Who do you trust?


We have examined numerous articles about the misguided referendum questions on the ballot in Maine this coming November, which have been pushed on Maine voters by big money and outside interests.

The language voters see on the ballot seems simple and concise, but each of the laws are complex and difficult for the average person to understand.

On Question 3 in particular, we have come to understand all the moving parts of the legislation that would make its passage catastrophic for Mainers.

To put it plainly, Question 3 is too confusing and far reaching. We could pick it apart for months and it would never truly be understood. That’s the way its proponents want it and that alone should be a warning bell. The initiative’s few supporters, including a few highly paid campaign managers handpicked to sell their bad bill to us podunks, never expected we were smart enough to look into the sordid details of the legislation.

Along with its confusing diction, Question 3 is funded almost entirely by out-of-state plutocrats who seek to change Maine’s way of life forever. So far, it’s supported by almost $8 million flowing in from outside of Maine’s borders.

That’s right – Maine is being flooded with millions of dollars from big cities to force-feed us their liberal agenda with the use of political propaganda. They have hired a few hundred workers to staff their offices and put up signs, to make it seem as though there is actually a grassroots army supporting this initiative.

While there is almost no outside money fighting Question 3, thousands of hardworking Maine residents have offered up as much as they can in these troubling financial times to preserve their Second Amendment rights, as you can see by the homemade signs pictured below.

If you’re in need of comic relief, look around. You will see several thousand signs on private property in Maine opposing Question 3. Most of them don’t match, are different colors and show different texts. This is because many opposition signs are homemade. Those against Question 3 do not have millions of dollars at their disposal, or funders like Michael Bloomberg, to provide their campaign professional signage.

That’s because the opposition campaign to Question 3 embodies what a real grassroots army is. There are homemade t-shirts, stickers, signs, posters, cards, flyers and window dressings.


The opposition campaign is being bullied financially by Bloomberg and his allies, who are trying to steal heritage and traditions with firearms from our state in the faux name of safety. These outside interests will not have any positive impact on our already low crime rate and quality way of life.

Rather than being led by highly paid out of state staffers, the opposition is led by David Trahan, the executive director of the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine, and Todd Tolhurst of the Gun Owners of Maine, who have refused to accept any compensation for leading the opposition.

It’s easy to come to a conclusion on this initiative. Who do you trust? Wealthy, out-of state-billionaires such as Michael Bloomberg and his henchmen Lance Dutson and Bobby Reynolds, who have nothing but their own interests in mind, or your neighbors and community members who are banding together, with limited resources, to protect your constitutional rights?

I think we can all make up our own minds, and can tell the difference between grassroots and very expensive astroturf.

About Jeff Zimba

Jeff W. Zimba is the author of “The Evolution of the Black Rifle.” A Master Registered Maine Guide specializing in veterans’ outreach programs, Zimba is an award winning author with several hundred published articles and videos to his credit.

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