DC Fixer Leslie Dach Behind Biden Admin’s Hunter Spin Machine

leslie dach

If you don’t know who Leslie Dach is, there’s no need to beat yourself up over it. I’m a recovering swamp creature and I’d never heard of him. But according to Wikipedia, Dach was novelist Christopher Buckley’s roommate at Yale. If they put that on your wiki-page, your own achievements are likely to be pretty much de minimus. Nonetheless, friends of President Biden have tapped Dach to head the serious, if not quixotic, sounding Congressional Integrity Project.

Over the past 48 hours, mainstream media outlets have run numerous, almost identically worded articles about Elon Musk’s release of Twitter’s internal communications surrounding the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story all concluding that it’s just a big nothing-burger. Invariably, these pieces of fearless reporting highlight that neither the government nor the Democrat Party instructed Twitter to snuff any coverage across its platform.

(To be fair, Jack Dorsey did admit to Congress last year that Twitter’s cover-up of the Hunter laptop story was a “total” mistake.)

The man who instructed reporters on how to think about the Twitter treatment of what should have been a major news story in 2020 is none other than Dach, the latest “cleaner” hired to make the Hunter mess go away – or at least be less damaging than it otherwise promises to be. His work follows a now-established Beltway formula for spinning the “right” story.

Five years ago, George Soros and Rob “Meathead” Reiner wrote fat checks to a Senate Intelligence Committee staffer named Daniel Jones to set up the Democracy Integrity Project (then affectionately known by DC scribes as TDIP) in order to peddle stories promoting the since discredited Russia-gate narrative. Up until he got this cushy perch, Jones had been the intelligence staffer to dotty Dianne Feinstein, whose own chairmanship of that committee raised national security concerns after the FBI informed her that another staffer of hers was probably in the throes of Chinese intelligence services.

Jones ended up being the source behind multiple “scoops” about the multiple investigations furiously trying to discover if then-President Donald Trump was a Russian agent. The strategy at the time was to use the press to tell Special Counsel Robert Mueller what he was thinking. Heck, what works for one elder figure on the verge of dementia will likely work for another, right?

Concerned about blowback for what ended up being a fraudulent conspiracy, backers of Feinstein and Jones hastily threw-together a so-so movie starring Annette Benning (as Feinstein) and Adam Driver (as Jones) called “The Report,” which diverted any remembrances of this dynamic duo to a report they’d previously authored on torture, which then-President Barack Obama proceeded to ignore.

So as soon as Republican control of the House became a certainty, a couple discreet reports about Dach and this newest integrity project bubbled up just high enough to put the nail-biters at ease. What if the Hunter probes spin out of control and hurt the president? Don’t worry, these stories seemed to say, we’ve got this one covered.

Mainers may remember television ads attacking Sen. Susan Collins in 2018 for her support of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court. That was Dach’s handiwork. So too were various generously-funded “non-profit” advocacy campaigns for environmental extremism and a single-payer healthcare system over the years. Dach was a senior advisor to Hillary Clinton’s second, failed presidential campaign in 2016. In Washington, guys like Leslie keep getting recycled.

Of course none of us can know for sure what 2023 will hold, but come what may, chances are we will all be hearing more about America’s First Son, Hunter Biden, and his sketchy foreign dealings. And every time a Hunter story hits the headlines, there will be “no fingerprints” contextual clarifications provided by Dach and his team of integrity mongers.

“C’mon guys, this isn’t really news” you can almost hear him saying in the background. Except Dach went to Yale, where he was Christopher Buckley’s roommate, so his actual patois may be more: “Come, fellows, let us recall that which truly matters: the bold and principled leadership of President Biden.”

And any honest reporting that actually sheds light on what the younger Biden was up to between business flights on Air Force Two will be, we can safely assume, more or less entirely “Dach-free.”


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