Daily Catch 12/8/14: Portland Protesters, Wreaths Across America, and Senate Torture Report


Protests in Portland

Over the weekend, two protests were held in Portland over the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.  Both were killed by cops, neither of which was indicted in separate grand jury trials.  On Friday, protesters staged a “die in” in downtown Portland.  Then later on Sunday, protesters held a “March to End Violence” which ended at Portland High School.  No arrests were made.  The events mirrored similar protests happening across the country.

Off To Virginia

Maine’s First Lady Ann LePage joined the Wreaths Across America convoy as it makes its way from Worcester Wreath Company to Arlington National Cemetery.  The project, begun by Morrill Worcester in 1992, has grown in scope and popularity since its humble beginnings.  Wreaths provided by the company are brought down to Arlington National Cemetery and laid among the tombstones to honor veterans.

Probe Over Voter Fraud Allegations

Tomorrow, a Maine Senate panel will look into questions concerning 21 ballots on Long Island.  The Senate has provisionally seated Republican Cathleen Manchester, who won the recount, until the panel can recommend a winner.  The full senate will then decide which candidate won the election.

Torture Report May Be Released

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence seems intent on releasing a report torture and rendition committed by the CIA during the Bush administration.  Secretary of State John Kerry is pushing for the release to be delayed indefinitely, while outgoing Senator Mark Udall (D) has considered single-handedly making the document public through a technicality in Senate rules.  Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Dianne Feinstein (D), said that the controversial report could be released early this week.


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