Truth and Consequences Surrounding the Federal Gun Debate


“Words have meaning, and we would ALL be better off if some TRUTH was injected into our conversation again.” -Jeff Zimba

With the predictable cry for “More gun control” yet again front and center, all the same smoke and mirror illusions are back in order to take advantage of the emotion surrounding this latest terrorist attack. People who have no idea how firearms work are thrust into conversations where they parrot the mistruths they are spoon fed by the left, and their ignorance couldn’t be more obvious to those of us who actually understand the terminology.

Aside from the obvious problems with offering such a ridiculous solution to armed terrorists taking advantage of unarmed citizens as the disarming of more innocent citizens, gun control proponents don’t have a single fact or phrase that even makes sense.

Imagine for a moment being forced to deal with people who were hell-bent on banning an automobile gearbox. Imagine that you were forced to explain that even though their friend was injured in a car accident, the transmission was irrelevant to the accident, BUT, someone they trust told them the car was in 4th gear (drive) when the accident took place, and the speed it was traveling would not have been possible if the car was restricted to a manual transmission. If that sounds mind-numbingly stupid to you, welcome to my world.

As soon as someone mentions a “semi-automatic” firearm, most often, nothing following that adjective matters. Since many citizens refuse to pick up a dictionary, and people they trust continuously lie to them, they have an infantile, knee-jerk, reactionary fear of this most basic word. Semi-automatic hunting (and sporting, competition, defensive, etc.) firearms have been around for over 100 years. They’re not even close to new. All it means is that it is self-loading (turn of the 20th century technology) and NOT automatic FIRING.

A simple reading of the dictionary would immediately end this entire charade, proving exactly how deep this lie has run. Millions of people are spouting a phrase that doesn’t mean what they think it does, and they are certain they must alter how those of us who do understand it, live. All for nothing. Only due to their ignorance, and believing what they have been told by the lame-stream media.

The next time someone asks why we are firm in our position, and absolutely refuse to ever compromise in this area again, please pass them a dictionary, and let them know that as soon as they can make a logical statement, and stop talking gibberish, we may take them a little more seriously.

As for the particular “Evil Gun DuJour” being vilified once again, the AR-15, it’s once again so easy to tell when someone doesn’t know anything at all about something they are claiming to be an expert on. With the liberal media attention on the image of the gun that has every pajama boy wetting his bed, the AR-15 has become a mythical weapon of lore with abilities that surpass physics and grant powers of a Greek God to mere mortals. It’s due time for a reality check.

If you are one of the many people duped into believing the foolishness the anti-gun leaders and mainstream media are feeding you, please pay particular attention.

  • The AR-15 is not a magical weapon of the future. It is a rifle designed in the late 1950s with an operating system over 100 years old.
  • The AR-15 has not been upgraded in “power” in the last few years, but quite the opposite. It has actually been neutered. You see, they were once available as a FULL-auto, but since 1986, they have been SEMI-auto only.
  • The AR-15 is not more “readily available” than it was. Again, quite the opposite. You see, they were originally ordered from a magazine and shipped directly to your home. Since 1968, they have only been sold to federal licensed dealers and since the 1990s, transferred to individuals after rigorous background checks.
  • The AR-15 is not “more powerful” than a traditional hunting rifle. Once again, the opposite. Deer rifles are all MUCH more powerful than these rifles, and in many states, they are only considered suitable for varmints and small game.

So, rest assured that anyone you see claiming this is anything other than it is, 100+ year old technology, in a 1950’s design, heavily restricted and neutered over the last 50 years, has ZERO idea what they are talking about. The truth is, they have been lied to, and their ignorance is showing.

If we allow anymore ridiculous restrictions because they think it looks scary, no firearm we own will be safe.

If you want more information, check out The Evolution of the Black Rifle. There is nothing new to see here.

Regardless of how far the push for more useless gun control goes this time around, there can never be a serious conversation when the entire push against them is built on lies. Those who believe these false statements, and are so afraid of these guns that don’t even exist, will be much better served by understanding their fears are unfounded.

Only at that time can we shift the conversation where it belongs, to “Criminal control,” and actually start to make legitimate progress. As long as the focus revolves around guns that don’t exist and the emphasis is further punishing those who are not even part of the problem, this debate will be dead in the water.

About Jeff Zimba

Jeff W. Zimba is the author of “The Evolution of the Black Rifle.” A Master Registered Maine Guide specializing in veterans’ outreach programs, Zimba is an award winning author with several hundred published articles and videos to his credit.

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