G20 Nation to Help Mentally Ill Kill Themselves


An authoritarian government that in recent years has cracked down on firearm ownership and cutoff political dissidents from the financial system is now pushing mentally ill citizens into physician assisted suicide.

I’m not talking about some dystopian future government or a third-world dictatorship. I’m talking about Canada. More specifically, Justin Trudeau’s Canada.

Next year, Canada’s Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) program will begin allowing citizens to be considered eligible for state-sanctioned euthanasia when their only underlying medical condition is mental illness. Under the law, a doctor or nurse practitioner is allowed to dispense lethal medication if the mentally ill patient asks for it.

The expansion of Canada’s euthanasia program is just another indication of the dystopian direction the country has headed in under the Castro-esque leadership of Justin Trudeau. When the Freedom Convoy descended on Ottawa to protest Trudeau’s heavy-handed COVID-19 mandates, Trudeau shocked liberty advocates across the world by cutting off activists from the global financial system. He instructed banks to freeze the accounts of the activists and, in some cases, accounts belonging to their family members, and the banks obliged. Earlier this year, Trudeau cracked down on handgun ownership, banning the sale of all handguns within the country, including private transfers.

Now, the Trudeau Regime is greasing the skids for state sanctioned, and even state encouraged, euthanasia for the mentally ill.

Canada’s state-sanctioned euthanasia project has drawn little attention in the broader western media.

Jane Stannus at Spectator Australia summarizes:

“Currently, medical professionals are authorized — by the government, at any rate — to provide euthanasia for any consenting, competent adult who claims to be suffering intolerably, physically or mentally, from a condition that cannot be relieved in a manner deemed “acceptable” by the individual. (This language deliberately puts the criteria into the realm of subjective experience: there is no external measuring device that can quantify someone else’s suffering, and only the individual can decide if the available relief is “acceptable” or not.)

“In practice, current law means a depressed 23-year-old with diabetes and vision loss could be legally killed (though his feisty mother has saved him for the time being). It means a woman who can’t find affordable housing that accommodates her wheelchair and her chemical sensitivities can find two doctors to sign off on what is effectively a death warrant.”

Advocates for medically assisted suicide always assure skeptics that there will never be any unintended consequences, that hospitals will never be encourage people to kill themselves when maybe they just a little love and, you know, medical care. But already reports are emerging of individuals who claim they are being pressured to end it all by hospital workers. Canadian citizen Roger Foley told the New York Post hospital workers have encouraged him to consider suicide, even going so far as to hold his massive hospital bill over his head.

“I’ve been pressured to do an assisted suicide,” he told The Post. “They asked if I want an assisted death. I don’t. I was told that I would be charged $1,800 per day [for hospital care]. I have $2 million worth of bills. Nurses here told me that I should end my life. That shocked me.”

This is the natural destination for medically assisted suicide, regardless of what advocates claim — and it only gets darker from here.


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