Michaud fundraising letter implies LePage corrupt


MichaudDemocratic U.S. Rep. Michael Michaud’s Nashville smear machine is working overtime.

On Monday, the Democrat candidate for governor blasted Republican Gov. Paul LePage over Maine’s problem-riddled Medicaid ride system.

And on Wednesday, in an email focused on the LePage administration’s forthcoming audit of Maine’s welfare programs, Michaud campaign manager Matt McTighe implied in a fundraising pitch that LePage is corrupt.

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“Governor Paul LePage is spending nearly $1 million to hire a Tea Party crony to “evaluate” Maine’s Medicaid program,” wrote McTighe. “Let’s just call it like it is right now: Governor LePage is using taxpayer money to line the pockets of his conservative allies.”

The early negativity coming from the Michaud campaign is surprising considering its website has continually boasted polls showing him as a distant front-runner in the race.

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The nasty attack – a thinly veiled allegation of corruption – is also at odds with Michaud’s call for more civility in Maine politics. In the edited version of his campaign’s kick-off Web video, Michaud told a crowd of supporters, “And I believe now, right now, is the time to set aside the attacks, and the distraction, and the anger.”

Michaud has hired Nashville, Tenn.-based Grindstone Research to dig up dirt on his opponents and craft negative attacks.

Steve Robinson
Maine Wire Reporter


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