UPDATE – Deering High School Claims “History of Drag” Event Planned by Students


Deering High School “co-principals” Alyson Dame and Dr. Jake Giessman emailed the Deering High School mailing list Wednesday regarding the “History of Drag and Queer Joy Discussion” taking place tomorrow at te public school.

In the email, the administrators claim the event was organized by students.

(Original story follows the screenshot.)

Deering High School in Portland will host two of Maine’s most famous drag performers, Gigi Gabor and Chartreuse Money, to discuss the “History of Drag and Queer Joy” with students on Friday.

Gabor and Money are well-known drag entrepreneurs.

Gabor started Curbside Queens in 2020, traveling across the state to perform in people’s driveways out of a pink minibus. The company now boasts a rotating cast of eight of “Maine’s best Drag performers” that are available to book for private events. A 50 minute show costs only $250.

Money was a 2019 and 2021 nominee for “Best Drag Performer” in the Old Port Awards.

The public school posted about the event via an Instagram account affiliated with Deering’s Extended Learning Opportunities Coordinator.

The ELOC at Deering High School is supposed to help students get internships, perform volunteer work, and search for jobs.

According to the Instagram post, the event was organized by Reva Eiferman, a Spanish teacher.


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