Did Maine Gov. Janet Mills Fake a Phone Call from Angus King on Election Night?


Maine Gov. Janet Mills was ecstatic Tuesday night after it appeared she’d sailed to victory over former Republican Gov. Paul LePage to win a second term in the Blaine House. Amid her victory speech, something odd happened: a phone call from U.S. Sen. Angus King, who is unenrolled but who caucuses with and endorses Democrats, including Mills.

Political watchers immediately flagged video of Mills taking the call on stage for The Maine Wire. Curiously, Mills never looks down at her phone before announcing to the crowd that it is “Angus” calling. Mills sister immediately steps in to say, “Oh, is that Angus, agaaain???” Also, why didn’t Mills put King on speaker phone and allow him to address the crowd? For some odd reason, you never hear King’s voice. It looks like a poorly choreographed routine, but we’ll leave it to the viewer to judge whether Mills faked the phone call. (And we’ll leave it to psychologists to say what it means if she did.)


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