Congressman Bruce Poliquin Raises $700,000 in First Quarter


Maine Congressman Bruce Poliquin has a strong start to a re-election bid come 2016, as the 2nd District representative raised an impressive $700,000 in the first quarter.

The money raised by Poliquin for Congress, the representative’s campaign committee, sets a strong foundation for his 2016 campaign’s war chest.

That total sets a record for congressional fundraising by a freshman in the first quarter.  The previous record holder, Representative Patrick Murphy (D-FL), reported raising less that $600,000 in his first quarter as a freshman Congressman.

“While working on issues important to Maine’s 2nd District families, I’m grateful that my campaign committee is receiving strong support to build a winning re-election effort so this work can continue,” said Congressman Bruce Poliquin.

A majority of the money raised in the first three months of the year, over $400,000, was donated by individuals to Poliquin.

“I remain focused on helping to balance the federal budget so Congress lives within its means.  I’m working to repeal job-killing rules and mandates that harm the economy and limit health care choices for our families.  I’m holding government bureaucrats accountable for trying to restrict our 2nd Amendment rights.  I’ve visited Veterans facilities in our District to help ensure our heroes receive the care they have earned and deserve,” said Poliquin in a press release reporting the fundraising numbers.

Poliquin’s 2014 general election opponent, Emily Cain (D), already announced that she would be running against the freshman congressman again in 2016, only months after losing the race for Maine’s 2nd District.  National Democratic Party leaders, such as Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, reportedly encouraged Cain to run again only weeks after the 2014 election.  Cain has already begun fundraising for 2016.

The $700,000 Poliquin has raised so far sets a strong financial foundation for the 2016 rematch between the two.  Poliquin for Congress will have more than $665,000 cash-on-hand to begin next quarter.



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