New York Times Already Pushing for Child Masking in Schools


Less than two days after the 2022 midterm elections, the paper of record for the American left is already signaling the start of a push to bring child masking back into public schools.

The story published Thursday morning looks at an experiment in the Boston school system where one school imposed masks on children while another did not.

“The bottom line: Masking mandates were linked with significantly reduced numbers of Covid cases in schools,” reporter Roni Caryn Rabin writes.

The study appeared on Wednesday in The New England Journal of Medicine.

In Maine, only four people under the age of 20 have died while testing positive for COVID-19. Death rates for young people elsewhere in the country were similarly low. So it’s not clear why preventing children from catching the virus would support a masking policy anymore than preventing kids from catching the common cold.

Child masking is being pushed by a group of advocates in the Boston school system who call themselves BPS Families for Covid Safety. Sarah Horsley, a co-founded of that group, told the New York Times that child masking should be imposed whenever someone at the school tests positive for the virus and when students are returning from school vacations.

Following a recent outbreak of the virus in the Cape Elizabeth school system, the school board voted against imposing a child masking requirement.


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