Maine Media fail to report King's murder accusations


On Friday, U.S. Sen. Angus King told a national magazine that people with whom he disagrees on health care policy are “guilty of murder.” While Maine’s main stream media are typically eager to write about sensational, bombastic, and outrageous comments made by our elected officials, King’s comment mysteriously slipped under their radar.

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In addition to dozens of articles lauding the roll out of Obamacare and several more castigating Republicans for the government shutdown, here are a few of the stories Maine’s newspapers found more newsworthy than Maine’s junior senator accusing people he disagrees with of murder:

Maine Today Media: Sussman named to Hedge Fund Hall of Fame:

Sussman’s impact on the industry is the reason he was chosen, along with six others, for induction Monday into the Institutional Investor’s Alpha Hedge Fund Hall of Fame. Sussman, who lives part time in Portland, is majority shareholder of the Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram and is married to U.S. Rep. Chellie Pingree, D-Maine…. Institutional Investor’s Alpha established its Hedge Fund Hall of Fame in 2008 with 14 inductees, including financing legends George Soros and James Simons.

Bangor Daily News: Second chocolate labrador retriever reported stolen in Newport recovered by owner:

The male dog named Dozer was recovered near a camp in Sangerville Saturday morning, according to Donna Bellace, owner of the two dogs. Bellace has a residence in Parkman, where the female dog, named Raegan, was recovered Sept. 19. The female was brought to her door by a neighbor, Bellace said.

“I’m glad it’s over,” Bellace said from her home in New Jersey late Monday morning. “It feels like a movie or something. It was a horrible two weeks for me.”

Lewiston Sun Journal: Balloon makes unexpected landing:

AUBURN — A hot air balloon made an unexpected landing in the Kmart parking lot Monday evening, with the eight passengers in the basket unharmed.

Derald Young, pilot for Damn Yankee Balloons, said the flight was going according to plan along the Androscoggin River when an unexpected breeze kicked in around sunset.

(Note: The title of this article originally referred to King’s statement as an accidentally “gaffe.” He has since acknowledged that it was not an accident.) 


  1. Does anyone really think that King Angus’s good friends Sussman or Pingree would allow anything negative to be reported about him? The ‘ media’ in Maine is disgusting in their bias.

  2. I sent a letter to the editor to the Pingree Press Herald turning the tables on who are actually the murderers. It will be interesting to see if they will publish it.

  3. The media jump at the chance to print a derogatory statement from an “anonymous source” about Governor LePage, yet they don’t want to print an actual disgusting comment made by senator King! How unprofessional!

  4. I would expect nothing “fair and balanced” from the pervasive left wing media in Maine. You would think they would at least feel guilty about bending the truth and hiding inconvenient facts but you would be wrong.


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