Maine Housing: Friday Night Document Dump


The Maine State Housing Authority released their report on the Avesta/Norway Section 8 inspection debacle late Friday. The big question everyone has been asking is – when did MSHA and Avesta learn about the inspection problem? This excerpt from the report sheds some new light:

“MaineHousing re-inspects the work of the Section 8 housing inspectors throughout Maine once per year as required by HUD. During July 2010, MaineHousing’s Quality Control Inspector failed 11 of the 25 (44 percent) randomly selected Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher units passed by the Avesta Section 8 Housing Inspector within the previous three months. On average, over a four-year period from 2008 – 2011, nearly 40 percent of units passed by the Section 8 Housing Inspector failed re-inspection by MaineHousing.”

The report also shows that Maine Housing is taking back all Section 8 inspections state wide, and that Avesta has been relieved of their duties administering the program.

Below is the entire report.

Final HQS Inspection Review Report

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