Maine People’s Alliance attacks wheelchair-bound Republican for failing to “stand up” to LePage


photo (7)The Maine People’s Alliance, a left-wing advocacy group based in Portland, has attacked Rep. Dale Crafts (R-Lisbon Falls) for voting against proposals to expand Medicaid.

A mailer distributed in Crafts district by the MPA describes Crafts’ ailments: “No Spine – Failed to stand up to Gov. LePage’s bullying”.

Crafts, who is also a member of the Lisbon Town Council, is bound to a wheelchair.


  1. MPA (Marxist Peoples Alliance) is the heart and soul of the Democrat Party in Maine. It is a disgusting and despicable collection of hate – filled leftist malcontents. When they aren’t stealing from granny’s pocketbook, they’re insulting courageous and principled legislators like Dale Crafts. It’s time for Maine people to send MPA packing….off to North Korea or Havana where they will be right at home.

  2. The Marxist Maine Peoples Alliance has committed another despicable act with this attack on Dale Crafts. Dale has more honor, class and integrity in his little finger than the comrades collective of the MPA could ever hope to have. If one of their Marxist clowns were to show up at my door I would be sorely tempted to put a load of birdshot in their backside! Just kidding about that, of course. Next they will be attacking me as a violent, extremist militia member.

  3. Your best bet folks, is to laugh at them. Putting them down only feeds their ego and allows them to fight back. Laughing at them will no doubt piss them off big time.

  4. The M.P.A. is right about one thing, we do need need new leadership in Augusta. After 35 years of wasteful, nanny politics I’m glad to see an governor and a few representatives who will stand for self reliance and accountability.

  5. This is despicable! This reminds me of the movie “Idiocracy”, if you haven’t seen it you need to, it is a flash forward of where we are headed. It is an adult language comedy that shows just what is happening today.

  6. Was there ever any confusion as to what the progressive/liberal/socialist/democrats true nature was? If so this should lay that misconception to rest.

  7. Poor choice of words, no doubt, but distributed to more than just Rep. Crafts. The MaineWire would have been just as outraged had he not gotten one.

  8. Each and everyone of you that is protesting this, will probably be the first to make a comment about a person in a wheelchair or let the door close on them! Don’t tell me that you are so free from any flaw of human nature! Maybe the choice of words was NOT meant to demean the man in a wheelchair but how he voted to push 70,000 Mainers under the bus. If that makes me a Marxist, then bring it on.

  9. The term “spineless” was used as a metaphor just as SENATOR RODNEY WHITTEMORE used a cancer metaphor when he stated “Second, to expand Medicaid under the federal rules would inflict a malignant cancer of dependency on thousands of Mainers”.

  10. It looks like Maine Wire stirred up a hornets’ nest — as intended, probably to distract from the real goal. Create disagreement, keep people busy fighting over tidbits, instead of the real meat.


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