Question 3 is a Theft of Our Rights


As this everlasting election cycle winds down, none too soon, I thought I would focus on a single issue in the Bloomberg Assault on our Second Amendment rights. I have watched, participated in and listened to debates on this subject and the opinions on its impact are all over the map.

Some people think it will have no effect on law abiding citizens, while others insist it will only affect the people who follow the law. I happen to fall in the latter group. It is a bad proposal that would have never stood a chance in the Maine Legislature, and that is why it is offered as a ballot initiative and being marketed to voters with millions of out-of-state dollars. Even Democrats acknowledge this.

There is an important part of this debate that keeps getting lost, and to me, it is one of the most important facts regarding this issue. While we are constantly told, this is “…only a simple background check…” and that the “No on 3” campaign is lying about the dangerous consequences of this law, let me pose a single concern that they are unwilling to discuss; theft of our rights.

Theft. It is that simple. If Question 3 passes, the right to self preservation is being stolen from our law-abiding citizens, specifically those between ages 18-20. This is one of the most concerning part of this question and I have yet to see anyone else address it. If you are not familiar with what I am talking about, I will help.

Right now, as it has been for over 100 years in Maine, it is perfectly legal for those law-abiding citizens from 18-20 years old to apply for and be granted a Concealed Pistol Permit. It is also legal at this age under Maine law to purchase this type of firearm. So far so good, right? This is where Nanny Bloomberg is really putting the screws to our young adults.

By forcing every firearm sale, transfer, loan, etc. to be processed through a Federal Firearms Dealer, each sale is bound to federal law. Federal law dictates that no transfer of a handgun will be permitted unless the applicant is at least 21 years of age. Passage of Question 3 will disallow the sale of a handgun to anyone under the age of 21 in Maine.

Now think about the Maine Constitution, specifically Article 1, Section 16 where it states; “Every Citizen has the right to keep and bear arms and this right shall never be questioned.” Read it again, paying especially close attention the last half of the statue, “…and that right SHALL NEVER be questioned.”

Does restricting firearms purchases to any demographic, under any circumstances, fall under “questioning” of a constitutional right? It certainly does. I bet those out-of-state political interest groups didn’t expect those of us in Maine to have such simple and easy gun laws and such a strong constitutional provision to go with our extremely low crime rate.

Given this, it is hard to believe that Question 3 could stand a constitutional challenge. The proof is right here, in black and white.

Bloomberg and his paid “volunteer” cronies are actually taking a constitutional right away from us through Question 3, and they are using Maine voters as sheep in our own election.


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