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Maine GOP’s young guns lead state candidates in fundraising



Republican Senate Candidate Eric Brakey

Two young guns in the Maine Republican Party are leading candidates for the state legislature in fundraising, according to the most recent financial disclosures.

Incumbent Sen. Garrett P. Mason (R-Androscoggin) and first-time candidate for state senate Eric L. Brakey of Auburn are the top fundraisers statewide, having raised $21,300 and $32,800, respectively, according to campaign finance data.

“Our strong fundraising is a direct result of the incredible grassroots support for our campaign,” said Brakey.

“Maine people know the career politicians made this mess, and they are ready for bold, new leadership to clean it up,” he said.

Brakey, 25, is running for election to Senate District 20, which includes Auburn, New Gloucester, Poland, Minot and Mechanic Falls. His campaign has been endorsed by former Texas congressman, Republican presidential candidate and libertarian firebrand Ron Paul.

Sen. Garrett Mason, R-Androscoggin

Sen. Garrett Mason, R-Androscoggin

Mason, 29, is running for reelection to Senate District 22, which now includes Durham, Greene, Leeds, Lisbon, Sabattus, Turner, Wales, Litchfield and Wayne.

“I’ve proven that in the state legislature you need a grassroots campaign to get things done,” said Mason. “We’re doing well, but of course we have a long ways to go,” he said.

“We also know that the Democrats have limitless pockets,” he said, in reference to anticipated outside spending on his opponents’ behalf.

Brakey, the former head of the libertarian Defense of Liberty PAC, will face off this November against incumbent Democratic Sen. John Cleveland, while Mason will face newcomer Democrat Guy Desjardins.

Desjardins is running as a taxpayer-funded candidate. He has raised a little more than $1,000 in seed contributions and has received $1,791.73 in taxpayer money for his campaign. Cleveland is also running with taxpayer money. According to campaign finance records, he has raised $1,500 in seed money contributions and received $1,831 in taxpayer money.

To put Brakey and Mason’s fundraising numbers in perspective, it’s helpful to look at what other traditionally funded senate candidates have raised so far. Here’s a snap shot:

  • Paula G. Sutton, Republican candidate for Senate District 12, reports raising $12,015.
  • Theodore S. Koffman, Democratic candidate for Senate District 7, reports raising $11,410.
  • Anna D. Blodgett, a Democratic candidate for Senate District 15, reports raising no money.
  • David T. Call, a Republican candidate for Senate District 26, repotrs raising $2,057.42.
  • Incumbent Sen. Andre E. Cushing, running for reelection in Senate District 10, has raised more than $3,700,
  • Joanna F. Dunlap, a Democratic candidate for Senate District 17, $20 ($320 if you include her own donations).
  • Patricia J. Gagne, Republican candidate for Senate District 21, reports raising $8913.
  • Craig J. Heavey, Democratic candidate for Senate District 3, reports no fundraising.
  • Cary M. Weston, Republican candidate for Senate District 9, reports raising $12,150.
  • Louis T. Sigel, Democratic candidate for Senate District 14, reports raising $730.
  • Sen. Doug Thomas and Rep. Paul Davis, two GOP candidates for Senate District 4, have raised, respectively, $16,086 and $12,182.

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