Don’t Let Bloomberg Buy Your Rights!


Members of the House of Representatives may have Bloomberg’s gun control ballot initiative before them for consideration as early as this Thursday.

Despite the fact that nearly 19,000 signatures were deemed invalid, Bloomberg’s initial investment to push his failed New York-style gun control policies on the citizens of Maine has paid off, and the measure will now go before the legislature.

If the legislature fails to adopt the measure as-is, the referendum will be placed before voters this November. If the legislature moves to enact this measure as-is, nearly any private TRANSFER of a firearm will become illegal.

As previously reported in The Maine Wire, Mr. Bloomberg has been open about his plan to dump $50 million into 15 states, including Maine, to push his gun control agenda on the American people. Please ask yourself why the former mayor of one of America’s most violent cities has chosen Maine, the second safest state in the country, as the next battleground for his extreme gun control propaganda.

A 2013 National Institute of Justice Memo states that universal background checks are only effective with a full gun registration scheme. This referendum is a blatant attempt to chip away at our right, as American citizens, to keep and bear arms. It is an additional, undetermined tax on legal gun ownership.

It is a fact that only legal gun owners will be taxed as a result of this measure. Criminals will not be paying for background checks because, by definition, they do not follow laws.


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