Did FOX’s Eric Bolling school Jon Stewart with The Maine Wire’s welfare data?


BollingComedy Central’s Jon Stewart blasted Fox News for reporting on welfare abuse. For Stewart, it is beyond the pale to suggest welfare is spent on anything other than food. Fox News host Eric Bolling jabbed back at Stewart by citing reports of welfare cash being spent on alcohol and strip clubs.

Technically, Stewart and Bolling are both right: Food Stamps can only be spent on food, but the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program offers a cash benefit that can be spent on anything and is also loaded onto an EBT card.

In January, The Maine Wire’s exclusive investigation revealed widespread abuse of the TANF program. 

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Steve Robinson is the former editor of The Maine Wire and currently the executive producer of the Kirk Minihane Show. Follow him on Twitter @BigSteve207.

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