Daily Catch 12/10/14: Mystery of the Phanton Ballots, CIA Torture Report, and the Long-Awaited Return of Kaci Hickox


What Phantom Ballots?

Yesterday, a special Senate committee investigating the Senate District 25 race between Republican Cathy Manchester and Democrat Cathy Breen found that there was no case of voter fraud on Long Island.  Instead, officials in Augusta accidentally counted 21 ballots twice, giving the appearance of “phantom ballots.”  Manchester has conceded the race, and Breen will join the Republican controlled Senate.

Is Anyone Surprised?

Yesterday, the Senate Intelligence Committee released the summary of its long awaited report on the CIA’s use of torture during the Bush administration, despite private pushback from the White House.  The report has been full of controversy, not only for its content, but also because the CIA spied on senate staffers working on the report.  The report detailed that the torture conducted by the agency was even worse than suspected, and that the practice was largely ineffectual.

Maine Senators Oppose Torture.  World is Shocked.

After the release of the Senate’s torture report, both Senator Susan Collins and Senator Angus King denounced the CIA’s use of torture.  While Collins did not agree with all of the reports conclusions, she said, “The treatment of some of detainees was tantamount to torture.”  King agreed and also stated that based on the report and his own discussions with intelligence officials torture was an ineffective means of obtaining intelligence.

Kaci Hickox Named TIME’s Person of the Year

Okay, not really.  But the magazine did name “Ebola Fighters” as the person of the year, which seems to stretch the definition of a person.  Still, at least they didn’t name a machine person of the year this time.  Hickox did receive a more personal honor, being named mtvU’s Woman of the Year.

Join the Wreaths Across America Convoy!

Thanks to Oakhurst, you can follow the Wreath Across America convoy as it makes its way to Virginia.  Join them via a live broadcast here.


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