Question 3 Is Not a Solution


For several years, Michael Bloomberg, former Mayor of New York City, has been a one-man wrecking machine, imposing his ideas on citizens all around the country. Many of his life missions have been publicly scrutinized, and most people know him best for imposing his ridiculous “soda regulations” where he banned soft-drinks over a certain size.

Could people just buy two smaller soft drinks, you might ask? Of course. You see, these far-left “solutions” usually have zero merit and are full of symbolism over substance. They seldom address or contain any real “solution” even if an actual problem can be identified, and their fuel is the liberal battle cry, “But We MUST do something!

Unfortunately, they seldom “do something” meaningful and often impose their will on those of us outside of their “problem” anyway. For example, rubbing your belly while standing on one leg and patting your head is “doing something,” but it’s unlikely to actually help anything. Question 3 is another shining example of this mindset.

Question 3 on our November ballot is no different from these past smoke and mirror games, but unfortunately, pride is more important for these people than logic, and they are throwing millions of dollars at passing this initiative. This time it affects us.

Question 3 is being sold as just a reasonable background check on firearms purchases. But in reality, it contains several things no one is talking about in their multi-million-dollar campaign ads. It is chock full of problems for those of us who live here, having zero effect on the lives of those pushing for its passage who live in large cities in distant lands.

If it were as they claim, “a simple background check for gun sales,” it would be an easy pass for them, and they very well could have sold that language with ease. But instead, very intentionally, the language of Question 3 contains several stipulations that we have been practicing for generations that under this referendum would land good people in jail in the future.

  • It is full of traps for family members and life-long friends.
  • It completely takes away the ability to purchase a handgun for many currently legal citizens.
  • It creates financial and logistical hurdles Mainers CAN’T jump no matter how much we want to.
  • It disqualifies almost ALL (if not all) of our shooting ranges in the state with new legal mumbo-jumbo we have never had in the past, ever!
  • It stops people needing protection from reaching out, even in dire situations.
  • It prevents loaning a firearm to a life-long friend without costly federal permission.
  • It necessitates an unconstitutional registry of guns and gun owners in order to enforce this referendum in the future.

This new law, if passed would completely alter the way we live and is FAR from a simple background check law.

It is important to remember that all these ridiculous hurdles need not exist and they could have had a simple easy referendum, but they did not. There are no unintended consequences to deal with because everything they included in this referendum is intentional. A group with billions of dollars behind it does not draft sloppy legislation. The best legal firms in the nation put this together and it has been passed in other states already, with each new state receiving a modified version based on their experiences in the past. Just like we expected, the narrow exemptions they included, such as for family members, in other states are already being stripped out with their follow-up legislation after passage.

One thing is actually easy to understand though, and that is to ask a simple question to yourself when considering this referendum; who do you trust with your future? Do you trust Michael Bloomberg and other millionaire playboys from large urban areas outside of Maine, or do you trust your neighbors, friends and family who are opposed to this? Even if you don’t have a problem with a simple background check, as they like to say, Question 3 is NOT a solution, but a wide-open door to several problems we have never even had before in Maine.

Let’s continue to stay one of the safest and freest states in the nation.  We have a wonderful way of life, unlike the crime-ridden areas trying to impose their changes on us, and if anyone should be trying to emulate anyone else, these places could learn a thing or two from Maine.


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