Mills to Pay Consultants to Study “Deep Decarbonization” of Maine


Gov. Janet Mills is looking to hire a consultant who will study potential ways Maine can “decarbonize.”

For the uninitiated, “decarbonization” is a term environmentalists use to refer to the radical goal of limiting carbon emissions to zero, a feat believers say is necessary to avoid a global climate apocalypse.

According to a Request for Proposal (RFP) available at, the Governor’s Energy Office is looking for someone who will design, complete, and publicize an assessment on the various ways Maine can achieve not just decarbonization, but “deep decarbonization.”

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Mills signed legislation in 2019 to lower Maine’s carbon emissions by 80 percent by 2050.

According to the Governor’s Energy Office, 91 percent of Maine’s carbon emissions come from energy production, so the future consultant will be tasked with figuring out how to power the entire state without natural gas and oil, which have historically accounted for most of Maine’s energy supply.

Proposals are due Feb. 15.

The RFP doesn’t say how many millions of taxpayer dollars will be spent on the deep decarbonization consultant.


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