Author: Ron Collins

Senator Ron Collins is currently serving his third term in the Maine State Senate. He represents the people of Senate District 34, which consists of Acton, Kennebunk, Lebanon, North Berwick, Wells, and part of Berwick. He is the Chair of the Transportation Committee for the 127th Legislature, and is a member of the Joint Standing Committee on Veterans and Legal Affairs.

There is no question that our right to vote is fundamental to our freedom. It only makes sense, then, that we should do what we can to protect that right. Given the media firestorm that we experienced over the Senate District 25 election recount, this bill is particularly timely. We need to keep in mind that the power of our democracy is derived from participation in the electoral process. Cynicism about our system of government should be addressed; we should not give the media reason to print headlines decrying the results of our elections based on party preference and knee-jerk…

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