Trump Teases Major Announcement, Releases NFT Instead


Former President Donald Trump teased a major announcement on Thursday, leading to speculation that he was about to name a running mate for his 2024 bid for the Republican Party presidential nomination.

Instead, he announced the sale of a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) series that includes pictures of him stylized as a super hero.

NFTs are controversial crypto projects that involve using blockchains, like Ethereum or Solana, to create unique identifiers associated with a piece of digital art. Or, in this case, a Trump playing card. NFT proponents say owning an NFT is just like owning physical art, while critics click copy+paste and show that NFTs are literally just JPEG images that can be reproduced infinitely.

Various NFT collections skyrocketed in value in 2020 and 2021, but Trump is a little late to the game. The craze has mostly died down and a lot of speculators have lost some serious money betting on images.

Here’s Trump’s statement announcing his own project:


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