Update on Maine Housing expenditure data


The Maine State Housing Authority was scheduled to release expenditure data today to fulfill a Freedom of Access Act request filed by The Maine Heritage Policy Center in March of 2011.

However, an email from MSHA attorney John Bobrowiecki a little after 5pm today brought word of another delay. According to Bobrowiecki,the data will now be released on Tuesday instead.

Meanwhile, Chris Korzen, the George Soros-funded activist who is serving as Dale McCormick’s personal attack dog, today released a meandering compendium of the FOAA requests filed by MHPC for this data. Korzen’s odd report shows the initial request made last March, and subsequent attempts to reduce the scope of the request in order to get MSHA to release the data that has been provided without incident from most other branches of state government. Korzen was able to attain the full body of MHPC-to-MSHA emails within roughly 2 weeks from the date of request.

Apparently the irony of this is lost on Korzen. While grasping at straws to justify a nearly year-long delay in complying with open government law, Korzen’s report shows that MSHA complies to friendly FOAA requests within two weeks.