Maine GOP: Democratic Lawmakers' Petty Attacks Show Missing Priorities

AUGUSTA – Maine GOP Chairman Richard M. Cebra said Wednesday that Democratic lawmakers are falling short of lofty campaign promises and are instead resorting to petty, personal attacks on Republicans.

The Maine Republican Party released a statement  highlighting what it believes is mounting evidence that Democratic Party is more concerned with pet issues and personal vendettas than delivering on campaign promises.

“It’s almost April, and this session, Democratic leadership has failed in spectacular fashion,” said Maine GOP Chairman Richard M. Cebra in a statement.

“They’ve ignored jobs, debt and the economy in favor of drinking hours, hiking car registration fees, political theatre and Washington style do-nothing rhetoric,” said Cebra.

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“Yesterday, they took on the task of expanding the nanny state to make sure 17 year olds can’t get a tan before prom,” said Cebra. “I don’t recall seeing any of these things on their palm cards and commercials last election season.”

“Even worse than the fact that Maine Democrats are ignoring Maine’s biggest challenges and putting politics before good public policy is that they are launching petty, personal attacks,” he said.

“Sen. Troy Jackson and Sen. Emily Cain’s recent stunt to go after Governor LePage’s pension, and Rep. Diane Russell’s proposal to ‘sell the Blaine House’ to get back at the Governor have been roundly criticized for their pure unvarnished pettiness,” said Cebra.

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“It’s time for Democrats to get to work on serious issues. Republicans want to do the important work they were sent to Augusta to do,” Cebra said.

“The Democratic majority’s refusal to act on important statewide issues in favor of do-nothing rhetoric and petty personal attacks stands in stark contrast to last session, when Republicans led on many major reforms to help the people of Maine.”

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