Former Psychic Medium Says Maine Republicans “Supporting Putin” by Opposing Ukraine Blank Check

Democratic media personality Betsy Sweet believes she can talk to dead people and once sold her psychic services.


Newscenter Maine invited a former psychic medium on its talking head program “Political Brew” this weekend to criticize Republican state lawmakers who opposed a symbolic war resolution.

Betsy Sweet, a perennial Democratic candidate turned media personality, has scrubbed her old website,, but archived versions of the site show that Sweet believes she can talk to dead people, Spirit Guides, and angels.

As recently as 2018, Sweet charged $40 per person for a “Spirit Sounds Reading Gallery” in which she would “bring you intuitive, healing messages from your loved ones.”

“I’ve come to the awareness that I can receive messages from loved ones who have passed, and from angels and spirit guides,” Sweet said, in the “About Me” section of her now-deleted website.

Sweet was invited on Newscenter Maine not for a seance or to help Don Carrigan communicate with his Spirit Guides, but because Carrigan apparently believes she has interesting things to say about Maine politics.

On this episode, Carrigan was seeking the psychic’s opinion of Republicans who opposed a symbolic resolution in support of continued U.S. involvement in Ukraine’s war against Russia.

“It was like the world’s upside down,” the psychic told Carrigan. “All of the sudden we have all these Republicans supporting Putin.”

Carrigan, a journalist, never challenged the medium’s false assertion. Nor did Republican commentator Phil Harriman.

In fact, Republicans explicitly condemned Russian dictator Vladimir Putin while expressing opposition to the symbolic resolution.

Republicans in the House questioned how the U.S. can offer a blank check to the Ukrainian government while the country is more than $30 trillion in debt. Others expressed concern about the risk of escalating a military conflict with a nuclear power.

Sen. Eric Brakey (R-Androscoggin) offered perhaps the most detailed testimony on the issue, suggesting a new resolution that would call on Secretary of State Antony Blinken to seek a diplomatic end to the war.

Brakey also said he wouldn’t mind if Putin was strung up like Saddam Hussein, which is hardly “supporting Putin.”

On Brakey’s speech, the psychic medium said he “talked for a really long time.”

Brakey’s remarks have been viewed more than 60,000 times on social media, significantly more than the television audience of Political Brew.


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