Taxpayer Funded Gorham School Poster Calls Heterosexual Couples “Breeders”


Posters displayed in Maine public schools explaining the various terms used by gender ideology advocates also smear heterosexual couples using the term “breeders.”

An example of such a poster was discovered in the classroom of Gorham 7th grade health teacher Denis Albert, as reported Thursday by Breitbart News.

According to the poster, “breeders” is a term used to refer to heterosexual couples, an inaccurate claim considering many heterosexual couples do not or cannot conceive children.

The Urban Dictionary, which tracks definitions of slang terms and colloquialisms, suggests “breeder” is a derisive term of mockery members of the LGBTQ community or childless individuals use to disparage straight individuals.

The implication of the term is that straight couples’ primary contribution to society is reproducing, an act which endangers the world through overpopulation.

The poster also explains the terms asexual, bicurious, biphobia, bisexual, and gender fluid, among others.

The posters are provided to Maine schools by the Rockland-based non-profit group Out Maine, which has received more than $400,000 in government grants in recent years.

In video of a Zoom call obtained by Breitbart, Albert can also be heard saying that he has modified his approach to work-related communications in order to undermine Maine’s Freedom of Access Act, a law which provides voters and taxpayers access to public records.

Records of school materials, such as these posters, can be obtained via FOAA.

You can watch that video here:


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