Emily Cain Announces Dismal Fundraising Numbers


Shortly after Maine Congressman Bruce Poliquin released his fundraising numbers for the first quarter, his presumptive opponent in the 2016 election, Emily Cain (D), released her fundraising numbers.

While Poliquin broke a congressional fundraising record for a freshman representative with an astonishing $700,000, Cain only managed to raise $135,000.

Cain claims that 80% of the $135,000 was raised in state.  In response, Brent Littlefield, a campaign consultant for Poliquin, said that Poliquin’s campaign raised more money from Maine citizens than Cain, and received donations from every county in the Second Congressional District.

Even with a flurry of fundraising emails in the last weeks of the first quarter, Cain’s fundraising numbers remained low.

Democrat leaders at the national level, including Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, encouraged Cain to make a second run for Congress, although the first quarter numbers suggest that their encouragement has yet to translate into solid financial support.

Cain announced her bid to replace Congressman Poliquin on March 3, just a few months after her defeat in November, and only weeks into Poliquin’s first term.

The two fundraising announcements are a reverse image of the 2014 election cycle, where Cain outraised and outspent Poliquin only to fall short of victory.

Cain’s campaign will face an uphill battle in 2016 if she is unable to match or surpass Poliquin’s fundraising prowess.  Without a financial advantage, it could be difficult for her to defeat Poliquin, who now possesses the advantage of incumbency.




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