sun, despite more than a year of consistently favorable treatment in the media, Democrats are losing their fight to expand eligibility for medical welfare to more than 100,000 able-bodied young adults. The Bangor Daily News’ Mario Moretto capture’s the Democrats’ frustration well, as House Speaker Mark Eves (D-North Berwick) bemoans the “awful environment” created at the State House when progressives don’t get their way.

Really, Planned Parenthood?: From CNSNews.com: “Planned Parenthood of Northern New England (PPNNE)–which received more than $2.75 million in government funding in 2012–has produced and posted online a video specifically aimed at teenagers that promotes bondage and sadomasochism (BDSM) and proposes “rules” to follow when engaging in these activities.” On a related note, President Obama’s recently proposed budget would slash $5 million in funding for abstinence sex education.

Failure to Disclose: The left-leaning Politico.com delivered a poignant hit-piece targeting the Washington, D.C.-based Heritage Foundation and its president Jim DeMint on Wednesday. But the Heritage Foundation, and it’s activist arm Heritage Action, are crying foul. According to Heritage’s Robert Bluey, the Politico’s story was based on three establishment GOP sources – all of whom are paid to lobby against Heritage on key issues, such as immigration, Internet sales tax, and wind production tax credits.

Hillary’s Accomplishments: Attendees to the Democratic National Convention (DNC) could not name a single accomplishment of presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State.

Russian Television Anchor Resigns on Air: RT America is a little-known news network funded by the Russian government but broadcasting in English, in America. With the recent events in Ukraine, i.e., the Russian invasion of the Crimea region, the network has come under increasing strain. Some have even accused the Kremlin-funded propaganda outlet of acting like a public affairs firm for Russian President Vladamir Putin. Wednesday afternoon, RT anchor Liz Wahl decided she’d had enough. Wahl resigned on air after delivering a heart-felt criticism of RT and Putin.

Shameless Plug: Maine Wire Editor Steve Robinson also took a jab at Putin on RT America’s Thom Hartmann show. He wasn’t invited back. (Fast forward video to 5:00)

Lois Lerner Refuses to Testify on IRS Targeting Scandal: Lois Lerner, the high-level IRS staffer at the center of the targeting of nonprofit groups aligned with the tea party movement, had a second hearing before the House Oversight Committee. Unsurprisingly, Lerner again plead the 5th Amendment. The big surprise came when HOC Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif) and Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) got into a spat following the adjournment of the committee.

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