Gov. LePage marks 500th day with 20-page book of accomplishments


Governor Paul LePage released on Friday a comprehensive book of accomplishments of his first 500 days in office. His 500th day as Maine’s chief executive is Saturday, May 19, 2012.

The 20-page compilation, titled “Making Maine Prosperous, The First 500 Days of Governor Paul LePage,” details the achievements made by the LePage Administration and the State of Maine 125th Legislature. A web version of the book is free to the public and available on the Governor’s website. You can download a copy of it here (PDF).

“Making Maine Prosperous, The First 500 Days of Governor Paul LePage” also highlights other reforms led and/or supported by the governor, including changes made in the areas of:

  • Welfare
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Domestic Violence
  • Public Safety
  • Regulatory/Red Tape
  • Environmental Protection/Natural Resources
  • Pension debt
  • Health Care

During the past 500 days, Governor LePage has proved he is able to keep campaign promises and improve Maine’s economy.

From January 2011 to March 2012, Maine’s private sector grew by 4,100 jobs, according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The growth may be contributed to a number of initiatives, which are outlined in the book, including tax incentives that encourage job creators to invest in Maine and regulatory reform aimed to streamline the licensing and permitting process.

The state’s unemployment rate has also declined since January 2011, dropping from nearly 8 percent to 7.2 percent. During the past seventeen months, the LePage Administration has focused on developing job skills and training for Mainers searching for work. Under the Governor’s leadership, the Maine Jobs Council, now referred to as the State Workforce Investment Board (SWIB), has been revamped to better address workforce development programs.

“Two of my greatest priorities as governor relate directly to workforce,” Governor LePage said. “We need to ensure students have the skills they need to be productive workers when they graduate, and we must get targeted training to people in the workforce today so that they can be competitive and successful in the job market.”

The needs of Maine veterans are being addressed within the aAdministration as well. Legislation was enacted to ensure that veterans are given full credit for relevant military training and experience when they apply for an occupational license from the Maine Department of Professional and Financial Regulation.

Steps have already been taken to implement the intent of LD 1850, “An Act To Assist Maine’s Current and Former Members of the United States Armed Forces”, by making sure the expertise of Maine veterans is recognized and valued when they apply for a license.

A free copy of “Making Maine Prosperous, The First 500 Days of Governor Paul LePage” is available on the Office of the Governor website.

The published version of the book is available at the Office of the Governor.


  1. This Governor has had to strike at the very heart of what has gone wrong in Maine over the last few decades. He consistently hit hard on his agenda, and needs to be congratulated for his efforts. Of course, not everybody is happy, and that’s expected. However, times are very difficult in this state, as well as all over America. The continuation of what has been happening over several decades now, had to come to an abrupt end. Hopefully, our citizens will be all right. A major weeding out of is about to happen, and everybody will feel the pinch in some way.

  2. Tough decisions and actions are necessary when times are as bad as they have been.  Those politicians in Maine and other states who had the courage to make the hard decisions are to be congratulated.  

    Happily, we accomplished things in Maine without the devastation that occurred in other states.  The furor has been mostly words, here, so far.

    Congratulations to a fantastic Governor on his first 500 days of Promises Kept!

  3. If we had high inflation and high employment: policy makers would tighten the money supply. The actions of this administration have done little more than tighten the money supply and spread the fear factor. Consumer confidence is at all all time low. Put more simply “There Ain’t no money around”!

  4. Let’s all get on that site, download, print copies and drop them off here and there, coffee shops, doctors offices etc. I’ve been spreading around the acomplishments of the 125th for serval months. You won’t read much good about our man in the print media.

  5. There was a sense of knowing that LePage had the right plan for Maine.  Of course he is not the kind of guy that people can push around either.


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